pulling his jobquin open he ripped the flute out the lady blinked as he tossed it down and wheeled his sword and slammed it down with all the magic he had focused on the edge of the blade for a moment time slowed for him as it struck home cleaving the sliver in half  a roar came from inside the flute and it exploded tossing him backwards and high into the air his sword flying off he felt his wings be the first thing to respond opening to try and catch him but the trees sailed by him and stars exploded as he hit hard knocking a tree down his vision blurred and he heard her the lady screamed! he rushed ignoring the pain bursting through the trees the roadside barrier was gone as was a lot of the road the mounts were running and he saw the dragoness !! she had the lady ! he leaped and smashed into the dragons head knocking the lady free he kicked and found a soft spot in her throat doing a move he'd only seen in the movies he kicked her again and flipped away landing with a little slide on the dirt the dragoness roared at him
"go ! " pointing at the lady and zisa who'd appeared at her side "she had he look of questioning but he snarled and roared out flame at the dragoness who leaped into the air "i said leave ! i'll hold her run! dammit!" galler appeared from the brush and pulled them both away towards the mounts gerin had caught in a moment they were riding away "it will not save them from my vengeance!!" he looked up at her
"i think i can convince you other wise!!!...come catch me if you can dragoness!! "

he ran but when he tried to open his wings they flashed pain into his back a huge clawed hand appeared infront of him he yelped and leaped over bouncing a foot off her nose he laughed as she jerked about trying to follow him "dam you drake!" "ha! to slow!!"
dipping and weaving he darted through the trees as she plowed through chasing him a gleam caught his eye ' my sword!!' snatching it as he raced past it instantly seared his hand he grimaced in pain not from heat! but cold he dropped as she rushed up and flew over him he darted away "dam! i will turn you into a bloody pile of crushed bones drake! " " others have tried lady! none have succeeded!!"
he ran for all he was worth the pain now from hand and back burning into his mind dulling his reactions he made a mistake and ran out into the open and she laughed roaring at him "now your mine drake!!!" he ran faster hoping to make it to the next stand of trees but she literally flowed into place infront of him her massive head coming round he roared out flame but found it held off by a similar blast from her! he turned and found her there too encircling him in flame he had no magic left and she stopped at the only opening holding her wings high her eyes glowed a deep golden yellow
"now ..your mine..." he held the still frost covered sword out to defend himself  but she stopped only a few steps into her attack
he found the moment fleeting as she moved more he stood straight 'might as well die fighting ' " so you thought to tempt fate did you drake...what are you called i may enjoy telling the others of your death " "i am known as william the dragon ...and i do not fear you dragoness i do this to save the lady and end this dam cursed life of mine! " she stopped and looked at him he felt the magic roll around him "this magic on you covers your true self yet this is you...i recognize that magic...avarellis!! that dam multi tailed thieving bitch!...
that blast..what did you do?" " tried to destroy this dam thing ! " reaching into his jobquin he tossed the flute out and before it could hit the dirt it faded out and reappeared on his neck
the dragoness tilted her head as if to question what shed seen but then smiled  "human..dragon...a hero?...shes playing that game again...she wants something..doesent she?!" he took the moment to reach down with what little he had left and tapped into the magic rivers below the sword defrosted and he stood defiant " you may not like this...william ..but " the magic suddenly disappeared and became unreachable " this is MY magic" his heart thumped hard she smiled and moved slowly forward one foot at a time
"answer me ..." "she s-said she wants to touch the creator she wants to know god! alright!" she stopped and sighed "then she is just as much a fool as you " "am i the fool dragoness... i found the flute thinking it was a treasure to save my home perhaps my few worldly possessions i played it ...and in doing so ended my life as i knew it " she'd  stopped again and inhaled deeply he expected the flames to hurt only a moment but stared right into her eyes something glimmered across those huge pools and the flames didnít come .....

he was dumb struck sword long since fallen to the grass standing there waiting to be dragon flambíe and it didnít happen
she blinked and another deep inhale this one turning into sniffing as she leaned over closer still then only inches away she sniffed
"you are male... " he just blinked she eased back away from him and broke an immense smile teeth gleaming
"play for me william ...let me hear what avaralis believes is her key to god " "y-you want me to play??" "yes!"
he brought it out and looked into her eyes as she laid down! the flames slowly dying he thought if i can only hold on i might be able to still get away
she smiled again " if you run william i will kill this ..lady you protect ..slowly and very painfully for me and we shall talk about an ..agreement we can come to ..but play "
he sighed and played the song had changed yet again had a moment of pure contentment of pure terror and now confusion all woven together when he stopped the dragoness opened her eyes and a tear fell !
he sighed " so now what? " she blinked and smiled " i have an offer for you william......i will teach you magic and other things...i will heal your wounds i will even let those you traveled with pass through my valley safe and unharmed ....if you will stay with me for the flute for me when i ask it agreeable?? " turning her head to one side grinning " to help you decide ..if you don't they will never leave this valley alive and you will still give me what i want ...but it will be ...most enjoyable if you agree willingly to stay..."
"h-how long would .." "you worry about her even now ..."opening a viewing circle the lady and others were having to canter the horses
"the fighting's gone quiet m'lady "seeing the captain ride upalong side "you don't like this one do you " " no " "he seeks that which desire but do not take .though she has willingly offered to you...honor ...truly befitting a dragon william...he has little and will take what she has when he gets the chance...stay with me and i will put special magic on her ..he tries to take that from her and ..well the magic will make sure he gets no such pleasure in the ...answer me i have offered a great deal more than id offer anyone else! ...and never have you agree to my offer?" "how long?" she blinked "she truly has your heart doesn't she...such a prize and doesn't know she has it " she smiled and laughed

