A Fox's Tale

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Chapter 5 - Get Tense and Relax

Blue bounced a couple times and waved at Rob's departing car, seeing two furry arms hanging out and waving back at him. Blue yawned before heading up the steps to his place, carrying the souveniers that he had aqcuired from the arena's wrestling event.

They were dang expensive, as pretty much is the norm for merchandise at sporting events. But as Blue thought, That's part of the fun!

After Blue got through his door, he quickly bounced into his bedroom and threw his new wrestling stuff on the bed, looking over each of them. He liked them all, but prized his new shirt the best, seeing as it sported his favorite lion wrestler in his favorite pose. The best part though, as Blue saw it, was the lion's slogan. I am the Game.

Blue, taking a nice long look at the lion's image, licked his chops. I wouldn't mind playing with him. Blue smirked to himself as he started to put each item in it's on respective spot among his shelves.

As he went about placing each item, a thought popped into his head. It was the short time he was on camera that had almost got them thrown out. He could't help but laugh.

I wonder if they edited that out? Blue laughed beneath his breath as he placed his ticket stub from the arena into a small scrap book.




Rob and Josh, now that they had dropped off Blue, began the short drive back to the college parking lot to get Josh's car. Josh, still behind the wheel, was continuing the discussion with Rob that had started between the three when they had left the arena parking lot. "Well, I'd say that was well worth the money. What do you say, Rob?"

Rob, in he back seat, nodded and chuckled. "You got that right. And I STILL want to know how you got those ringside seats," Rob poked Josh in the shoulder a few times to emphasize his point.

Josh only laughed. "Sorry, Rob, but I'll say just what I said the last twelve times you said you wanted to know... you'll never know."

Rob furrowed his eyebrows but knew it'd be pointless to badger Josh now. He'd have to wait until Josh let his guard down. Rob mentally conceded and decided to drop it for the time being.

As Josh waited for a particularly long light to turn, he turned his head for a split second, just to make sure Rob heard him. "So we're all set for tomorrow, right?"

"Yup," Rob leaned up from the back seat. "At ten A.M. we head down to the mall and see what we can do with you."

Josh turned back and hit the accelerator when the light finally turned. "I'm surprised you want to come. You've never really been into shopping."

Rob leaned back a little bit. "I'm doing this for you. If I let Blue take you in there alone, you might end up leaving in culottes."

Josh got a mental image of that and laughed. "I think Blue has a little more fashion sense than that. Though I think it'd be good to have a second opinion."

"My thoughts exactly," Rob commented as Josh pulled into the college parking lot.

Josh pulled up next to his car and they both exited their seats, continuing their conversation and going over small details. When they had covered the topic well enough Josh took out his keys and unlocked his driver's side door.

"Hold up a second," Rob stopped Josh before he could get in. "What are you going to do when you get home?"

"Well," Josh turned to face him. "I was going to exercise and call Susan back."

Rob shook his head. "No."

Josh was a little confused. "No what?"

"You call Susan the very second you walk in that door," Rob pointed a finger at him. "You have to set up a time and a day for the date as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it's going to be to make it through successfully."

Josh nodded in agreement. "Okay, I'll do that. Thanks, Rob."

"It's nothing. But I will give you one piece of advice here and now," Rob gave a gesture to Josh's jacket. "Do NOT wear that when you take her out. People WILL mistake you for a bum."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Josh chuckled. "I'll keep that in mind. See you tomorrow morning."

"See you," Rob waved to Josh before getting into his car.

"Rob," Josh called to Rob before he put the key in the ignition. "You sure you're okay to drive?"

Rob put his paw to his forehead. "For the love of everything that is still sacred, will you stop asking me that?" Rob looked right at Josh. "All I did was steal a couple of sips from Blue's beer. Besides, if what you told me earlier isn't enough to sober me up then nothing else will."

"I'm just asking, Rob," Josh looked back at him. "You know I can't help but worry about my friends."

Rob smiled, nodding a couple of times. "I appreciate that, but it's not neccessary." Rob turned the key in the ignition and started up the car. "Later!" Rob yelled just before he pulled out of the parking lot.

Josh gave a wave and followed suit, starting the drive to his apartment.




