" is the castle gona stay up ?" they nodded still checking " its all here my friend " he looked to the fox king who was leading a contingent of servents with food and drink " vagrin will want revenge my dragon friend" " now more than ever ! wiliam..what . what can you do to him?"
he lowered his head " i have to win and he has to die it's the only way it's been this way cince the begining and only then can we live in peace " he gulped down food and some ale feeling his magic rebuilding he pulled the remaining tufts of kitsunis tail furr from his helm " so much for my escape route " they all stood there nearly silent as he finished and stood feeling the food flow into already tired muscles he looked to the king and his court then to garra "he will not attack today ive hit him hard and will need to rebuild his strength " making a veiwing circle it was being blocked but they could clearly see vagrins asistants helping him to sit before the circle was smashed he slumped and the king ordred the servents into action

he awoke in a huge bed of pillows and pads a cool brease blew to him the sent of his soul mate the vixen who had been his soulds desire for an eternity she turned and smiled from the balcony she was wearing a robe and a seductive smile her tail flaged his heart pounded she giggled and ran over leaping into his arms he laughed and she stoped " i thought i could give you the view that that picture did enjoyed it i hope"
he smiled and changed " i think this is a time when words just wont do " sliding his arms around her she pulled in close and kissed him which he returned and slid the robe away from her furr as she did his armor she soon had him nude save the scales that would not leave him she smiled " im-im so sorry i teased you at the dance " " dont be now we can enjoy the dance together my ladylove" he stood nude and held his hand out to her she giggled "dance with me now garra as you did and wanted me to see show me what you wanted that night and i will show you what it took to win my heart for all eternity " she rose and took his hands to enjoy the dance together finaly they went to bed and he shared all he learned from tee'a and sleep came all to soon

he awoke to the sun just riseing its warmph he soon gathered inside his wings hunger rumbled his belly but another hunger needed attention
he moved over and layed down to be next to her to feel her breath on his face to know her smile as she slept was becouse of him his soul was content happy all the pain gone the sadness too but the anger for what vagrin now threatend caused him to snarl silently he went and found the kitchens eating his fill as the cooks took cover checking her once more asured him she was asleep and he dressed readying for the last battle
he heard a door open and there was avarellis looking very much dressed down to size she walked over to him and looked up into his eyes
"i have ben a fool havent i " " a little" " more than that, ive been crule and heartless" he looked at her as she searched for some compasion in his eyes "it isnt me you should be speaking to goddess..she is your daughter abandoned to be a slave a kings lady who could have easely died alone raped used like a rag and tossed away without a care. i am at peace with my heart can you say the same?" " no and it is very troubleing"
" finaly gained a consoince ehh avarelis? im happy for ya it will lend ya to learning what happyness is "

he walked out sliding his sword into the scabard shield over the shoulder he turned to see her staring at garra all to clearly a mothers tears in her eyes " tell her goddess " she looked and wiped tears " tell her if i cant win there is still hope for when he thinks all is won a friend will show him the truth of what must be done in war.. and that i am her lover and dragon forever " he turned and leaped into the air tears falling as he did knowing he was going to miss her smile most of all

she watched as he left "i will william for i know now how much love you do have for her " it was a short while later garra woke and looked for her lover in bed but found only a silver and blonde vixen at her side her cheaks wet with tears " wheres william?" " gone to finish vagrin my dear. seems i chose not only a hero and a wandring soul but the male who would become your saveyour and lover " "your , avarellis" " yes dear..and as william in not so many words told me your mother and dont expect you to forgive me for all ive done wrong but as he told me it was my place to tell you so i could rest easy he could do nothing for me " she turned and looked at garra " he loves you farmore than you know it is for you he now goes to live free of vagrins threat to insure your safety " she repeated what he'd said and sighed slumping down a little "what a fool ive been" garra gently touched her arm " you knew no better but now you know and that will guide you if you listen to the voice here " touching her chest

it took a mid air gate and an hour of flying but bill arived on a hill over the anchent city he looked around and saw some of the kings forces left behind a comander came riding up from the line as they prepaired to recive the enemy "move behind the sheilding mountain comander this is my fight and if i fail you will have to hold them inside the city when they try to return and  to also destroy the gateway " he blinked " but lord dragon he has .." " i know what he has sir it is my fight with him that will end this " looking down at him eyes soft full of sorrow " i dont want anyone else to pay the price " he sighed and unwillinly agreed rideing off the troops moved out double time soon only he stood there feeling the stiff brease pull at him

he looked down from the hill over the city it seemed so long ago now "but dam if it hasn't been only six months" the fight now had gone very wrong all the best laid plans had gone to shit and the commanders pulled back beyond the shield mountains he had stayed to guard the rear.

not to be a hero but to finish the song ,in most peoples eyes they were one and the same to him it was the right time, he pulled the flute from under his jobquin armor licked his lips and started to play....the song went on for quite awile he played letting all the world hear his song it echoed through the valley and through the old city voices from the past came through of happyer times in this anchent place it's magic shields rebuilding as he played feeding from the rivers of magic that flowed his presence was the key his song was the way

vagrin had rested and still felt the troubles of the forced recall of all the lives he had lived..the same burning pain each time had given him the answer to a life long fear of open flames when he had never been hurt by it. least not in this life he had to curse the dragon for this his plan was so well thought out why did he have to show up now..and realized that it the way fate had set it up they always met right as one was about to gain the upper hand thus they both insured the others destruction..licking his cut lip and personaly bandageing a broken rib the vixen would be a treat indeed as would the harem of females he would  take from dozens of worlds with the prize his even the gods would be his to enjoy!!
he walked out and sat on his throughne slaves lifted him high as his demons came in to protect and whip them into movement it was a lovely day excelent to take the city of the gods and the gateway the trick of teleporting the castle away will have left the dragon drained and unable to stop me ..i can kill him at my leasure then i can bask in the power his death will give me

the coulums of his army came to a halt and his demons looked to him " well what is the delay?!" they all lowered heads not wanting his wrath to fall upon them " it is the dragon m'lord he has rebuilt the citys sheilds he has sent a message it comes now" a rider came up quickly and turned away after handing off an arrow of imence preportions a note wraped around the shaft " let me see it fool" he pulled it out holding the arrow in his other hand "so it has now come ehh vagrin you n' me one on one till neither is left standing no hold barred honor or not there is no other way to end this if i win your forces dispurse disband if you win..well if you do then even the gods cant stop you can they
come to me my sister let us fight once more for all the things we fought over all the lives we have ruined in our foolishness
i know the true treasure and will tell you of it
william the dragon"
he snarled crushing the shaft of the arrow to powder, flew up looking down at his forces " prepair to destroy the sheild! and take the gateway !! i go to battle the dragon for the final battle!"

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