"no more than twenty days ...unless you so wish to extend our agreement "her eyes narrowed .."well?" "will you let me tell her ..that i will be staying willingly " " no...but i will give her the this your agreement ?" he nodded feeling as if he'd just signed his soul away she bugled ! and surged onto her feet nearly motionless as she towered over him he felt her hot breath roll down his back she let out a sigh "nasty wounds much blood will take them time to heal " and with that she turned " stay here i will return the circle you know i tell them true"

he watched as they for a few moments kept riding the captains eyes now showing his thoughts truly " dam badger im going to kill him ..and like it..."
he rode up along side her again " brave and fearless the drake was m'lady ...he may have bought us the time we needed to get away"
she glared at him " his name is william ! and he will find a way! "
"AND SO HE HAS LADY" the horses reared and whinnied  as the dragoness eased out from the trees to stand in the roadway
they readied for an attack but none came gerin and galer got the lady to the back of the group the warriors finally finding a shred of courage armed themselves " i am not here to fight ..or even to harm you i am here to advise you lady ...william has chosen to stay willingly with me for a time..he watches even now via viewing circle so that i speak true to you....he was about to die and told me of the curse..avaralis will grace the bottom of my foot one day ..she is a thief and a bitch with no comparison...he is wounded very badly
both wings broken and the magic from the flute has burned him he is drained " "I-I don't believe you!!" the dragoness sighed " he knows you well lady ..he wished to tell you personally but i will not allow it..this one "flicking a claw full of sand at the captain "would use William's state to kill him ..i have my right to extract my due from all who wish to pass through my valley "
she leaned over to him and liquid started dribbling out of his breaches " thought as much..would you who just proclaimed william brave and fearless take the hero's place and pay for all of your passage through?" blinking in terror only more pee ran out onto the dirt
"as i expected" " i will take his place dragon" galer moved forward " very brave of you warrior ..but you do not have that which i need or want...and your duty is to the lady ..not william will rejoin you but it shall be some time, time for him to heal...and pay my fee"
she grinned and moved forward gesturing out to the lady magic flowed like dust out of her hand over the vixen " part of my agreement with william lady magic will protect you and your being murr...only william will be able to remove it "
the lady shimmered like gold for a moment then it faded " if any male tries to mate with you he will find that he will become female permanently and she will be in her full moon...just to teach that male a valuable lesson" glaring at the captain who swallowed his heart finally

she turned and the huge wings rose up to pull her into the air " wait please..." she turned as the lady moved closer
" please don't take him from me " " why not lady...have you not been cold to him of late? ..have you not been favoring that weak bladered fool with your conversation? avoiding William, for he knows more than even your king about you, under those clothes you wear" the lady blushed and bill was wide eyed " yes william i too have been watching ...her dancing and playing with you forcing you to go out into the woods to satisfy the dragon in you he wouldn't give her what she wanted lady ..i play no game with him ..i need a male dragon and he is the one i chose ...he will return to you lady, his spirit and honor would allow nothing less, but he will be.. different "
she leaped into the air " leave my valley lady so quickly! or i may have to renegotiate with my lover because i needed food and you were ..available "
the circle snapped closed and he blinked more from shock at how much the dragoness knew!
and the fact that she wanted him as a ..mate

looking down at the sword and his freeze burned hand which was blackened frostbitten and bleeding. he hated to do it but turned and looked at his right wing which had given him the most pain, it was snapped the bone showing... the left was dislocated and hanging at an odd angle
he saw her coming and with a gentle breeze she stepped onto the ground and walked forward towards him
a sly grin on her face as she stopped over him " so i guess size doesn't matter?" "it's all in how you use it are not a full sized dragon ..but it does not stop you from becoming quite a warrior..." he sighed she just smiled and moved around behind him looking closely at his wounds her hot breath rolling down his neck the smell wasnít unpleasent as he had expected
his back suddenly felt like it was being ripped apart!! and he felt sharp pains in his shoulders his legs buckled and he fully expected the ground to hurt when it hit ..but she leaned around "the wings had to be set or you wont ever fly william " her eyes gleamed as she held him around the chest inhaleing deeply at his neck he felt the healing magicís flow into him feeling like he was under a warm pounding rain it relaxed and soothed so much more than zisa's had, he felt light and free no more pain looking at his hand the burns faded and healed sleep overcame him but in his dreams she was there holding him comforting, healing ...