Josh parked on the street just outside his apartment. After locking the door to his car and starting up the stairs, he took out his keys and found the correct one to his apartment, normally being frustrated as his keys all seemed to look alike. Finding the correct one just as he reached the top of the stairs, he unlocked the door, walking into the apartment and throwing his jacket on his chair. Josh looked over to his answering machine to check his messages. Only Susan's was there, as expected. Josh picked up the cordless phone and looked at it for a moment, trying to think out what he was going to say before he called. After all, the last thing he wanted to do was sound awkward on his first phone call to his first date. As Josh was turning around in his mind different things to say, the phone rang, startling him so much that it fumbled in his paws and almost causing him to drop it. Josh looked at it nervously, hesitating before he answered it.

"Hello?" Josh said hesitantly, not being able to help wondering whether or not it was Susan.

"Hi, Josh." came the voice on the other end of the line.

Josh's ears perked and recognized the voice instantly. "Tammy? That you?"

"Of course it is," Tammy noticed the surprise in Josh's voice. "Were you expecting someone else?"

"No, no, no," Josh tried to do his best to save face. "It's just been so long since I've heard your voice."

"I'm calling about my trip to see you," Tammy started, leaning back on her couch.

Josh cursed himself under his breath. He had forgotten all about Tammy's visit. "Sure, you want me to pick you up from the airport?"

"Actually, I'm calling to give you some bad news. I have to cancel the trip this week," Tammy begrudgingly admitted. "An emergency came up and I have to delay the trip."

"Oh, really?" Josh was actually a little bit relieved to hear this, seeing as he was trying to focus on his date with Susan. "I'm sorry to hear that. Do you know when you're rescheduling it for?"

Tammy shook her head before she realized Josh couldn't see her. "No, I'm not sure when I'm coming. I'll make sure that you know beforehand, though."

Josh laughed. "Thanks, I appreciate it," He suddenly realized something. "Hey, wait a minute. Where are you calling from?"

Tammy leaned against the arm of the sofa. "My home, of course. Where else would I be calling from?"

"Tammy, this is long distance! This probably already cost you a fortune! Hang up the phone and I'll call you," Josh was already checking his address book so he could find Tammy's number.

"Josh, it's nothing!" Tammy gave a small laugh. "Always the gentlefur. But that's all I really had to tell you, anyway."

Josh stopped thumbing through his address book and hugged the reciever between his shoulder and ear. "Are you sure? I've got your number right here."

Tammy nodded and then shook her head slowly, smiling. "Yes, I'm sure. But we've got to catch up on everything when I get there. Okay?"

Josh smiled as he put his address book back into his desk. "You got it. I can't wait for you to get here, though."

"Neither can I, Josh. Bye!" Tammy smiled before she hung up.

"Bye," Josh managed and turned off the talk button, then went back to putting together what he was going to say to Susan. He finally decided just to get it over with and dialed up her number. After listening to her message so many times, he already knew it by heart.

Josh's ears twitched nervously as the phone rang.




Thomas was doing everything he could not to look at the clock. He had waited nine weeks, six days, and twenty-three and one half hours for that dang 'safe period' to be over and done with, and he just had to keep reminding himself that another half-hour wasn't going to kill him. All those cold showers and extended hours of basketball had allowed him to keep his sanity through this long time of deprivation, but it was this last day that had made it so incredibly hard for him (no pun intended). Thomas had not been able to focus on anything the entire day and now that the wait was almost over, he was as on edge as he could possibly be. Thomas knew that he wouldn't be able to stop himself from clock-watching for long, but regardless, he was determined not to act like some starving lunatic.




Amy stood in her robe as she searched through her closet, going through each garment to find what she was looking for. As she did so, she mentally went over and checked off all the things that she had done to get ready for tonight. Timothy had been put to bed, the phone was off the hook, and she had herself prepped and ready. Amy had had her hair done, along with a manicure and pedicure earlier on in the day. Amy giggled as she thought about Thomas' reaction when he had seen her.

The poor guy looked like he was going to pass out. she thought to herself as she continued looking through closet.

Thomas had had that expression a man gets after not having eaten for a week and then having a nine-course meal set before him, only to be told he would have to wait. Amy giggled again as she recalled Thomas' continued reaction, mumbling something about a cold shower and heading into the bathroom.

