bill was soon provided a nice bed on the floor a huge stack of spell books which he was reading like a starved person eats a ten course meal
she was watching tv with a childs total facination asking him questions every so often he heard her sigh and looked up " something wrong my lady?" she looked at him " the incredible amounts of ..everything !" he reached over and turned it off via the button on the bed " see that is yet another does touching that stop that" " my lady in this world the science of knowing has led man to know how to make things ..machines ..this is a machine for watching your heart breathing blood pressure and body temp " pointing to it above her bed " but why know these things?"
"becouse man knows nothing of magic, science developed machines to help healers to heal people, knowing your blood pressure can tell a doctor ..another name for healer. many things if your stressed very sick if your heart has had damage one trained in medicine this knowlege can be very powerfull indeed ..the doctors of this world take an oath to heal the sick no matter what be they a warrior a lady a child..even a killer"
nodding in understanding she looked up into his eyes "why is it then william that no female of this world wanted you when clearly you are very well educated and knowlegeable of the world and how it works?.." he sighed knowing this would come dident help him to prepair for it "i becouse of my soul's wanderings .." she had that deep look to her eyes ..he knew only the truth would do now
" i did not want to hurt anymore. i isolated my self from others by my choice to avoid the pain ..then i met you"
"but you were not here anylonger " "perhaps that is why i was able to let the sheild down mylady to, try again. " he moved closer eyes soft and a tiny smile " I fell in love with you from the first moment we began to talk... you cared and had a happy glow to you. i couldent adiquately describe in a hundred years. i swore to protect you from all threats i pleged my life to you." lowering his head "becouse i did not have the courage to say what i wanted to say in truth. so i chose to stand if not beside you then one step behind at least i was near you and able to enjoy even that "

he noted a missaligned tile while stairing at the floor he felt a hand gently touch his head " you have more courage than half the kings legins william i understand from all that zisa repeated to me galer and gerin told me, even what the king himself mentioned of your visit to him. you do not say what your heart wishes not from lack of courage, but out of why you do not say it" she pressed up gently on his chin and he lifted his head in responce "it is becouse you love me and wish to see me happy if my duty to the king is what makes me happy then you would not interfeir though this choice clearly causes you to be unhappy you chose it becouse you love me" he noded once
a glowing smile came to her " then say what you want to say" he smiled took a deep breath " my lady " " my name is garra" " garra, i-i love you and would like to share the dance with you to share the sunrise and fly through the mists... together " she smiled and gestured for him to come closer he did and she kissed him sliding a hand along his cheek he responded and placed a hand on her back after a moment she eased back and took a breath "i think you learned quite a lot from the dragoness" she giggled and he laughed then her mood changed
" but i am still the kings property as such" " as such my lady ..he owes me a debt and has said he would even give his kingdom to save the inocents from vagrin. i belive your freedom is a fair trade for so much " she reached up and hugged him tightly but said nothing

merlin came in not looking happy at all "sorry to interupt you two now that your on the same page finaly " they smiled together as bill placed his hand gently on top of hers, which told merlin he was right to say that " but vagrin did send scouts through and more some kind of golum theres a few hundred lose one attacked the white house and is holding the president hostage another is working at getting an atomic bomb from a storage facility it's been contained inside pressure doors but it's slowly breaking through " " foot thick doors?"
" foot thick doors. it's incredibly strong the one who has the president dropped this's adressed to you bill " holding out a scroll to him
"its magic keeps anyone but you from reading it..i was finaly able to" " and?" " he demands you return to tarrva for he has surounded king ursatll's castle and will begin the systematic destruction of it. i think he's rather displeased with you " " you think? " he sighed looking at her, her eyes were filled with concern " id guess he wants to fight you one on one bill from the tone of the threats and what hes doing "
" he sees me as his only obstical for conquest of earth and tarrva " " he doesent know i exist thus im a ace up your sleve " bill nodded
" then i do as we spoke of then?" "i would recomend it merlin. when can mylady travel?" " i'll go check doesent seem to me like they should hold her last blood work showed her to be clean of the plauge "

he turned to her she smiled " i have seen you fight my dragon..vagrin will regret his chalengeing you" " i hope so ..he's very powerful as a wizard.. but i have magic only dragons can use " merlin came in and nodded  shes clear to go bill last cultures say shes clean " bill smiled
and nodded once removing the iv for her she flinched and he slipped his finger over it healing the wound instantly he helped her stand slowly she was a little weak but smiled merlin grined apretively seeing what the dragon had to look forward to " your a incredibly lovely lady, lady
please dont be a stranger to the earth make this love sick drake bring your ravishing beauty back for these tireing eyes to enjoy once in a while" she smiled and realized she was bear across the back " umm" bill smiled and gestured the gown changed and flowed into calf high riding boots of black leather and a suitable pair of doe skin riding pants and jacket dyed deep red with a flowing white silk shirt under it to top it off a thong of the same silk coiled around her tail and tieing her hair back

merlin smiled and appaouded softly " magnificent bill shes a goddess " she looked and smiled " is it suitable my lady?" " oh yes ..its wonderful"" then shall we go my lady? opening a portal outside they steped through onto the lawn infront of his house she looked around as merlin smiled "good  luck bill. " he stood there silent for a moment clearly wanting to say more " sir i'll do all i can if i fail then your all that will stand between him and.." " yes, you remember what we planed if ya have to destroy the portal way i can show you how to rebuild it one day " he nodded and shook the mans hand who smiled " aurther wuld have liked you a lot. take care william the dragon good hunting to you "
bill bowed and he was gone in a blink he looked to the lady as she watched a car zip by mindless of the dragon and fox anamorph on a lawn

she turned to him in a blink " william?!" " that was a horseless carrage my lady they have the power of hundreds of horses inside.. this was my home " gestureing to it she smiled and he changed to be human walking in he met larry on the way out whos eyes landed on the lady and went totaly wide " oh wow!" he smiled " this is larry , a roomer of mine" she bowed her head to him and smiled " shes incredible bill whered you find her!?" " another world larry " gestureing he opened the gate back to tarrva which left larry totaly speachless she smiled " cant we see your home before we leave ? " he smiled and closed the gate it cost him nothing now the pathway now a familiar one and the amount of magic avalable he walked her to the door holding her arm as she was still a little unsteady he smiled and flicked a little magic at his red rose bush which he promptly got a huge bloom in responce a flick of magic as they walked in it apeared in his hand he smiled as she turned looking at all his dragons and furries as he held the rose out to her she smiled the most loving smile he had ever seen " this is a rose my lady ..they are given for many reasons the colors vary but red is always given in love "

he showed her around the house then finaly his room she moved to his favorite pictures of incredibly beutiful ladies each different but one was a vixen her body wraped in a robe standing at a porch doorway her head turned to look back at the viewer with a seductive look her tail just lifting the robe up enough to say what she wanted all to clearly she looked at him questioningly " umm " she then covered her mouth to giggle " cought like a youngster watching through an open window" he sighed " or one who wanted to see and got more than he expected"
she laughed at that and huged him close her tail flaging as he held her tightly a tear came and it dropped onto her clothes he held the rest as she eased back from his embrace "we should go soon" he nodded but as he moved to open the gate she held him " why tears my lover?"  he smiled " to finaly know you understand what ive been wanting to say but realy couldent find the words makes me so happy ..they are tears of pure joy" she as if to test this gave him a quick lick to the cheak where the tear had slipped over it " sweet not bitter " she slipped into his arms again and huged him close

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