he awoke to a snapping pain as his wings were assaulted once again surging from his attackers he turned and readied a fire blast " william "
he blinked as the dragoness smiled " i was fixing the problem with your wings ..why you can not fly ..the joint does not open fully sorry to have hurt you in your sleep i thought perhaps the healing magic would have left you numb " he swayed and flopped to his rump realizing he was nude! "muh armor?" feeling all too much like he would have after a long binge. she walked closer smiling " for your comfort and to clean it ..blood and dirt ..." he felt her gentle touch and the magic once again flooding into his soul.
he had dreams of avarelis and her flute ..laughing over him then the dragoness literally ripping one of her tails off roaring as the goddess fled then laughing cursing her name
he awoke to the smell of food he rose and saw the buck standing there he roared and pounced devouring it in moments belching as blood ran from his jaw he looked around finally she was there smiling he sat down " you will grow strong now, the hunting in my valley is good most times but the animals are becoming experts at avoiding me, still hungry?" "n-no Iím fine thanks, how long have i been sleeping?"
she smiled and moved over curling around him like a snake he felt her warmpth soothing his sences "five days now but the wounds were worse than i had thought ..the magic burned you deeply " he sighed as his belly finally registered he'd eaten he looked slowly up into her eyes "your afraid " "a little Iíve never" she leaned over and touched her lips to his, tounge gently pressing  yet demanding access he relaxed as the meal digested and relented to her he'd heard of french kissing ..but never thought a dragon would know about it!

as the stars came out she gently rolled him onto his back her nose and tounge doing things to him he'd only drempt of
her eyes were suddenly over his "let the fire burn in you william let the dragon free of the chains you have bound him with all your life ...i set him free this night free to burn me with passion smother me in his love..."she moved and kept her eyes locked on his her hand was suddenly at his lips wet with a musky sent it dripped onto his lips and nose she watched as he shivered at the sent of her ready-ness and his eyes deepened there glow he reached out and took her hand licking sensualy she had to moan as he did it the soft touch he used she suddenly felt his tail caressing her belly and reaching for places farther down she smiled and arched her back allowing him to do as he wished he smiled holding her hand unwilling to relice it still licking slowly she gently used the hand to guide him down where more could be found
after awhile unable to keep her legs from colapsing on top of him she rolled them both together he never lost a single moment she bugled out to the world proclaiming him the child of a god! he eased up and with help from her holding him in the right place he set lose the dragon..

he stood there awaiting the sun to rise his new wingspread near twice the original held up and out awaiting the light she came up behind him and nibbled on his neck spreading her wings to do the same the sun rose and the glare into his eyes was nothing compaired to the incredible feeling it gave she licked around his neck her tail caressing his groin he smiled not looking away he'd noticed the flute was nowhere on him last night but hadnít asked
"i drempt the kitsuni was here while sleeping off the healing magics" " she was trying to put the flute back onto you...i caught her" "you got one of her tails?" "yes she'll have to go heal up theving little bitch took my flute and then sends it back around the neck of ..a dragon hidden in the human world "grinning at him as he looked  " she tried to bargan with me for her life ...the flute was mine long ago ..given to me by the wizard to help find those who were true of heart and thus deserving my help or safe passage ..she asked to borrow it to see if a young male god was being truthful to her i never saw it again...well i caught her trying to give you nightmares force you to leave my valley quickly, so you wouldnít concider staying a little longer
he licked her cheek and smiled nipping at her neck she rolled over, him in hot pursuit relaxing later he gently slid a claw along a scale on her chest making spirals and geometric designs hearts with arrows through them she sighed deeply
" what is you name ?" she smiled from what he could see " nearly all my life i have been called dragoness, but long ago i was once called tee'a " he coiled his tail around hers squeezing a memory came up from before ...tee'a mat! " tee'a mat" her head came up and she looked right at him "how .." "Iím sorry it is the legendary name for the...queen of dragons " her eyes glow intensified and a glimmer flowed over the surface she relaxed back " it is indeed an anchent mothers infact " " so your now the .." "queen of dragons? yes but my people are few now and they have become monsters not proud strong dragons " she leaned over and he sat down on the ground to look at her "since you have been the only male i have found for awhile ..." tears came he walked up and comforted her best he could....