Finally she found what she was looking for, a very sexy negligee that was almost transparent. Amy hadn't worn it since before she had been pregnant with Timothy and seeing it brought back some very fond memories. She quickly checked the time and realized that Thomas was probably counting down the minutes by now, so she shed her robe and slowly slipped into the near invisible garment, preparing to 'reward' Thomas for his patience.




Tammy hung up the phone and stretched out on the couch, picking up a magazine from the table and beginning to flip through it's pages.

"Tammy? Who'd you call?" Tammy looked up when she heard the voice come from the room behind her.

Tammy flipped another page of the magazine. "Josh. I called to tell him about putting off my trip to see him."

"What!?" A tall busty vixen called out as she walked into the room. "Why didn't you tell me you were calling Foxy? I could've gotten to talk with him!"

Tammy sighed and put the magazine down. "Sheila, why don't you just tell him that you like him?"

Sheila, with a slightly annoyed look, placed her paws on her hips and gave a huff. "Because males always come to me. Not the other way around. It's always been that way and I don't want to break my record."

Tammy sighed and turned to face her. "But, it's been almost three years now. I don't think Josh is going to say anything if he hasn't already."

"Hmph," Sheila plopped down on the couch next to Tammy, folding her arms. "I still wish you had told me you were calling him."

Tammy picked up the phone on the table and handed it over to Sheila. "If you want to talk to him, just call him."

"I can't do that," Sheila placed it back on the table. "If I call him he'll ask why, and then it'll seem like I'm going to him. No. I need him to realize that he likes me first."

Tammy shook her head slowly. "Sheila, are you sure he likes you? I mean, going nearly three years without so much as a hint from him would tend to give the impression that he isn't interested."

Sheila thought for a moment. "No, I'm sure he likes me. I know he does. I've just got to make him realize it."

"Well, I think some of the hints you've dropped have been pretty obvious. If that letter you sent doesn't make him 'realize' it, then I don't think subtlety is going to work." Tammy stated quite plainly, remembering all of Sheila's 'subtle' hints over the past two and a half years.

Sheila pouted for a moment as her tail twitched. "Maybe I should be more obvious. Three years is a long time to wait for someone to realize that they like you."

Tammy watched her sister think for a few moments before speaking. "Well, how about this: in that letter you said you'd visit him the next time that you could, right?"

Sheila looked over to Tammy and nodded slowly.

"Well, if that letter you sent him didn't make him 'realize' just how much he likes you, then when you see him, you can just tell him and get it over with." Tammy watched as Sheila processed all this information.

"But, what about my record?" Sheila seemed a bit unsure.

Tammy shrugged. "Well, if you really like him enough to drop hints for three years, then what does a record matter?"

Sheila's tail twitched as she took this in. After careful consideration, she smiled brightly. "You're right! When I go to see Foxy, I'll just tell him!" Sheila hopped up from the sofa and bounced over to the bedroom, pausing a moment to throw an evil grin Tammy's way. "Or, maybe it'd be better to show him. I have been waiting almost three years now." Sheila bounced again before entering the bedroom.

Tammy just smiled and raised her eyes skyward. "She'll never change," Tammy picked her magazine back up and started reading.




Susan sat in front of her vanity mirror, slowly and carefully running her brush through the full length of her headfur. Although this was her normal routine, it did bore her quite quickly, causing her mind to wander as he she continued to stroke. Small, frivolous thoughts floated in and out of her focus. Nothing really important to her. Then her mind came into full focus for a moment, shaping an image of Josh.

He really was nice. Susan's mind drifted about a bit more, but Josh's image stuck there. Her thoughts revolved a few times around a few different subjects, but he was still there. Susan saw him quite clearly. His smile, his brown eyes, that streak of white in his headfur were all very clear to her.. Eventually, Susan's thoughts didn't drift at all, and they too were squared on Josh.

I wonder why he hasn't called yet? Susan thought with slight concern as she drew the brush back through the center of her headfur. She almost laughed out loud when she repeated that in her mind.

What's wrong with me? She knew it was silly to expect a call-back the very day after she left the message. Even her most eager prospects had taken two days at least. Susan put down her brush and ran her fingers through her headfur, fluffing it slightly before she stood up. Susan yawned and stretched her body a bit, doing it in the way she had been taught to keep her body nice and limber for cheerleading. As she did so, she noticed he time on her VCR clock.

