Here you can find pictures that are somehow related to ĎVictoria & Tygoní.




My Art


Take a look at my own attempts at artwork.






Maxx drew this pic at Anthrocon 2001 while we were waiting in the registration line. I already registered the day before and just gave Maxx some company but, no, I wasnít that pissed. We had a great time there. This if the first picture of Tygon EVER! Thanks Maxx.





This is my Con Badge at Anthrocon 2001. Maxx was kind enough to draw a picture of Tygon (read: me J) on it and itís great work. I was told that it shows me very well. Thanks again, Maxx!





This great pic was done by my lil' brother Nick and I find it so damn cute, I just had to put it up here. Thanks Bro!





Some day I said to Maxx "Draw me a pic of Victoria." He said "Sure, will do." I had to wait a bit but, man, it was well worth the wait. In my humble opinion this is still the best pic he ever did. Thanks Maxx.





The new, upgraded version of Tygon, again drawn by the magnificent El Maxx! It was also my con badge picture for AC2002. I'm already curious how Maxx with draw my alter ego next year ;)





This lady is known as Mara Khan, a highly trained assassin who appears in several continuities, the most remarkable being in Pflarrian Collifox's great story 'Otherworlds' (to be found on the Raccoon's Bookshelf). She's usually a nice furson but don't piss her of or she'll disassemble you ;) As you can see, this is another picture by El majestro Maxx. He was going a little wild on the colors (Mara usually has black hair and green eyes) but I love the picture anyway :)





Here we have a wonderful pic of Victoria, sitting at a lake. Maybe the one on Tygon's properties? :) It was drawn by a very talented lady with the name Jeni. I got one of her pics on Furbid and I loved her style so much that I instantly asked her to draw this picture for me. Take a look at her website Jeni-Art. According to herself she only recently started drawing furries. I think she is great and I'm sure this is not the last pic of her you've seen around here ;)






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