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To another addition of the Sabrinaverse; "Do Dandilions Roar? Do They Even have Teeth?"

This story places the well known character "Sabrina The Skunk" aka. "Sabrina Mustelidae" [ (c) by Eric Schwartz ] and her friends through various situation involving a pride who are as powerful as they are rich. It is often said the "Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely."

The arguement of power being a corrupting force would have to be implied onto who is weilding the power. Not everyone grows up with the same set of life's lessons of common sense and morality, nor do they abide by all of them if they were. Not even brothers in the same family hold the same lessons that were taught to them.

Thats where this story lies.


News: Chapter 10 posted on 4/7/2003; 2200 hours. A Wee Bit Small, but it have to do.
Chapter 8 & 9 posted last month, minor errors corrected in them

Reminder: NC17 rating.
Why? Content of Language and Situations may push it onto a MA Rating, but for me its better to be over-rated than to be under-rated.
It does contain graphic violence, and sexual inuedoes, hence the NC17 rating.

Copyright information on barrowed characters:

"Sabrina The Skunk" aka. "Sabrina Mustelidae", "Amy Squirrel", "Timothy Woolfe", "Tabitha Mustelidae" aka. "Tabitha- Sabrina's little Sister", and Darke Katt (c) by Eric Schwartz

Zig Zag, and Max The Black Rabbit (c) Max BlackRabbit.

"Thomas Woolfe" (c) Michael Higgs