Oops, past my bedtime. Susan yawned again. She didin't usually go to bed this late, but she figured that it would be best to get her homework for Mr. Canis' class done and through with so she could focus on her other points of interest.

Susan was just about to climb into bed when she heard the phone ring. Who'd be calling me at this hour? Susan thought to herself before picking up.

"Hello?" Susan held the phone to her ear, pulling her nightshirt down over her knees.

Josh swallowed before he answered. "Hi there, Susan."

Susan's eyes went wide and she sat up straight. "Josh?"

"The one and only," Josh chuckled nervously into the receiver before he caught himself. "How are you this evening?"

Susan almost said 'I was just thinking about you' before she caught herself. "Oh, I'm doing great," Susan leaned forward slightly, lifting her legs beside her on the bed.. "Though I am surprised that you called."

Josh suddenly panicked. "You did ask me to call you back, didn't you?"

"Yes, of course I did," Susan noticed a strange break in Josh's voice. "It's just that I'm surprised you called this late."

Josh spun around to see the clock on the wall. I am such an idiot! He had forgotten to check the time when he came in.

"Susan, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have called this late," Josh stated apologetically, still mentally scolding himself for being so inconsiderate. "I'll call you back at a more decent hour," Josh was just about to hang up the phone when Susan stopped him.

"No, really, Josh, it's fine," Susan reassured him. "So what do you want to talk about?"

Josh swallowed again. "Well, it's about the message you left on my machine," Everything Josh had planned to say had completely disappeared from his mind when Susan's voice found his ears.

"Oh really?" Susan said in an all-knowing way, grinning.

"I just wanted to say yes, I would really like to get together for dinner sometime. Whenever your schedule permits, of course," Josh was doing everything he could to keep from sounding nervous.

Susan smiled. "Sure, that'd be really nice. I'm pretty much open for this week so whenever is best for you will be fine."

Josh began to answer, but hesitated. A piece of advice Rob had given him earlier flashed into his mind. Never schedule a first date for a weekend. Always try for a Wednesday or Thursday.

Rob's words echoed in Josh's mind. Josh knew he wouldn't be ready by Wednesday, so he decided to aim for the latter. "Is Thursday okay for you?" Josh asked, hoping and praying that the answer would be yes.

Susan was a little surprised to hear Josh ask that. She was used to going out on Friday or Saturday nights. Susan was free that night, however, so it really didn't seem to matter. "Sure, I'm free that night," Susan shrugged, not being able to hear Josh's sigh of relief on the other end of the line.

Josh decided that he'd better get this done as quickly as possible, not wanting to keep Susan up. "Where would you like to go?" Josh started to relax slightly.

Susan thought for a brief moment, but nothing really came to her. "I can't really think of a place. Do you know of anywhere good?" Susan lay back on the bed, wrapping the phone cord around her paw.

Josh thought for a moment. He wanted to take her someplace nice, but his usual haunts didn't exactly have the nicest atmosphere. Josh suddenly thought of his lunch with Sabrina and it came to him. "Have you ever been to Trattoria Salvatore?" Josh inquired, thinking that might just be the perfect place to take her.

Susan smiled, pleased with his selection. "No, I haven't actually. I've been wanting to for a while now," Susan told him, recalling what Sabrina had told her about the place.

Josh was starting to feel more confidant. This isn't as hard as I thought it would be. he thought to himself before Susan continued on.

"How about you pick me up at seven-thirty?" Susan was enjoying talking to Josh, despite the fact that she was tired. She liked the sound of his voice, though it sounded a little strange at first, it was now back to its casual flow.

Josh held his tongue for a moment. "You mean at your home?" Rob didn't say anything about this.

Susan giggled. "Of course, silly!" She thought he sounded so cute when he had said that. Almost like he's completely clueless about dating.

Josh took this all in and shrugged. "That's fine by me. What's your address?" Josh grabbed a pen and his pad from the desk.

"Here it is," Susan read off her address, still thinking about the pleasant flow of Josh's voice.

Josh took it down quickly, not wanting to annoy her by keeping her up. "Thanks, Susan. I'll be there with bells on," he was slowly starting to be at ease.

"Then we might need to get you some better fashion sense," Susan giggled again.

