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On this page you will find my Guatemala Maxx story "Guatemala Maxx and The Eye of Horus" and, with time, maybe even more stories about Guatemala Maxx.


To explain things a little, this story is set in the Adventure Kay World. However, it takes place about 60-70 years BEFORE all the current Aventure Kay stories and tells you the background of some of the character in these stories.


Note: Those of you who feel reminded of the Indiana Jones movies, yes, it is true. I drew a lot of inspiration from these films. In fact, this story started out as an Indiana Jones spoof. Please think of it as a tip to the hat towards George Lucas and Steven Spielberg's fantastic work.




This story is © 2005 by Marc-Dennis Horn. This story may not be sold or used for commercial profit in any form or fashion. This story may not be modified in any way. This story may not be posted on a mirror site or any other Internet site without the written permission of the author. This story may not be distributed on print, magnetic, electrical, optical or any other mediums.




David ‘Guatemala Maxx’ Celis © by himself

Michael Joseph Regan III and IV © by themselves

Pflarrian Collifox © by Brian Empanger

Markus White © by Mark White

Victoria Panthera © by Joshua Fox

All other characters are © by Marc-Dennis Horn




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