in three days time he'd found and killed five groups of ten each with a low classed mage but each had a spell book that they willingly gave to him..and he found each because they were willingly given added the spells of the others to it's self so he had five identical spell books
and with the mage he had tied up across a fire from himself it'd soon be six, his legs broken from a whip of bill's tail. tearing the last chunk of meat from a thigh bone bill smiled flicking it over a shoulder "id hate to have to hurt you more mage..but i want your spells and information...
where is the main column of your forces..." he sat there silent just glaring at the dragon bill smiled and licked his lip " you know the magic you use each day makes the meat taste rich and flavorfull?...i enjoy eating good food" the mage dident flinch bill thought this is a tough one
" ok so i don't eat mages..but i do kill them "" then do so dragon i wont tell you anything you've killed friends of mine i wont help you " bill grinned " you will though, in the end it's all in how you'll die. quick or slow that is still your choice, it's been the last one i gave them all so how do you die mage...i have things to do warriors to kill a king to eviscerate with his own claws " the mage just smiled at him and started a spell for a moment bill felt compelled to obey then it faded bill broke into a huge toothy grin " thank you mage ! that spell will be very useful indeed" "NO DAM you!!!" bill leaned closer eyes narrow " now then ......

in the morning mist he followed a group of scouts as they followed someone else he moved in close and realized who they were following
the lady! she was taking a drink from a water skin zisa was using her magic to scan the area the mage was nodding to his leader 'hiding from zisa so you thought' he looked at the lady and felt his heart skip a beat shed gotten even more beautiful a glow to her hair the dew on her ears they moved forward to rush them and bill roared a battle challenge they all stood stark still the mounts shying " warriors n mage i am here for you i am william the dragon!!!! " they rushed at him the mage letting off bolts of energy the lady and her escort rushed away as he roared smashing two into the dirt flaming four to ash the mage he snagged with his wing claw and ripped free most of his shoulder the leader seeing he was hopelessly out classed bounded away on his huge kangaroo legs, he killed the last few and ran after him...

The lady looked at zisa, fright had her breathing fast "was that our william?" "yes mlady..he has changed, the dragon has given him power and he has grown " " my lady someone approaches" the bushes exploded out as the warrior spilled out onto the road panting his roo legs the only reason he could have stayed ahead of the dragon he drew out his sword " you will die this day lady!" garin and galler dropped off their mounts and readied to fight galler got a kick that sent him flying over the bushes behind them zisa was readying a bolt as the roo jumped smashing garin to the dirt and took the lady off her mount spooking zisas into running he pinned her sword held high "DIE MURR FOR THE KING !!" she screamed and a huge shadow blotted out the sun.. the mist swirling around the shadows a deep dirt vibrating growl slipped into hiss of air
" you strike me dragon she dies " "you strike my lady and all the people of your home shall pay the ultimate price..i have your sent warrior any with your blood shall be the last to die all shall blame them for there pain and suffering till only they remain then they will beg me for mercy"
huge balls of blue starlight cast surreal glow over the two "your life or everyone in your lands your choice" his teeth gleamed daggers ready to strike the blue glowed along their length the lady was quivering as the blade moved a flash of light blinded all a gust of wind and the light returned she felt her neck

" MYlady! " zisa was at her side instantly the sounds of fighting and a scream brought silence, garin and gailin came over " are you alright my lady?" "im alright and you two?" " nothing a skin of wine wont cure"  they all looked as he came through the brush "thank you zisa for that mage bolt" the lady trembled in zisas arms he stopped smiled and bowed to them then in a sweep of his wing had the lady from the ground she panicked but he held her gently to place a single kiss on a cheek he then stood up straight head at her level " i needed a reward mlady i have been killing your enemies and the kings for days ..saved the children of all the villages they have taken so far and sent them and the young ladies to safety outside the valley gained much power from the mages ive fought...are you alright? " she blinked and dident feel the calming spell he cast over her she smiled and put her hand on his cheek brushing the dirt from her clothes "im alright william thank you "" im glad, he will never bother you again my lady" "good..'looking into his eyes she smiled brightly he felt the warmth from her increase ' we've missed your company william " "i have miss yours as well...but there was work that needed to be done, we should make for the next village they haven't moved on it as of yet and we may be able to save it" smiling as he wished he could have another kiss