Josh stole another glance at the wall clock. Dang! "Susan, I'm sorry I kept you up so late. I'll stop annoying you so that you can get some sleep."

"You aren't keeping me up, Josh. It's nice talking to you again," Susan admitted to him, rolling over onto her tummy.

"Really?" Josh asked, somewhat surprised to hear that.

"Really," Susan assured him. "So don't you worry for a second."

Finally, a smile found it's way onto Josh's muzzle. His nervousness left him and he finally started to fully enjoy talking with Susan.




Thomas sat in the living room staring at the clock on the wall. His leg bobbed up and down as his tail swished in anticipation. He was literally counting the seconds as the small hand moved all too slowly across the clock's face. One thing kept flashing through his mind over and over.

Ten weeks, I've almost made it. Only a few minutes longer. The thought turned around in his mind non-stop as he continued his clock watching.

The seconds seemed like hours as he counted down each one that went by. Now, with less than a minute left until midnight, his body froze and his eyes grew wider with each passing moment.




Amy sat in front of her mirror, dabbing perfume behind her ears and on her neck. She hadn't worn this perfume since their dating days, and she knew that it drove Thomas simply wild. Thomas had been so patient waiting for these past ten weeks. He hadn't even said anything about it at all, though she had noticed the increased time playing basketball and the unusual amount of cold showers. Amy giggled when she thought about that. That's the way Thomas was, he would never say that anything was wrong, but he simply couldn't hide it.

Still one more thing I love about him. Amy thought tenderly as she continued to delicately dab.

Amy did greatly appreciate Thomas' attitude towards the whole thing. He hadn't gotten irritable or short-tempered as some males tend to do when deprived. Thinking of this she applied several small dabs to her chest. Feeling she was all prepared, Amy laid out on the bed in a fashion she had learned during her modeling days. She practiced her sultry smile as she awaited Thomas to enter the bedroom.




Kris and Kyrin sat together on their porch, staring out at the clear, starry night. Kyrin had her head rested against Kris' neck and he had his arms gently wrapped around her shoulders.

Kyrin gazed out at all the stars. "Aren't they beautiful, Kris?" she asked, nuzzling up against him. "Billions of miles away, and we can still look at and admire them. Isn't it incredible?"

"It really is," Kris took his eyes off the sky and gave her a loving smile. "But it's nothing compared to what I've got down here." Kris gave Kyrin a soft kiss on the nose.

She looked up at him admiringly. "You're sweet," Kyrin returned the kiss and they both continued their sky-watching.

A thought popped into Kyrin's head as the starry sky sparkled in her eyes. "You know, October isn't too far off," she reminded him without turning her head.

Kris chuckled. "Trust me, honey, I haven't forgotten." he turned to her. "You ready to try?"

Kyrin nodded and moved her head. "Yeah, I can't wait to be a mommy."

Kris smiled at her. "Don't get so focused on the destination that you forget to enjoy the ride," he told her, half-joking.

Kyrin gave a condescending smile. "Well, that really depends on you now doesn't it?"

"Ooh," Kris laughed. "Guess I set myself up for that one didn't I?"

"You always do," Kyrin laughed and hugged him tightly. "I love you."

"I love you too, honey," Kris held her and leaned his head against hers. "Would you like to go in?"

Kyrin shook her head. "No, let's just stay out here, under the stars."

"Sure," Kris wrapped his arms around her and they held each other, just enjoying being together.




Josh and Susan continued chatting on into the night. They didn't mention anything that was really important; they just talked about little things. Josh's nervousness had left him earlier, and now he was thoroughly enjoying himself . He had wanted to get to talk to her again, and now that he had gotten the chance, he couldn't even remember why he had been nervous in the first place.

"Susan, it's been great talking to you, but I just wouldn't feel right keeping you up any longer," Josh told her reluctantly.

"I've enjoyed talking to you too, Josh," Susan said, not bothering to hide her disappointment. "You sure you can follow those directions I gave you?"

Josh chuckled at that. "Susan, if I can figure out how to get to a place I've never even heard of using nothing more than a few scribbles on a napkin, I should have no trouble following these directions you've given me." Josh declared as he looked over the paper that he held in his paw.

Susan didn't want to stop talking, but her yawns were obviously sending the message that she was tired.

