bill smiled and opend a gate pulling his bow to him he wrote a note and shot it to land infront of there lead line as it crested the far hill he soon got his reply as vagrin came shooting over to settle down infront of him eyes blazeing with power bill smiled and lifted the flute to his lips "you seek to entertain me !? what kind of fool have you become ??!! " " an old fashiond one" he played and as with all others who heard the song vagrin became held in its thrall bill sudenly roared out a flame blast vagrin was slow to react and the flames scorched his tail and leg to the meat he roared in pain as bill took the initiative pummeling and blasting the mountain top inside out he took to the wing calling up the earth dragons power then the power of the ice dragons to hammer him into the very dirt an explosion flung him back and disapated his storm vagrin floated free of the hole bill was breathing hard vagrin wiped blood from his mouth eyes setheing with hate bill tossed the flute at him he cought it and charged up a blast in his palm to disintigrate it " you toss a flute at me after reduceing a mountain to rubble and think it will make any DIFERENCE!?!? you cant stop me! to prove it i will convert this flute of yours into a chain to bind you i dont need the power the prize.. i want you to see the pain the lady will suffer at my hands!" he flashed the power into his hand as the flute chose that moment to disapear

vagrin tryed to stop the power a moment to late and it exploded in his hand like a firecracker in a can his hand disapeared in a whisp of bloody mist and he howled in pain curling around his arm in agony bill pulled the flute out and tooted it in insult at him " whoups kinda stings dont it vagrin " laughing at him he roared and rushed at the dragon who unsheithed a massive blade vagrin put a massive blast into his remaining fist and struck bill's magic sheild full force the explosion tossed them in either direction away from it bill slamed through dozens of trees to slide to a halt on his butt sheild nearly molten hissing he blinked and coughed "dam now that was one hella boom " shakeing his head to clear the ringing he stood and thanked the sheilds tee'a had pounded him into erecting at a moments flash he surged back at vagrin who was already moving swooping down he colected his blade and sheild " then we do this as it should have been william" the blades rang and sparks flew magic blasts slamed into eachother as the blades grew hot and sheilds failed to the onslought

bill did several fast strokes and tossd his dagger he was near danceing with vagrin the dager found a hip and bill pressed his advantage roaring flame and magic constantly his strikes clsashing ringing like bells no normal person could have folowed the speed of the blows he felt a sharp pain as vagrins blade choped into his arm bill countered with a full mageblast upon his blade to vagrins sheild which exploded tossing them apart again this time bill rose slowly panting chest heaveing vagrins arm was gone now his blade missing bill looked down and found it in his gut " i have you--now--dragon" bill stood slowly and tryed to ready a blast and found himself dry the river below drained of power even his sheilds were gone shattered it would take weeks to rebuild them at full power vagrin gestured and a quarter of his troops spontainiously comited suicide the violent power of death flowed to him and his eyes glowed with pure hate bill stood firm his wings phisicaly exausted
he readyed himelf for the blast to come " defiant to the last dragon!? i will take the greatest pleasure in torchering you for quite awhile " he blasted him and the shield shattered flying off in all directions leaveing his arm broken he held the blade up eyes filled with hate for the tiger

the next blast exploded the blade and chunks of the super heated metal ripped through his armor and into him he fell to a knee vagrin laughed in madness " now you see dont you how futile this was DRAGON!" hammering bill again the armor shreaded tossing him through another stand of trees into the anchent city he slowly moved and rose to vagrins surprise holding his left arm to his chest blood pouring from all over him " y-y-ou cant win vagrin--you c-cant" " cant i dragon? .." he smiled a sweet happy little smile,blasting him again through the wall of a building the white stone wall slowly colapseing in to show the dragon slamed into the structure of the gateway he slumped over unconsious wings and body broken uterly

bill came to in a haze of pain and total agony he wanted to scream out in pain but his mouth was inside a steel strap muzzel chains clinked as a dozen hammers pounded them sealed vagrin came into his sight a huge grin came as he floated up with a cloak covering his left side " so you still live ehh dragon? good very glad you see my scouts know about the mage on the far side of the gate he is an anchent himself from what i can tell, powerfull legendary acording to what i can find about him. i taste his power on you william he will surender the earth to me or i will kill you take the prize destroy the earth and all the humans there you will be my mount through the gateway william arent you proud? "
he snarled and tears came as pain racked him from head to tail vagrin smiled " spirit dragon i will break you and see you crippled like you have made me! " flicking the cloak away his arm wraped in a bandage he snarled and gestured to the demons to get him moving he sat down in the seat made by williams wings the bones broken and made into a chair like shape the membrane warm on his burnt rear and tail

william sagged under the pain his arm in pure fire the bones grinding together the chains hobleing him then the bastard siting in his broken wings !! the mulitude of pain and agonizeing hurts were shocked away by a crack of a whip to his rear then another on the opposet side
he now longed for death as the first step shot fire and needels of pain into his shoulder another crack of the whip made him wince in pain
as it struck a raw place " i had my healers fix up enough of you so that you wont die from the stab wounds or blood loss..nice of me wasent it my pet" patting him like a dog on the head the whip cracked and he moved forward again by the time they reached the gate many of vagrins troops became glassy eyed as he wove another spell " they wont fear the gate now ehh william they will march on through all the machines and wepons your people have to send against them with out question "