looking at her he removed the calming spell and she dident react "i know from those ive questioned that there commander is a lord fygar?" looking at the lady to see if she knew anything more about him but got nothing "he is awaiting his reserves and a second column which will be in route within twenty days the reserves will be sent via mage gate and will be here in 6 days his force is all battle veterans with a collection of equipment for barrage and siege enuf supplies to last 20 days, one sorcerer 'zisa stiffened at the mention' 6 battle mages and a good 2 dozen scout mages that unfortunately are stronger than you zisa..and they are expecting with the reserves a team of thirty experienced dragon killers" he sighed " we need help my lady and now not in 10 days or 5 but now..can the king get help here quickly?" she took a breath and let it out slowly her face reflecting the fact she was deep in thought "the odds are not in our favor for much help my dragon...but we need to call for it immediately, zisa send a message to the king give him all the information that we have and request any aid he can provide"
"mylady" she set to sending the message bill watched with intent and found the spell and gate she opened were right to the king
he noted that for later................

they arrived at the small city in the morning dew the city guard were changing over as they rode up bill walking up behind the lady and setting his shield down on a rock they were wide eyed at him "my lady? "get the captain of the guard and the council start sealing the city warrior there is an invasion force in the valleys and they are burning the villages to the ground " he nodded gesturing to a rider inside the gates " we know mylady we've been warned by another" bill turned and looked over the wall at a rider talking to the council but he was looking more back at the gates bill heard that they had to get the children out now bill let out a roar and leaped over the wall easing down onto all fours eyes narrow glowing star flares he moved forward slowly towards the rider " im here for you liar..decever!...MURDERER!!! send out the children you say!?! into the hands of your friends! " the rider went pale turning his mount away " so they too can be raped..killed! MURDERED!!!" the council was stunned the lady was hollering but bill only saw one thing...the school teachers brutal wounds her pain! the loss!! "i am here for you child killer! i am william the DRAGON!" " ohh gods! ABOVE!" he spurred his mount and rode out the nearest gate as bill ran after him into the woods everyone watched as warriors ran out in a panic to get clear of the dragon a mount came sailing out above the trees crashing into the dirt a roar echoed, flames exploded in the trees suddenly a mage blast detonated the trees into millions of splinters..

it was silent as the smoke and dust cleared the warriors lucky enuf to have gotten clear stood there stunned as was everyone, people gathered on the walls and in the gates, a shadowy form appeared it's eyes flared into two blue stars " i am william the dragon...i am your invasion forces judge jury and are all guilty and shall be back to your leader..tell him his king is a fool for not pulling you back home now it is far too late you all shall pay the price for the children and the ladies you have so ruthlessly run now or i will send you to your gods " tossing the smashed and bloody riders body at them it flopped out in a puff of dust. they turned and saw the people were arming themselves they turned and ran away into the woods..

later as dusk fell the day spent closing the city off, he dusted off and sat down listening to the lady, council and the city guard captain discussing the imminent attack he gulped a keg of ale down
" this is all pointless they wont attack now that the dragon is here "
" you are an expert on this council? id say cince they have requested dragon killers they have every intent of continuing this invasion and this city is a keystone " tapping a map with her dagger " six roads and three rivers meet here this is a key point of the valley area all trade has to pass through this city all supllies all there comander will have to capture this city so his supply lines arent interupted as he goes farther into the valleys "
"i have to concurr councel " bill looked at the captain his eyes and smile were wrong for agreeing to the plan but he was agreeing to something else on his mind " the lady is correct this city was placed here for just that purpose to help control the valleys"
"then we do our best to hold the city and await the king to send aid" snapping her tail as she finished all the males smiled and agreed the ladies of councel had corse gazes for the lady but agreed
bill snifed but the dirt from the explosion still had his nose clogged the lady turned to him he watched the males "william what in your opinion needs to be done?? " he took a breath glaring at the males whatever was going on he dident like it