"Okay then, I'll see you Thursday night?" Susan asked him playfully.

"Just try and stop me," Josh gave his playful reply. "Pleasant dreams to you Ms. Felin, and a very peaceful sleep," Josh smiled warmly as he spoke.

"You, too, Josh. Goodnight," Susan said before hanging up the phone.

"Goodnight," Josh repeated as he followed suit.

Susan stretched herself out before she climbed into bed. Before doing so, the time happened to catch her eye. Wow, is it really that late? She yawned long. She concluded that her conversation with Josh had ended far too soon and had gone by far too quickly.

Oh well, Susan thought to herself as she got into bed. At least I only have two more days to wait until our date. Susan pulled the covers up around her and turned out the light. Her thoughts returned to Josh's voice again. The conversation replayed over in her mind, and she allowed her memory of his voice lull her off to sleep. A soft purr escaped her now and again as she slumbered.




Josh smiled as he got ready for bed. What had he been so nervous about? Everything had gone perfectly, and everything was all cut and dried as far as the date went. He was going to the mall tomorrow, and Rob had promised to give Josh the advice he said that he needed. Josh trusted Blue's fashion sense as well, so he was pretty confident that he would find something suitable for a date.

Josh padded over to the bed in his pajama bottoms. Before he settled down into it, he looked at the alarm clock on his nightstand. Holy! There isn't any way it could be that late.

Josh picked up his watch to see what time it really was, and was shocked when he realized that his clock was quite correct. Josh could hardly believe it. His call to Susan seemed all too brief, and he had really wanted to talk to her longer, but his conscience just wouldn't allow him to keep her up any later. This was unusual, since Josh had always had a very good concept of time. He could often even tell what time it was without his watch, being able to estimate the amount of time that had passed with almost uncanny accuracy. This was not at all like him.

Josh thought about it for a moment and shrugged it off, determining that it was futile to try and figure out anything at this time of night. He flipped off the lights and jumped, literally, into bed. As he lay there, he thought of Susan. It was incredible how detailed a mental picture had been conjured up when he had been talking to her. He could see every eyelash; every feature of hers was so clear it was almost as if she was standing before him. Her image stayed in his mind as he finally fell into a deep sleep, the smile still nestled on his face.




Thomas stood in the hallway outside of the bedroom. Midnight had come and gone, but he still had not yet gone in. Every single part of his body (some more than others) just wanted to tear his clothes off and bound into the room. He wouldn't permit himself to do so, though. As hard as it had been, Thomas was determined not to act like some sex-crazed maniac. Thomas breathed in and out slowly, trying to make sure that he was totally calm and in control.

This is for Amy, too. Not just me. he reminded himself as he turned the knob and stepped through the doorway.

The room was dark except for the flickering light provided by several candles that Amy had placed on the nightstand. As Thomas entered, his eyes immediately fell on Amy. She looked more beautiful than he had ever seen her. The light from the candles made her hair appear golden, and the sight of her in that slinky negligee almost made him jump out of his shorts right then and there. But he kept his cool, albeit just barely, and was determined to make this a romantic night.

"Well, hello there," Amy said in her most sultry voice. She shifted slightly, exposing her ample cleavage to the already struggling wolf.

Thomas took another deep breath and walked further towards the bed. As he did so, the perfume hit him. He knew the scent well, back from when Amy and he had been dating. Thomas remembered its effects on him and fought hard not to succumb to it.

Amy stood up from the bed and sauntered over to Thomas, walking so that all the right parts were moving. Thomas, despite the continued feeling that his clothes were WAY too restrictive, kept calm and took her in his arms. They looked into each other's eyes for a long moment. It had been all too long since they had last seen each other like this. They both kept eye contact as their lips found each other and they kissed passionately. In the dim light of the room, they moved slowly towards the bed, several pieces of Thomas' clothing falling to the floor as they went. Their lips parted briefly while Amy undid the tail strap on Thomas' pants as he nuzzled her neck. Thomas' pants finally dropped to the floor and he leaned over Amy on the bed, gazing into her eyes.

"Hello there, Mrs. Squirrel-Woolfe," Thomas finally said once he was confident that he could control himself.

"Woolfe-Squirrel. It sounds better," Amy playfully corrected him as she scooted back against the pillows.

