scooping her into his wing  she reacted smiling at him "ohh william you came " kissing him rubbing her need over his wing he kissed her head and applyed a sleep spell he gated to the cave and layed her gently down onto a rock ledge, he cleared his head and mind reaching out with his magic he found a river of magic power underground something he had felt and not had the chance to experiment with  but now was an oportunity he reached into it and felt it surge into him he jerked as it slamed into his body then calmed he opened the gate and let it flow like water washing over the cave changing it cleaning altering. the power obayed and soon had the cave transformed into a large room with a bed and a fire pit for cooking and mage lights he'd even made a rudimentary toylet that would empty out far away via natural crack in the mountains stone washed by a spring that dident take much to reroute also provided fresh water for them both

smiling thoughfuly as he opened a gate to the inn and her room he borrowed the bedding and her things from the room hearing a loud gasp he looked through to see the inn keepers wife cleaning " sorry m'lady ive moved the lady to a place where she will be safe from ..herself and males " " oh umm " " i will return the bedding long does a ladies moon last? " " it varies from lady to lady sir dragon..this is her first? will be 7 days at least once her ..body shows " " shows? how??" " she will swell and be iritable she wont sleep much" smileing he bowed his head to her " i can fix that...thank you lady..deliver a message to the city guards captain to have a mage signal me when they need my help immeadiately " she bowed and rushed out to deliver it .......

using magic he brought food and soon had a decent meal ready for a moment as she awoke she was her old self then it changed  she looked at him with nearly preditory eyes the moment she moved her scent filled the room and he could see bright pink under her
thinking shes swolen and showing starts the problems "ahh my lady hungry i hope ?"
"hmmm...not for food my dragon...william why dont you relax and enjoy?..dont you like me?" " on the contrary my lady you ..but cant becouse you have a life you wish to live if i were to love you that would ruin your chances to have that would no longer be murr" " i do not care about that any more..i will live my life as i see fit " " and the king who your sworn to ?" " I AM HIS SLAVE...i want for me i chose ! i want to enjoy my moon to be with you" she nearly leaped into his arms and proceded to rub and caress trying to get him to join her " then my lady we must gain your freedom from him but leagaly not like this..i dont want him mad at me becouse ive ..stolen from him " " he owes you now my can name your can name me..." kissing his stomach and sliding down her claws touching places no one had he gently put her to sleep before she got the dragon exited " if it were so easy my lady..if it were"

he was awoken by a flare of light as it apeared in the cave "mage flare have to go" he checked her and opened a gate or tryed to finding all the ways to the city were blocked he opened one close as posible slipping out into the darkness of the woods  he ran wings held out so he was nearly flying his feet touching only ocasionaly he torched a group of tents and took several riders off their mounts bursting out into the clear it was a full scale asault!  the enimy leaders were just off to the left some thing cought and slowed him like running into molases but he reached for the magic below and the ground cracked asunder as he roared breaking the spell a wing cought fygar and he was looking him in the face wing claw hooked in his jobquin he smiled as fygars cat eyes went wide. at the top of his voice he turned to the troops advancing to the city "HOLD ALL WARRIORS..I HAVE YOUR COMANDER AND HE SHALL DIE IF YOU CONTINUE!!!!" a chere rang out from the city they looked at each other and their leaders fygar was still in shock "surender now fygar you have no choice " " very well win this day...but my king shall win the war..ATTACK MY WARRIORS!!!!!" with that he pulled a cord that hung with his hair and a loud ripping came out ..his eyes glassed and his head promptly fell off now it was bills turn to be shocked

a roar of voices brought him back and he reacted surging forward killing the mage instantly . the walls were being stormed , he suddenly found his feet nolonger touching the ground a reflexive flap of the wings and he was somewhat flying imeadiately losing his balence dident help and he balled up rolling right through the worst of the troops slaming into the wall he got up dizzy and flailed his tail around till he could regain his equilibrium the dragon turned now in control it roared out flame and magic it took several hours but he held the south wall the captain of the guard came out of the village with most of his troops forming up into a calvary line he brooke the seige bill roared out a welcome to them the survivors were running for the woods fleeing in panic a total rout but he wasent done he opened a gate to the kings castle having not only fygars body but several wounded leaders he walked through to a brightly lit througne room a white fox sitting on a dias guards rushing forward to protect him " I AM william the dragon..your majesty i have been traveling with your lady as a guardian".........