"the south wall is the worst it is in the process of being disasembeld to build someones house, very large family indeed" the captain of the guard looked at the councel "did i not warn councel about this " " who would have expected an attack here?!?" "indeed as councel" "AS COUNCEL 'they all turned to the lady shocked by her tone ' YOUR FIRST RESPONCIBLITY IS TO THE PEOPLE OF THE VILLAGE
NOT TO YOURSELVES...what is your recomendation william??" "the blocks in question havent been cut just moved and built into a house id say to rebuild the wall it will be the first place id attack by either direct or indirect means..the north east gate tower and gate are in total disrepair they will colapse with any attack i think i can tople the tower blocking the gate thus rendering it impassible" "BUT THE REPAIR"
"silence! let him finish gold and costs mean nothing if were dead...william" " the east wall is open to a long feild that has rise..a good place to build battering rams and let them roll down to smash through the wall...the city planer should have forseen this and desgined the walls accordingly but i can dig trenches and pits to keep this from happening it will also control any attack by funneling the warriors into channels where bows can pick them off before they can get a good run at the wall the west gate and it's sister to the north need to be braced they are near rotten and would fall quickly under a siege  there is far to many bales of dry straw around homes and grain storage they need to be moved imeadiately homes with thatch roofs need them soaked with water soon as possible a few well placed arrows with a little burning tree sap could distroy this city in hours..these things will buy us time till help arrives" she turned to councel " then we beter get to them hadent we councel? captain get your troops ready councel we need the ladies to start making arrows and soaking the roofs moving the feed "

bill watched them move out leaving her with him "william" he looked at her " why are you glaring at them?" "i do not like the way they look at you behind your back mylady something is going on the ladys are hatefull the males are far to pleasent and agree easily"
she nodded "thank you william..keep your eyes open" "always mylady...always" slipping away into the shadows she smiled and then sighed rubbing her hands on her hips walking to the inn

he went out that night and fell trees across the roads for half a mile in each direction 'now to bring his siege machines to bear he will have to move far to many trees..taking valuble time' in the morning he yawned gulping the sweet coffie from a huge kettle like a coffie cup the lady walked up and smiled "been awake all night?" "hmm? oh no mylady but i was up late taking care of the roads" she held out her cup he smiled brightly and filled it from his "mmm you sweetened it?" " added a little extra honey i think im gona need the sugar today" "lots to do" "yup" he looked at her as her hand slowly caressed his hip and moved around the back side of it ' shes feeling my butt!! oh my GOD! ummmmmm....
she sipped her 'coffie' clearly thinking about the tasks at hand but not noticing what she was doing to him!! his tail standing out straight as a rod of steel wings fluttering he swalowed hard feeling the dragon going nuts she was touching all the right places "thank you william this is wonderful " walking away he colapsed with a thud she spun and looked at him he grined stupidly "lo!" waving, she laughed and continued on shaking her head....

after a quick mage gate to the river to cool his fires he went to work, first he looked over the gate tower and it's foundations looking at its lean
he tossed some dirt into the air watching the wind the warriors on the walls were watching with all curiosity he smiled and moved some to the left wanting the tower to fall right and close as possible to the gateway he closed his eyes and felt the power inside he focused it into a hand looking it was a glowing ball floating just above his hand.. he spun slashing the left side with his tail the blades sliceing through the stone cleanly the mage blast he tossed at the right side which exploded into dust and for a moment the tower leaned the wrong way then eased over colapsing into the gateway covering the rotting door and it's arch they all chered he bowed and felt a mage bolt flying at his butt he spun and cought it flcking it back at it's sender who yelped the warriors laughing on the wall the trenches were the longest time consumer he had to pack the dirt and flaten the tops of the excivated soil so it forced them up high without places to hide, mage bolts flew at his rump constantly he finaly ducked one and looked at the woods "hey if you dont like my butt then go away dont go shooting at might make me mad!"
taking a deep breath he flamed a stretch of the trees which of course had warriors yelping and running for the river tails on fire...

he went to the wall and the councels house which he promptly tore lose two large blocks colapsing the side out into the courtyard females and children screamed one lady was in bed with another doing what he thought only human ladies did turning away slowly his tounge flicked "my my my" most of the night he dodged mage blasts as he set stones trying to find the proper fit so the wall would be strong took time
finaly figuring out the marks on the stones made it easyer but still finding the right ones in piles of them  he sighed as he put another aside an arrow whized by his head another pinged off he roared and flamed the trees where they had come from, breathing hard as he sat down puffing "william?" he looked as the lady walked up holding a mug of ale and a bright smile "thank you mylady " downing the cup he gave it back it wet his whistle at least "how goes the wall? "" ehh it's just another brick in the wall..."smiling and frowning as he rembered she dident know earth music " why the frown?" softly caressing his arm he forgot the reason looking deep into her eyes he smiled again "it was nothing my lady stupid joke that holds no meaning here" "ahh so ?" " not well the builder was a master of his craft each stone is matched to its kin so much so that if you dont find the kin it wont fit or falls out ive had to take down two rows of them becouse i made a mistake" she sighed then smiled again tail swishing lightly "come rest william your exausted" he was and folowed her to the inn as a mage blast turned the night sky to day she held onto him "about half a mile away he's bringing up his siege machines"...

