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Here you will find my favorite links in the chain of websites. While every of this sites has some special meaning for me, I take no responsibility for what you may find on these sites or in the links from there.




Furry Pages




Chris' Foxx Den - Home of ‘Sabrina – The Story’, by Chris Yost. Simply one of the best stories you’ll ever read. With this story the ‘Sabrina-fan-fic-universe’ or ‘Sarinaverse’ was created. The site also features the incredible good ‘Tabitha – The Story’, a furry sci-fi story that features Sabrina’s baby sister Tabitha.



ZZ Studios - The home of ‘Zig Zag – The Story’ and ‘ZZ Noir’, two excellent stories by James Bruner, both featuring Max BlackRabbit’s Zig Zag, the hottest skunk in the universe and other great characters.



The Foxhole - This site contains ‘A Fox’s Tale’, by Joshua Fox. A great story by a great guy. Go there, check it out and then write to Josh and tell him what a great writer he is because he doesn’t want to believe it



Rava's Place - The home of ‘Rava’s Story’, the Story about and from the one and only Lovely Canadian Feline, Rava Purr. Tygon makes his first appearance in the Sabrinaverse there. The great story ‘From the Wings’ by Evan 'Cateagle' Mayerle is also hosted there. Check them out!



All things Furry - The extremely impressive story by Shirh Khan is hosted there. It’s a great read, so you should really check it out.



The Taigas Chronicles - The great Sabrinaverse story by Jai Taigas. It's very mysterious and a great read, definitely worth checking it out.



Beau Wolff's Lair - Beau's story 'A State of Mind' shows the fate of a psychological therapist who had to suffer from purist attacks and now tries to build a  new life in Columbus. A fascinating read as far as I'm concerned. But there is a lot more to find on his site, so I recommend going there right now.



The Raccoon's Bookshelf - The site of Mike Regan, collector of furry stories. He's got PDF conversions of all the stories above and even more. 'Victoria & Tygon has a place in the Shelf too. It is also the only place on the net where you'll be able to find my Cateagle's World Story 'Trapped Cat', so you should go the Shelf ASAP. - The Domain of Ricky 'Whip-Lash' Boone. A lot of great, furry sites are hosted there (mine too). 






The Bolt Hole - The home of Max BlackRabbit, one of the best, if not THE best artist in the Furry Universe. There aren’t much sites that are more worth checking them out.



The MAXX Domain - Check out the site of David ‘Maxx’ Celis, the first known Furry from Guatemala (and boyfriend of the second ;). He’s a great buddy, fun to talk to and an unbelievable good artist. He is also kind enough to host my story 'DragonBall F', one more reason to pay his site a visit.






Sabrina Online - Go and see the comic strip that started it all, Sabrina Online, by Mr. Eric W. Schwartz. Believe me, it’s worth it.



The Suburban Jungle  - If you haven’t seen this you don’t know what funny means at all. Watch Tiffany Tiger on her way to become a supermodel.



Kevin & Kell - I don’t think that there are much more furry comic strips like Kevin & Kell. Over 900 strips make it a monolith under monoliths. It may take a few weeks but it’s worth reading it from the beginning on.




Other Furry Pages


Furry Fantasies II - The damn best CD I ever bought. 16 great furry songs. Go there, download the samples, and if you like what you've heard (and I'm positive you will) order the CD.


The Catgirl Research Foundation - If you like cats as much as I do or RPGs or even both, this is the right page for you.




Other pages



Euromechtronics - The homepage of Mark Borower, a great friend of mine and mayor sci-fi genius. Only German, but an English version is in the works.



 The Funky-6-Stepz - Online home of the Funky-6-Stepz, a Break-dance crew my brother is a member of (he's Plex). Check them out. The stuff they can do is incredible. Also only in German.




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