the king gestured to the guard to stand down " she has spoken highly of you william..what is this?" " the comander of the forces which were attacking they are from your 'ally' king invasion force has killed hundreds of people and burned nearly a dozen villiages..i just defeated them " tossing the leaders to the floor they all turned and bowed to the king " is this true? show me the head " one picked it up " it s fygar..indeed this is something i must discuss with king vagrin" " allow me your majesty " he opened a gate to vagrins castle and knocked out the mages trying to close it he plucked the king from his chair and set him to be standing infront of the fox " what is this ! i demand an explination " " the king wished to discuss why your troops were invading the southern provinces killing adults keeping only the young and females..some being killed after the troops got a hold of them ..i just defeated comander fygar of your black shadows legion...he took his own life insead of being taken alive "

the tiger glared but turned sweetly to the fox king '' fygar..turned ..dificult to control my old asked him to help your people along our borders he betrayed me and"
bill coughed near to breaking out into hysterical laughter the fox king looked from bill's outburst to vagrin "if old friend you expect me to belive that ...."the tigers grin changed bill cought the fine line of magic being used and snaped it putting a barrier between the fox and tiger
 "care now to explane to the king wizard cat...without yer glamours" he snarled and gathered his power bill felt it watched and learned it's strength ..and weakness he roared and launched it at bill who yawned and held out a hand it stopped and the tiger went wide eyed " how can ??"
" silly kitty the moment you made it i knew how to stop it would you like it back?" rearing back to toss it hard the tiger paled
"william...please, vagrin i chalenge you one on one combat here and now for the rights to both kingdoms ..if you will battle me fairly without your magics..which im sure if you agree william will be the best witness if you goto use magics he will know " " and if i refuse?" "then id say william will want to discuss this invasion ..privately with you " bill smiled and made the magic disolve into a fog
"then i agree but i will want someone to watch him .." "agreed"

bill watched as in less than a half hour both were outfited for a fight something like a swordfight ...he glanced over at ten warriors brought through a gate to watch him each held a spear with a wicked tip glowing with magic black rivulits of power coiling around it
deadly magic to be certain he enhanced his sheilds from the magic below him and turned to the fight as it began
both kings were lightly armored but the armor would mean nothing to the blade if it struck home the tiger surged forward and the fox slipped away bill snarled looking at the warriors they backed off a little "fine spears ..avail you naught in the end little furries"
one just smiled, the action bill had expected from one or more..they were here to kill the king ..not guard him he turned hard to the fight as the foxx scored a stab to the tigers midrif and a slice across a forarm ..the sword arm he tryed to keep the blade up glareing "dam you "
'i was always the better with a sword old friend or did you forget our childhood ? surender and " " never!!!!" he slashed out and cought the foxx across the leg he went down but stabed out as he did the blade went in  and found it's mark the tiger staggered and looked dumbly at the blade protrudeing from his chest he looked at the warriors "k-kill them" bill lashed out and took legs and feet out from under them all but one fell he was readying a toss for the fox king bill waent able to stop him in time but leaped forward and cought it in his teeth inches away from the foxes chest he was wideyed "i have it yur majsty" who smiled at his slurred speach around the shaft

the warrior yelled and charged at them blade drawn the king grabed the spear from bill and heaved it right into the warrior who twitched and screamed disolving into a puddle of black oil he hopped a little leaning on bill, finaly bill stood tall
"you forget me old friend!" bill lashed out and his tail swiped through the tiger he laughed in responce the fox hobbled forward
"vagarin ! " " fooled you old friend ..thats but one of my servants made out to appear like for you william...we will meet again "
bill couldent read this magic..and it disapeared
he snarled the king placed a hand on his and smiled, bill turned and for a moment the dragon wanted to eliminate this pest who interfiered with his life with the female but he calmed " she has spoke of your battle with the dragon inside you the one who would do even a friend harm im glad im enough of a friend that you calm it down before it harms me " "it's not easy with how you treat her...shes in her moon as we speak ive had to protect her from herself as much as others...count this as my note owe me your majesty..this dragon will claim that debt when the time is right" " i understand..wish her well ..advise the captain of the guard renforcements are coming...i accept the debt william ..youve done me great service exchange for clothes and wepons "
bill nodded knelt down the king expecting him to swear aligence got a surprise as he put his claws to the leg wound he felt the incredible power flow into it through the magic sheilds put on him by his mages the wound healed instantly he stood and walked away from him
"william ..who has your alegance ?..." bill turned and his eyes glowed "the lady for only she is safe from the dragons rage..."

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