he fell asleep in the stables she came out and looked over him smiling hands touching his hip softly she snapped up as zisa came over from the shadows "yes zisa ?" "my lady...garra you know what is happening to you" "yes i forbid you to interfere" zisa was shocked "but" she could tell the lady wasent here it wasent her talking shed seen it to late now but she was the lady and was to be obayed "infact i have something for you to do"....he awoke to the lady in his lap wraped in a blanket clearly very comfortable galer and gerin smiled holding out a huge cup of steaming coffie to him he took it nodding thanks " he doesent know" "apparently..but he's a dragon that could be the reason" "umm know what?" they smiled and walked away "thanks guys remind me to torch your butts " she roused and smiled at him "i thought you'd be lonely william so i kept you company" he smiled " thank you mylady i slept very well " she bounced up and flaged her tail streching right infront of him he clicked his jaw covering his blush with the cup gulping the brew she slid a hand on his "may i have some of yours ? it feels very warm " he was getting problems and just held the cup out for her to dip hers from it instead she just sipped it from the cup "umm my lady i need to go.." setting the cup down he slipped away and found diging trenches in front of the south wall sweated the problem out but he always found her looking at him if not from a tower the wall or even from her mount as she rode around the city

late into the night he walked in over the wall an arrow pinging off his shoulder plates went unnoticed as he dragged his tail 'never thought id be digging trenches all day but ..dam' "william " he stopped as zisa walked up from the shadows " hi zisa you'l have to exuse me im dirt tired...literaly" "i know..youve done well avoiding her" "you mean the beutiful vixen who i would love to dance with in ways she could only imagine...whats with her? your her best friend " "yes but also her servant thus i must obay..she.."stoping as she noticed others listening in she pulled him away "zisa ?" "this is for you alone to hear william" she found a dark deadend aleyway with no windows in it she pushed him in and checked around then moved in close to him he sat on his heals to be lower to her she smiled seeing his expression from his glowing eyes

"william do you not know what is happening?" "id sure like to know shes starting to make me have serious problems wit the dragon in me"
"it is her moon time william" he blinked "it's.." "it's her time to mate shes trying to get you to do it..but you dont seem to notice it"
"umm as in how?" "she waves her tail at you or near you she is fanning her sent at you..she is quite ripe now nearly all the males in the city have smelled it but havent made a move on her becouse" "her smell...scuse me for a second" turning he blew his nose hard and coated the ground with huge clogs of crud he snifed and got a surprise blinking "wow" "that is just becouse i have been close to her as she was waving...your nose was pluged figures" "sorry bout that" she actualy gigled then stopped he frowned at the giggle it was familiar but dismissed it "she needs your protection she has forbade me to intefere but you are not bound by any oath but one to keep her safe you must watch her once she reaches a certain point she will encourage any male to mate with her cince your not she doesent know whats going on william she is not must save her from herself..." "she will remain murr zisa or i will carry her far from this world to escape the king " "NO no no.. you mustent..just take her away from this place hide her away from males who dont care.who take a females murr away without love or caring..promise me swear to me she will be safe..i have to go to the king to pettion for immeadiate aid i must leave tonight and cant watch over her " he gently huged her " fear not my friend she will be safe and murr and i will find away to keep the village protected also
'he smiled wide bearing more teeth than she'd liked he noted the fear "a cave i found and used to sleep in for a night only a dragon could get into it on the side of a cliff it's warm and isolated she will be safer there than her mothers womb" she blinked but smiled