he went hunting as she slept he'd held her and comforted her enough so the tears came and she fell asleep he heard the giggle and did his leap avaralis gacked as he ripped her from a tree her three tails snapped and waving  "well now goddess much as you think you are so powerful you can get in over your head ...the dragon and i are now one and this i owe you for laughing at me " yanking one of her tails out she cried and screamed flames exploded around her body as she boiled with fury . he smiled flicking the tail side to side
" y-you YOU! DAM!! " " dragon i think is the word your looking for avarelis this is the bargin i make with you refuse it and ..well ..." he smiled and flashed his huge fangs " the curse you put on me is a hoax as the dragon and i became one of course id become more and more dragon ..and id of course forget some of my life as a human thatís natural...." she blinked and the flames died down
"now you have no power over me we can make an agreement listening ? ...good, now i will wear the flute and play for you ...but, BUT! this valley is my refuge from the world and you...i donít want you in this valley ..especialy when tee'a has the babies she wouldnít have any qualms about feeding you to them " she blinked and floated up "why" "because you told me about the lady and her moon zisa " she blinked again shifting a little as she eased higher " why the lady interests you i donít know but i swore to protect her and i shall, do we have a deal goddess?" she flared up again blue flames flicking all around "deal?! I am the goddess !!  i have " tee'a rose up behind her silent as the wind and she yanked out another tail she yelped and found herself in bills arms where she'd fell "see you woke her up with all yer goddess blustering " " damn vixen bitch!! william ..." "hold on lovely, Iím talking with her" he looked at the goddess who was so angry her eyes were blood red
"your choice goddess " she exploded with a burst of blue flame he sighed and flicked the tail over his shoulder tee'a smiled and reached down nipping his butt " dealing with her..." "trying to keep her out of the valley ..she has some interest in the lady and needs me to watch over her" "more of the bitches games.... come lover lets hunt together "

he watched as she leaped into the air and circled waiting for him she smiled and waged her tounge at him "a greater reward is given if the drake can fly me as well as he mates with me on the ground " he smiled and raised his wings for the push hesitating she swooped over him flashing her belly at him for emphasis of her intentions
okay boy, that donít really fit anymore now does it!, his blood rushed "BECAUSE IM A DRAGON!!" leaping up into the air he flapped with power her eyes widened and a huge smile came as he caught her...
as the sun started to set he caught sight of a group of bucks and charged at them spooking them into the open where she dove down and plucked a meal for them he walked over as she swallowed one "i saw you keep the kitsunis tails tee'a what for?" she smiled and held one of the bucks out to him which he accepted "not much misses those eyes of yours does it " " not much " she grinned " watch " and she poofed out in a huge burst of blue flame!! and giggled behind him! he spun and recived a long loving kiss as they parted he held her cheeks "you gain her powers?" "her abilities not her powers. she can teleport and become invisible " fading out he could still feel her she moved forward and licked his neck slowly " one tail for you two for me i have already attached it to your armor it will keep the father of my babies alive and safe...

the next day she started it with a nip to his ear and a hunt for the dragoness...which he won ..of course to her total surprise ...
he layed there watching her bathe in a lake she was totally submerged then only her eyes and top of the head came up he grinned " playing submarine? "
she blinked but said nothing he felt a thin line of magic flow over him his hackels rose and he leaped and bounded rolling clear as the spot he'd been on turned to solid ice!!  "tee'a ! whatís that for?!?!" she rose up smiling "testing you lover you have a rare gift can sense any magic even the most subtle i worked the spell to be totally undetectable but you felt it any how " he walked over to her " now i know how you avoided my traps and such i can start teaching you magic true dragon magicís " grinning wide as she slowly pulled him into the water

twenty five days had passed and he stood in the morning light his heart tearing in two his armor polished and gleaming a new magic shield a treasure she had given him along with a dragons hord of gold saying he would want it later on he had a purse of gold coin in his hip bag his mage books now down to one filled to the point of spells on the margins he looked at the kitsunis tail like a neck ruff under his chin
he stood there looking at the road and the ridge line marking the edge of her valley to the east " you need to go lover.. she has made it to a part of the kings lands which her being murr is a real treasure to nomadic slavers she is the first to these lands for many years..." he looked up at her eyes and she smiled
a tear rolled down her neck slowly
" you must go...soon i will not welcome your affections and my temper is ..memorable" he nodded and sighed
"the babies  will drive me to run you off ...instinct you called it ...i will let you know when you can visit us i swear on my honor"
he nodded again the knot in his throat so tight it hurt he sighed out a huge breath " go now william the dragon.. consort to the queen of them all.." gently pushing him with her nose she licked his ear and disappeared he walked forward and slowly picked up speed till he ran up to the statue looking out over the hills beyond as they slowly turned into a desert he felt her looking in on him with a viewing circle " take care tee'a and thank you ... i remember your warnings of the deserts lack of magics " he felt the magic fade and walked through the barrier

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