Thomas advanced further to where Amy was and laid her down on her back, drawing his mouth closer to hers.

"Are you sure you're starting to feel a little better?" Thomas inquired as he leaned over her.

"Oh, yes. Care to find out how much?" Amy replied with a sultry smile as their mouths continued to close the gap between them.

Their lips found each other once more and they resumed their passionate display. Their tongues danced as Thomas slipped his paws into the thin straps and moved them down from Amy's shoulders.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Came a shrill cry from across the hall, startling the two lovers.

Oh not now, not now! Thomas could hardly believe the timing.

"Thomas," Amy looked up at him with apologetic eyes. "I have to-,"

"Yeah, I know," Thomas sighed, rolling over so that Amy could get up.

Amy slipped on her robe and padded over into the room across the hall, where little Timothy was still crying.

Thomas fell backwards on the bed. This was one of those things that someone thinks can only happen to them. He turned over onto his side as Amy brought little Timothy in her arms. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, he's just hungry," Amy told him as she exposed her breast and sat down on the bed.

"Anything I can do?" Thomas questioned, not wanting to seem as if he wasn't concerned.

"Not unless you can lactate," Amy replied as she brought little Timothy up to her chest.

Thomas sat up on the side of the bed and watched his son. Thomas could still hardly believe that he was a father. He remembered when Amy had told him that she was pregnant. Though in the middle of lovemaking wasn't exactly the best time to mention it, Thomas was still ashamed of the way he had reacted. He had gotten scared and ran out, there was no other way of putting it. Thomas didn't know what kind of a father he was going to be, but he had made a promise to himself that he would never do anything like that again.

Amy had been watching Timothy as well, until she looked up and saw Thomas staring.

"What?" Amy was curious as to thomas' thoughts..

"Oh, nothing," Thomas chuckled, not taking his eyes off his son feeding. "I'm just jealous of my own son, apparently."

Amy smiled. She began to blush as little Timothy continued suckling. Even after ten weeks, Amy still hadn't gotten used to it.

Thomas smiled when he saw her blush. He liked the way her cheeks slowly turned red while she was breast-feeding.

Amy looked over at her husband. "I don't think I'm ever going to get used to this," she stated as her face continued to take on a red hue.

Thomas chuckled. "Well, I'm sure you will eventually. It just takes a little getting used to."

"This feels so weird. I'm not supposed to be turned on by this, am I?" Amy asked, turning her attention to Thomas.

"Probably not," Thomas put his arm around her and they shared another kiss.

"AAAAAOW!" Amy exclaimed, breaking the kiss.

"What?" Thomas inquired with concern.

Amy took Timothy away from her breast and rubbed it. "He's getting YOUR teeth!"

Thomas laugehd softly as he saw little Timothy licking his lips. "That's my boy."

Amy cradled Timothy in her arms and slowly rocked him. "What are we going to do?"

Thomas thought for a moment. "I don't want to sound insensitive or anything here, but maybe we could find someone to watch Timothy and get a hotel room?"

Amy shook her head. "Who would we get? Sabrina's at that adult film convention with Zig Zag and her parents are on their second honeymoon."

"Think we could ask Debbye?" Thomas was racking his brain trying to figure out something.

Amy watched little Timothy as he slowly started off to sleep. "No, she's visiting mom. Besides, I think she'd be a little bit too nervous taking care of him."

Thomas leaned forward and breathed out. "Maybe we should call one of those baby-sitting services and see if they can send someone over."

Amy flashed Thomas a look of surprise. "Are you joking? You wouldn't honestly leave our child in the hands of someone whom we don't even know, would you?"

"I, uh... yes? I mean no! Sorry, I guess that was a stupid idea," Thomas looked down at his feet.

Amy looked back down at the now sleeping little baby in her arms. "I guess we'll just have to wait until Sabrina comes back."

Thomas certainly didn't like the sound of that, but since he couldn't think of any other solution, he was inclined to agree.

Thomas stood up and padded over to the door. "I' m just going to, uh...,"

"Cold shower?" Amy finished his thought with a smile.

"Uh...yeah," Thomas got out before he padded into the bathroom.

Amy continued to rock Timothy as she heard the water turn on. Just a little longer, Thomas. Just a little longer.


End of Chapter 5