he opened the gate to her surprise "so you can recover your power quickly zisa i have plenty, tell the king id like to talk to him one day "
"umm im sure he'd like to meet you also he has made mention of this in other messages " " should make for quite a meeting can you close it?" "yes thank you william" he walked off tail still draging the portal closed as a blue flash disapeared behind it... three mage blast explosions through the night heralded the arrival of the seige equipment in the area he readyed to take care of it near the south wall looking out he could see the catapults and some kind of cannon the captain came riding up to him "william do you see" "yes im going to need your archers to help keep their heads down while i take care of this mess" "it will be done" smacking bill firmly on the side he looked slowly at that the captain who swalowed hard "umm my appoligies sir dragon" bill nodded and looked out seeing the sorcerer readying a huge blast! "holy shit get down!!!" snatching the captain and as many he could he instantly realized that even this was not enuf. deep inside something flowed and he roared magic flowing from his flame and hands it was all in slow motion as a domed sheild formed as the blast hit destroying the work he'd done to the south wall totaly the blocks turning to powder the mage blast tryed to flow around to get to it's target only to be stpped at all sides by his sheild sweat poured from under his scales as he roared out in defiance! "was that the best you have sorcerer!?! try this then!" he concentrated gathering his power letting it build he inhaled deeply and roared sending the semi sized mage blast riding on his flame it hit the seige equipment and detonated, half a mile of trees fell back from the blast but bill knew the mage and their leader had gated away intime..of course the equipment was his true target..

grinning as he surveyed the damage 'nice hole bill very nice ' he immeadiately put the felled trees to use as a pike fence pileing the now useless stones up behind them to make a makeshift wall he dug trenches while watching the lady as she wandered around watching him.. late that night he came in mad as hell an arrow had finaly found its mark his cheek just under the guard on his helm he flinched as he dropped it to the ground the captain came riding up in a hurry "william how bad are you injured?!" he pointed to his face the arrow was jammed into his top teeth through the cheek he slid off and looked lifting his lip and grimacing "it's through the...umm " bill was drumming his fingers giving him a 'please i know this stupid' look "i will get the healers over here wiliam hold on " he nodded flinching she came up in a run he lifted his head up so she couldent touch "Ohh william!" he gently held her down she kept trying to grab it he finaly ploped her on his leg and put his hand over her lap pointing to the arrow and waving no she clearly dident catch the implications so he gently pointed to it then took his claw and lifted her lip poking her tooth "it's hit your tooth? " he nodded gently catching her tooth with his claw she flinched and pulled away " that hurt " he nodded she blinked " it's cought on your tooth and hurts!?" he nodded again " im sorry i was worried about you" he nodded gently rubbing her back the healer ran up and immeadiately lifted his lip she took the moment to look " it's jamed into the gap between your teeth william i will have to break the shaft to get it through and pull it free " he nodded taking a deep breath. he felt her hand grip his her eyes warm filled with concern and love.

the healers first try ended up only making the pain worse blood rolling down the shaft he reached up and using a claw yanked it free of his teeth "aghhh gad dammit " holding his mouth open tears flowed the healer was now able to snap the shaft and removed it he roared out in pain and snarled as he turned on a heal picking up a water fountain the stone cracking and poping he strode over to the wall and with a huge heave he tossed it out into the woods a dozen trees and numerous warriors were flatened instantly he sighed and slid down behind the wall
the healer walked over " that was a town landmark " "so i'll make you a newone ahhh god my face" lowering his sheilds to the mage so he could administer healing magics "dragon" his ears turned to listen beyond the wall into the woods " can you hear me dragon?" he held the healer for a moment " i can! who are you?!" "i am lord comander fygar of his majestys first regiment the long shadows" "impressive tital but im unimpressed" "you have not heard of my regiment?..pity then you would know that this is a useless waist of time defending this worthless village against us" "ehh im kinda stuborn in my ways dont much like bullys or bragarts and from what ive seen so far your both" he smiled through the pain he liked anoying some people " then i guess i shall have to conqure you and this village to prove you wrong" " you certainly can try but one thing i can say from my home to you!.. no quarter no pity no surender i expected none nor should you " "fair enuf ..then let it begin..." " one thing fygar ! i want your king i dont sopose he'l be coming to see you lose!? would he??!!" warriors on the wall laughed mage bolts started immeadiately chunking the stone walls archers trying to find a target, he looked to the healer as the pain finaly eased...

