he eased his wings open silently and pulled the bow back at the same time aiming for the buck who turned and looked right at him

it smiled and beared it's neck to bill and it waited stomping it's foot once the does burst into a flurry of tails going for the woods but the silver stag stood there rock still bill rolled his lip back seeing the magic now flowing around the buck " will you shoot me william?.... or can you still not kill when your victim is looking at you ?" he let the arrow go with a snarl and the buck poped up letting the arrow stick into the ground just behind it
"tisk and i thought better of you ..." bill stood  and leaped into the air somersaulting and landing on all fours infront of the buck " your first mistake "
" william realy " the buck glowed and changed becoming anthromorphic his face smileing as bill sighed *another god dam god "
he stood over the buck " excuse me " plucking his arrow from the dirt he cleaned the point and tended the fletching as he slipped it away
" not curious about me william?" " not particularaly " turning he went to walk out of the clearing but found it blocked with hundreds of eyes every animal for miles was there ..waiting " bill morris your not being very polite.. i have done nothing to you to warrent this insultive behaveor "
" yer a god and im starved waisted hours of time for nothing " his belly growled loud enough that the colected animals shifted a little

he turned to the buck god and grinned " perhaps youd still like to be my dinner ?" " not hardly " waving his hand a beam of moonlight intenisfyed and a huge meal appeared wines ales breads roasted foods pies!! he snatched up a huge pecan pie! " holy sweet mary a'peacan pie!! " he had rivers of drool rolling down his neck as he smelled and savored the incredible smell then stopped looking at the buck
he let the pie slip back onto the table with a clunk of the glass dish it was in " what do you want " the buck smiled and laughed for a moment
" you havent changed as much as you think you have bill... the food has no strings atached it is my way of saying im sorry for waisting your time ..could i take a few moments of it to talk to you? as you eat of course" bill thought for a second and nodded  he was provided with a huge pillow and a table cloth for a bib getting comfortable the breaze drifted over the buck to his nose and he snarled " avarellis "  the buck tryed to do his evasion again but bill had him instantly pinning him to the ground his cloven hoves pawing at his belly scales inefectualy his drool dripped over his face and real fear came to the bucks eyes "b-b-bill now im not avarellis !!" he snarled roaring into the bucks face " I HAVE HAD IT WITH YOUR GAMES YOU MULTI TAILED GOD DAM BITCH! NO MORE! THIS ENDS NOW!!" "SHES MY MATE! ...PLEASE BILL DONT ..PLEASE" one of the big cats leaped onto his back  and he let lose his personal reserves of magic flareing it out like an explosion holding the event horizon just off his wings it was searing the soil the cat had beat a wise retreat bill looked back down on the buck who was clearly in pain and incredibly frightned " i am william the dragon not bill morris the human
that was stolen from me that life is gone now ..."

he let his magic colapse into himself and let the buck stand  he brushed off his clothes now keeping a wary eye on him sending the animals away
bill smiled and set down to eat he walked around to face bill " that body has become quite powerful " bill nodded gulping down a huge bowlfull of crab alfraido " and has " swalowing " a huge fuel requirement 'gulping a keg of ale down he belched and let that settle for a moment to go after a huge leg of real beef "bill i wanted to thank you personaly for helping these ladies ..and in giving them a future to be enjoyed ..lived for them and there children
..and i wanted to say this avarellis can be very iritateing and infuriateing but she has her reasons for everything " he chewed for a moment and let it silp down his throught with out even needing to swalow " she wants something from me " " yes..and will have it ...ive never seen her like this your recent actions have changed her moods now shes constantly looking for ways to get you under control " " and finds she chose the wrong way of doing it and now it's too late to go back to the begining" " yes ..the createor is wise for allowing us only so much power..and never total control of something "
" like you and the animals " " yes i can ask them to help but can not force them to... but i came to ask a favor of you ..of which i will pay you well
not in gold ..or power but a gift something you will enjoy having for when with the lady once again " he smiled with humble pride at the dragon who let the pie slip into his mouth and simply let it dissolve into a sweet mouthfull of warm joy sighing as he let it disapear into the black hole of his stomach
" would you concider doing me this favor bill?" " bill nodded it felt right for some reason