the whip cracked and bill moved forward ready to die he hoped merlin had done as they planed or his sacrifice would be for nothing!
they walked through behind a huge group of demons and goulm he walked through and felt the heat and noxious gassess!! he leaped pushing off the ledge reaching for the far wall of the volcanos chimney the chains held him and the ledge he aimed for was simply gone falling the heat seared his body a sudden flash of incredible pain fogged his consciousness as he came to an abrupt stop hanging from the chains around his arms dangeling above the lava lake below he could see through the heat haze vagrins demons and goulms troops compeled to march without mind fell like rain past him into the oblivion below he cryed tears of sorrow and pain it had worked it wasent all in vain the earth and tarva were safe! "ohh garra im sorry so sorry" the rocks the chain were cought on crumbled and he slipped a little it dident hurt anymore now
he felt movement! " did " coughing " you think id be so easly killed?!!" vagrin was holding onto the chains ! tangled in the straps binding his wings

he suddenly felt a hand grip his looking up it was merlin!! he coughed " it's gona erupt soon bill we have to get out of here!!" vagrin let off a mage blast makeing merlin duck low the rocks crumbled more  the old wizard looked on at him as bill's eyes pleaded, forlornly knowing what bill had in mind tears came as he readyed a blast to destroy the rocks holding the chains bill smiled " its been a pleasure merlin go visit tarrva more" he nodded and blasted the rock vagrin screamed as they fell the buck gods words came like a hammer "use the time could save your life" he willed the change and fought the pain as the chains and straps fell away bill loooked up at merlin he reached out in what seemed slowmotion the mages hands were to far! he felt the heat and knew it was done

merlin watched as they fell he could still hear vagrins screams even as he was consumed by the magma his troops still falling into the pit below he sobbed leaning back away from the edge gateing back to the surface of the volcano colapseing  " he became human .." there was a tap on his shoulder he nearly jumped off the ledge in total shock as a group of faces gently layed williams burnt and broken body down
avarellis walked forward and healed a wound stood and backed away as another god moved forward and healed another the sky grew dark as the familiar appeared not as a arm sized beast but immence filling the sky its eyes filled with light and it looked upon william for a long moment then disapearing with a roll of thunder they all looked at the prone form of william the dragon some smiled and they all disapeared back to tarrva save one, avarellis who stood there waiting " im here createor! he has finished the path ! come see be with him as he awakes " bill eased up eyes flares of blue light he smiled and yanked one of her tails out she screamed out in pain and turned blinking shocked

" FOOLISH KITSUNI IVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE IVE HAD MY EYES ON HIM FOR ALL HIS LIFE FOR A DIFERENT REASON THAN YOU , HE LEARNED THE LESSONS THAT HE TRUELY NEEDED TO LEARN IN THIS LIFE ..BECOUSE OF YOUR ACTIONS" she was so stunned that she colapsed t the cragey surface eyes wide merlin smiled and knew when to make an exit for the time being disapearing. she gathered her wits and finaly stammered out a question " b-but i wanted " the voice that came dident shake the heavens any more but it most asureidly wasent williams "avarelliss you tought him by bringing him here, to see how his actions efect others how to love another without enveloping them in his passions which not all would dislike but the one who has lost most in this who is now your daughter..dragged along eternity never to have known why or how only knowing love had been the price and curse on the soul. william is ready now you see avarellis he will live in tarva a long and happy life he and garra will give you enough to fret and worry over with many grandchildren but garra will finaly pass from this veil he will have no reason to live save one to guide the four children who he helped save there mothers from pain and abuse the ones who he found along the river of sorrow they are five who will leave tarva and travel far to create another world filled with you see now dont you avarellis you truely understand what it is you have been apart of?"

 shimmering infront of her was a human shaped beeing who smiled and gently touched her cheek she felt her rump tingle glanceing back she now had 4 tails insteead of three " the mark of a matureing goddess lady nine is the full number then you will truly feel the reasons for all "
 he went to move away " ive helped begin the lives of gods? " it smiled and the sun burst through the clouds warrming her spirit and the createor was gone and on the wind a voice " you have helped with the birth of a createor kitsuni, now you will forget till nine is your number then you will be ready also...........

the sun fell back behind the clouds and she blinked and smiled in relife seeing william was alive though clearly not totaly recoverd
he looked at her groggly shkeing out the fog " is he gone ?" she wondered for a moment knowing shed spoken to the createor but though her memory failled her she felt her questions had all been answered " yes vagrins gone lets get you back to tarrva id say garra is worryed sick about you and making a goddess's daughter worry herself sick is not a good thing to do " he smiled and stood up eyes glowing blue stars " you get to speak to the createor goddess? " she smiled and noded once " and i owe my daughters mate a reward for his bravery"
he held his hand out and stopped her " no goddess no ofence but no more gifts, i just want to rest and live my life with garra together i think ive earned it "

she smiled and spun the flute on her finger a sly grin on her face as he steped through the gateway......

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