his cheek still hurt as he put his helm back on she gripped his hand "you need to rest william the healing needs time to work"
he sighed hearing a call of alarm fire had started on a house roof " my lady can you get the people to work soaking the roofs..i will be fine we dont have time for me to rest " she sighed and nodded he held her for a moment looking deeply into her eyes " if you have need of me mylady ask " a faint smile came as more crys of fire came " i will " he turned and went to a wall seeing a mage bolt smack just to the left of the captains head who hadent flinched "they have more catapults coming up william" he looked to where he was pointing just inside the treeline bill could with his sight could see five catapults and two on their mounts looking over the seting up bill opened a gate and retreved his bow from the inn he knocked a shaft sighting in carefuly the captain had a respectful smile for the size of his bow " a worthwhile target ? " he pulled back and huge snap cracked the air the bigger rider was thrown from his mount as it was ripped from under him " damit! i missed him by inches!!"
the mage blasts went silent " that was a fair shot dragon! you nearly got me broke my leg and tail but i am alive" "stand up fygar and i can fix that quick enuf!" "oh no you wont catch me unawares again..impressive bow dragon very impresive..i shall have to find it's range so to stay clear of it" "aww now see how you are! here im trying to help by ridding the world of people like you and you go and do that!" he knocked another drawing back all the archers readyed he nodded as they let lose into the catapults he let go and his speared through some hapless warrior and the mages mount smashing them into a tree "whoups now see if you would come out that poor mount would be able to finish it's days replanting the crops you've destroyed but no ..couldent have it the easy way"....

in the morning light the first ranging shots from the catapults came still far short but wouldent be long he'd been watching some odd troop movements through the magic induced mists and fog he kept the captain aprasied of what was going on his eyes filtered through the magic
he watched as a pair pointed right at him talking 'dragon killers..discusing the fact im not a normal sized drake...hmm i wonder if that mage has thought of blocking my gating i would have but waited to activate it till i came over ...atacking..thus couldent gate away when the killers came up making my life hell...wonder if i could snatch them two and ask um a few nice questions' he opened one and quickly pulled them through to have his gate slam shut on them he promptly tossed his half of them back into the woods "hey sorcerer! try puting them backtogether!! all i wanted to do was talk to them..yuck" wiping the mess off his hands the warriors were all rather green looking at each other "sorry bout that guys..i just wanted to talk to um" shruging as he walked away

he'd did some scouting and come back in the early evening looking for the lady who was nowhere to be found he looked to galin and gerin who were both near drunk
"wheres the lady?" "shes gone out...draken" his head swooned "your both drunk.." "the lady ..rewarded us " bill snarled and they both froze "you two idiots" snatching them both to there feet he put his nose right to theres " shes not in her right mind much less the fact were under sige..if i find her and someone has hurt two are mine..your duty is to her safety not your pleasures!! "crushing the skins they burst spraying wine all over them "you both would do well to remember that from now on " they nodded fear clearly had the wine fog burned off

he snarled and ran out to find her snifing the air he turned slowly "there!" he trotted along weaving through the city he found her visit to a public toylet and her stopping near a wall then her sent was joined by two others ...male
he ran finaly finding a set of doors into a basement her smell still fresh he snarled silently and slipped into the shadows rounding a corner he found her kissing the two very young males both clearly very exited by this event she slipped her pants off the smell intensifyed
she smiled and slipped her tail across their noses he inhaled deeply and moved closer the dragon was furious that his female would be offering to any other male he kept the dragon down watching as one boy moved closer nearly ripping his pants off to get his arousal free she turned and moaned as he slipped his hands onto her hips readying himself positoning to take her bill gripped the other around the neck as she bent over tail flagging arching over to one side to give herself to the boy he enjoyed the view of her butt, the one he had tugged on the others tail "stop it im first we agreed" "your nothing if you dont turn round boy" he did and paled as bill's eyes eased down from above
"run now boys and i will forget this happened but if i see you near her again wont see another day" they nodded and ran in a panic the one naked his clothes forgoten

bill turned to see her still bent over tail flaged a passionate sigh escaped her as her hands slid through her hip fur the dragon grined his tounge flicked and the world became a faraway place he had a female needng a mate with him easing over to her he slipped a claw along her leg up towards the hip and she shivered moaning tail swishing he pulled his hand away finding the claw moist he sampled the flavor..her flavor and his body surged feeling as if he'd been struck by lightning he took a deep breath and covered her, she dident move but to flag her tail more a soft reply to his unasked question came "yes please yes" the world crashed blinking he realized what he was about to do seeing his arousal and her rump only inches from it he fell back away from her near breathless fighting now with the dragon who savored ,desired,DEMANDED this ready female  who offered her self to him ,clenching his eyes closed he fought it down  and sighed looking over at her "if only you knew how much i love much i want to do this ...but just cant"

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