" good im so glad ..bill down river for the next ten days you will come to many vilages and four towns  several farms ...i need you to use your dragon flame to destroy them all to the very dirt they are built on " looking at him with an amazed look bill relaxed back against a tree " why me?" " becouse your the only ..highly inteligant dragon with knowlege from a world where these things some time acccident a child found one of the other gods
items of power a creation tool so too speak..the child wished for a bully to get sick and die so sick no magic could cure him ever.." " this god was probably playing with his mother and he found it that way...." the buck nodded " your very perceptive bill...seems that dragons are immune to this plauge a child set free but it is spreading " " how do you know dragons are immune?"  " a rouge male is taking dead bodys and contaminateing the wells..spreading the sickness " " ahh so the real truth comes finaly need a dragon killer?" he said nothing " as for sterilization procedures...if you an arange for it not to rain for awhile and for magic to kill any of the carrion eaters before they eat and fly away , also if there is a problem with the wells dry them out and i'll burn them clean also " the buck was nodding in agreement.."i will want water for the lady and the children supplies to last through the area and all the animals within a days travel need to be ... destroyed ..fleas other pests can jump from host to host " " i understand though the sickness hasent killed them " " it can spread that way ..possibly if we dont know scientificly then we must err on the side of extreeme caution .." " then so shall it be "

he took a meal fit for kings and queens to the kids and the lady he told her of the problem and the fact that the only way through was by boat he would be folowing on land to protect her and destroy everything for miles around each village she nodded and went to sleep he watched the sliver buck nod once from the trees " if she comes to harm god ..we will be finishing our face to face talk " he nodded again and disapeared into the woods
they came to the first town the next day early he had them sail on by the stench was horrible he slipped into the river with only his sword and loin cloth
she looked at him face covered with a rag soaked with strong wine " take care william " " i will be right behind you lady never fear" she nodded and pulled anchor he walked into the gates and could see the dead everywhere finding dragons claw marks on the homes and the well looking down he could see several bloated bodies ..he found the lamp oil celler where a towns supplies of oil were kept he smashed two down the well and sloshed the rest around the entire village he slaughtered the surviveing animals and plied the dead drying bodies into the villages place of prayer for the gods he stopped at the image of avarellis and nodded once he turned and with some of the magic he could pull from the depths he ignighted a roaring inferno inside the building flaming the well which exploded, then going outside the walls he pushed them in and set the entire place aflame finding smaller homes he burned them too taking to the air he used magic and his flame to burn miles of crops around the village homes and bridges seeing bodies in the roads he incinerated them and kept on his course ....

after days of death and destruction he dove to cut off a trader heading into the area he flamed the bridge directly ahead of him he set down and fanned the flames into a huge wall "turn back ! there is a plauge!! i have been called by the gods to destrroy all these towns and viliages!!! " the wagon stopped he moved to see and found the horse pulling it ..the trader had died literaly at the wheel the mount dident even shy away of the flames  it was so starved and tired he moved over and set it free of the harness it whickered softly and dropped dead from exaustion
he ate when he found a buck and staved off thirst with visits to the river .
he had to stop one night as he heard dragons wings on the move he soon spoted the male drake colecting fresh bodies bill readied a spell building the power it would 'lock' onto the drake and fry him totaly he held it ready and the drake saw him it hissed and licked it's lips " foolish youngling "
' youngling? and here tee'a says im the best mate she's had in her long life killing the people in the villages huh?..why?" "becouse one stole my treasure.i will find it" he's whacked..gone nuts he has and so thats why the buildings had the doors crushed in hmmm okay " what treasure?" " it's MINE!!"he rushed bill and he let the magic fly the drake was a credit to his kind as he dipped and swooped to avoid the cought him in a deep dive he screamed in pain as he fell into the village which exploded into flames he made sure of it's total destruction and the area around he took to the wing finding the next village already a victim to the sickness everyone was dieing he couldent just burn them alive he baracaded them into the village and prepaired it for the burning then backed away a thunderclap nocked him flat as a bolt of lightning struck and the flames went wild with the wind blowing up he shook off the blast and turned to see
ten gods and goddesess each diferent all quite beutiful beyond anything should be avarellis let her hand fall slowly he blinked and walked away
somehow knowing this was the last one to be destroyed he would let them make sure to hear the screams ..he wanted no more part of it

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