they steped through into the kings throughne room who was imeadiately shocked at there appearance she bowed quickly but bill dident the guards rushed to block " guards.." they backed away " garra ? is this the young and inteligant lady i sent out many spans ago ? " she stayed bowed  " i am your majesty i have returned as you asked " " i was informed you were walking with death at your side my lady"  she looked up at him a willful display of independance " i was my king . but william saved my life yet again he took me to his world to the healers there the wonders i have seen my king would send most into a stunned shock that most would be left addeld from " the king turned his gase to bill who was still human but held his body the same "willam?" " i am your majesty..a gift from elevin of the gods for asisting them in the destruction of the plauge one of there number was responceible for" he changed back and stood proud the white fox smiled and walked off his seat to be right infront of her
" stand my lady " she did " and a more incredibly lovely lady i havent seen in my life " bill waited with out a word the king sighed and steped back " my lady i owe a debt to you i could never be able to repay you have found our world a champion to fight vagrin who in his madness belives that he has the right to destroy all for his glory" he took from his neck under his satin shirt a medalian which he placed around her neck " i give you your life garra could i ask you to continue your service to me as my herald? you will be payed well and given all the rights given to those who serve the king ..i know your heart belongs to another and could never be turned from that imence warmpth it offers i would be honored if you both would stay as my guests..once this problem is settled"

the white fox king ursatll looked up at bill " and william i here by give you control of my armys and castle as my warlord, if you would accept the position i would be forever grateful a castle and lands would be yours and much much more" " you dont have to do that your majesty..i belive this fight with vagrin was fortold long ago by a twineing of fate i have never had such a longing hate for anyone nor a longing love for a lady " looking at her she moved into his arm a free lady " i will fight vagrin majesty we can talk later on a job offer. i will need all your mages to help me if needed first order of busness get them gathered let us go look at vagrins forces " he smiled and led the way to a balcony several floors down and along the side of the castle bill walked out and up to a rail to see a huge mountain side castle and city done in whites and burgandys, below a wall surounding the entire place roads winding through feilds and forests were filled with black troops seige towers and catapults were being readyed the enemys encampments were visable on a far hillside dust was being stirred up all over by calvery and marching monsters "my comanders put the numbers near three hundred thousand strong my friend" " more like half a million majesty theres more troops waiting beyond your scouts best eyesite " looking at them both with his inner eyelids closed

he watched for a few moments as the mages gathered and were rightly shocked at him and the kings familiarity to him the fact this dragon was sitting with the king on his lap and the lady also pointing to various stratigms that were going on with the troops below the king stood and smothed his robes " my mages at last william" he checked each for power and pointed to two " you both need to stay at the kings side he at my call needs to be moved to safety imeadiately no arguements or discution even if he comands you to stay you take him to this place he will be safe " giving them a circle with the image of his cave " it is sheilded and is my cave he will be safe there " thye looked to the king " you will obay william in this ..he is my warlord till this crisis is over " they noded once " as for the rest of you " he was cut off by the sound of thunder and the overwhelming silence of the troops below, they had all gone totaly still looking up the dust settleing bill saw him riseing floating up to finaly be at eye level with him but well out of reach

" finaly came to your doom did you dragon" " you underestemate me vagrin..i have more to fight you over this day than just this place this world this time..DO YOU NOT FEEL IT VAGRIN !?" he the lady and vagrin were sudenly in another place another time bill was a lady of great power and influence her life though had been lonely and this had drove her to be perhaps far to carefull to long so when she saw the stonemason who had been hired to reapir some damage done by a group of vandels using magic familiars such as gargoils her heart was lost instantly to him his strength and eyes the love there was without end but it was her caste her place to take a mate from her class of socity not benieth her and many wished that place but none had her love like he did it was late one night as he finished for the day she invited him to enjoy a mug of mullled wine to wash the dust away he looked into her eyes and smiled the did not know her sister was watching and hungered for the power she held as a high ranking sorceress she could steal that which she could not get through guile and this meeting was the key!

in the morning they were started from the bed they shared and quickly violently draged out to a gallows where her sister awaited smileing gleefuly already weaveing the spell to take her powers and inherited position from her the lords viceroy and judges were there to witness
"what is the meaning of this!!??" " youve been judged lady a trator to king and caste this lowborn will be burned at the stake but you will be hanged till the fleash rots and falls from the bone" her sister smiled and cast the spell she felt it ready to rip away all she had but it couldent till she died she quickly thought of the one thing she had to fight with her familiar! he came and was held off by the judges he held the form of a brilliant blue drake small enough to sit on an arm she cast her own spell " my familiar carry my love and i far from this place keep us together forever till i can gain my revenge on my dear sister!!"  its eyes glowed and the lady was hauled up by the rope " i shall be the sorceress!! forevermore!!" fully expecting the power to come flowing to her and all its joys her sisters eyes glowed into flares of light even as the light faded from them the familiar did as bade the two died instantly then it looked to the sister who was linked to the power of the lady and that power had to travel with her she screamed and exploded into flames

they met in many more lives each time the familiar arived at any of the three dieing and the others died together finaly as a sorcerer in his last life garra tryed to efect a change seeing the curse on himself suddenly to die becouse two warriors on a battle feild ran each other through they awoke with old hate as the world returned and vagrin was stunned william glared the lady weeped and colapsed to her knees in the sorceress's voice " so sister DEAR now we are the end of this horrible feasco you are now a insane wizard tiger i am a dragon and my poor lover who has been draged along for an eternity of our stuipidity finaly we stand on equal ground for the final battle the familiar will give the one who wins such powers as neither has known even the foolish demi gods on this world whould be pale in compairsion" vagrin snarled and bill hit him with all he could from the magic rivers and dragon magic to the very soulforce of his form he surged forward slaming into the tiger and they fell for what seemed an eternity claws and magic flashing at point blank range they crashed through a building dragon flame and huge blasts exploded deafening thunder rang through the world a dragons roar and a scream of pure hate echo'd through the valley
then all fell silent

she looked over the rail down at the destruction seeing the smoke and dust feeling all the hopes of thousands that this was the end
but garra came forward and wanted only william ..her hopes faded as a small person came stumbleing out of the ruins he snarled and looked back " i have won!! let all the gods of the heavens know my power!!" stones shifted and the dragon rose into the light garra held her cry of joy " you claim victory far to soon vagrin!!" leaping into the air he flew out and circled readying again to attack vagrin floated free of the ground
and with a snearing snarl " this is the last chance you have dragon your soul ends here! i too now know how much this has cost us you will die and i will rule all !! and she will be mine now too" " so thats it is it vagrin all these long centurys not only have you wanted the power but the love i recived !" "never! i would soon die for a million more times before i could do that !!" vagrin turned to lashout at her and bill flashed out a mageblast on his flame which vagrin deflected away and grined evily " strike at a person while there back is turned not very honorable dragon" "learned long ago never to alow you a moments trust, honor in your case is a waist !! " he smiled and readyed a huge blast
bill readyed and watched as he turned sending it for the castle !! the kitsunis tail! he thought and appeared next to her on the balcony useing all he had and the tail the world renched and tore he fell to his knees and the furr exploded into flame the castle settled a little as it came to rest in the river valley that had been the recent home to the battles they had fought  he colapsed drained the wizards imeadiately setting up a defenceive sheild over the castle

she felt the magic of the which had shown them the past and there souls history fade he sighed and sat up "dam dam dam" she brushed dirt off him he sighed again " what is wrong my love? are you alright!?" " my plan to shock him enough failed DAM!" smacking his fist down

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