he turned to the portal the strain all to clear on him " you will see her killed there william " " no .. becouse i will care for her i will do this and bring her home " he flashed her a glareing look then strode through into his bedroom the gate closing behind him he felt the huge increase in avalable magic he used it not to cure but to ease the feaver to a safe level she roused as he carryed her down stairs " where ??" " easy my lady " she looked and was shocked for a moment then smiled "william?" he smiled " rest lady taking you to a place where they use no magic to cure the sick " larry walked out of the kitchen nearly bumping into him he yelped seeing her bill covered her up "uhhh" " larry open the front door grab my keys would ya "bill nearly slaped himself  " heh stupid me forgot i could do this " he teleported right to the emergincy room doors of northwest memorial he walked in the officers on duty saw his sword " i need a quaranteene unit shes been infected with a plauge virus !" the guards stoped and stood back a doctor came from the emergincy unit with a sterile mask and gloves the moment he moved the blanket bill held him " shes not from around here but has the same phisical body as a human ..cept a few small diferences she needs anti viral treatments "  the doctor went to say something but the lady eased the blanket up a little the lights glare made her moan in pain the doctor nearly fainted " please sir " using a little of the compelling magic the doctor nodded seeing the fact that she was still a living person who needed help

they were soon in a quaranteene area him sitting on the bed next to her refuseing anything for himself but an ocasional soda he smiled shed already improved from the wide spectrum antibiotics and iv solutions oxygen through the nostril tubes she breathed in and out softly he'd heard that the CDC
and the feds had been called they showed up wanting to do there examinations but he held them off with a single finger in the morning doctors and nurses were busily tending to her needs a single fed came in dressed like the staff in environmental suits he walked over to him " not afraid of the virus mr morris?" " im immune but it's nothing you can use to help her " the doctors had heard and responded now only sighed and went back to the tasks at hand "immune how? " lets say it like this im not all i look to be ..apearances can be deciveing" "and her?" " she is the lady and will be acorded the proper respect you'd give a forgin dignatary of state " " know how crazy you sound dont you" he grined " know about magic agent ?" " well yes ..going to do some illusions?" bill gestured closing his hand a badge appeared the agent looked at it " yours from the locker outside i belive "
"cute trick" bill smiled " agent ..umm" " brown " "agent brown i brought her here becouse for all the power i have .. a childs wish was much greater you see i had to destroy over 400 miles of crops villiages towns homes to stop this plauge from spreading " " where did you do this ??" " another world of course silly ...okay short form is i found a flute got cursed and taken to another world to live out my life met the lady here and ..the rest is far to complicated and confuseing to go into ..any ways the child made a wish with a creation tool ..think of it as a magic wand if you wish ..the god responcible for laying it around was paying atention to the childs momma who was widowed i gather'd..any how he wished a bully whould get sick and die with something that no magic could cure no matter how strong..thus what all of you are doing is technology science..not magic ..thus it is saving her life " ' what is she?"
" a lady ..vixen if you must bow to crude animal comparisons" " and you ..refuseing any examination " he grined " are you ready to see what i became agent brown??...

he laughed at bills bravado " sir im afraid that this lady is going to be moved to a secure facility and your going to a facility for those who need help "
bill gestured and bars of steel surounded him " shes not moving unless i move her that is your only option shes not moving till shes fully recovered
do i have to show you just how bad it can be if you make me mad " he shook the bars and looked at bill who stroked a bar with a finger and it twisted and curved waveing like a snake in the air he let the bars disolve into mist  and smiled at the agent " be nice to me agent ive broken no law and im a paying customer " ploping a gold coin in his hand he felt it with his thumb " once shes better we will leave shes no threat to national security or the united states so no reason for you to be bothering with us " " shes not human" " neither am i agent brown..i was once you belive in reincarnation?" " yes i do mater of fact why?" " know what a wandering soul is?" " one searching for completeness or to fix a wrong done to it or someone it cared about " " im a wanderer i was cursed by a goddess becouse i couldent play a song to her satisfaction" pulling the flute out he put it to his lips and played letting the flute do its magic they all were wide eyed finaly they all were in tears he smiled and let it drop onto his chest " she is that sorrow you felt and the longing ..even the joy my life she is my lady and i am her guardian i am william the dragon " bowing to them and there smiles he grined and changed they werent grinning any more " i am now as much dragon in spirit as i am human, i was given a gift by the gods for destroying the plauge a few days of my humanity to use as needed till they decide when they need my help again i will say this agent evil wizard king is prepairing to move on the gods city there ..inside is the perminant gateway to earth ..he means to invade and destroy the earth taking the power he finds here back to destroy my new home"

the agent took his statement again and left he moved the bed and sat closer to her his wing draped protectively over the bed it was very late his belly growled as a nurse came in "um s-sir the cafeteria has sandwitches avaliable " he smiled gently not looking away from the lady he held out his hand to her
" could you get me fifteen pizzas and couple dozen 2liter sodas please ..a sandwitch would just make my stomach mad at me and start gnawing at my back bone" she laughed and cought the coin " keep the change dear ..should be quite a lot for three ounces of gold" " sure will ! thanks mr ..morris" he nodded
later the nurse came in with several others carting cold pop and hot pizza he smiled gestureing over the items he removed the powerfull seditives and gathered them into a tight frozen mass he held it out to her " give it back to the feds please..let them touch it it'll put them out like lights" he ate and burpped from the fizz her eyes fluttered as she drempt he gently slid his claw through her hair combing it gently the feaver had broken and she looked so much better. a man walked in and walked around to the side of the bed he looked up at bill he looked seeing the immence power this man had and recognized it " hello so is it merlin? or something else?" he smiled " you talked to tee'a then" " talked..yeah you could say that we talked a little"
" then why have you broken the agreement " " becouse not born dragon use that power of yours look a little closer"

he blinked and sighed .." those dam demi gods there playing around " " avarellis is the specific trouble maker she used the flute and my not being able to play a song as an excuse to pull me into that world " he held up his hand " ive guessed the rest " "so whats your name" " special negotiatetions agent john sanderson " " pleasure to meet you mr sanderson " holding his hand out to him he shook it with ernist bill liked him imeadiately
" she magic sick?" nope creation tool in a childs hands " "ooh god damit .." " over 200 viliages  400 hundred miles i had to burn to ash to stop it..she cought it somehow..magic resistant virus" " ahhh and science being technology..i understand now guy err drake" " thank you i do try ..shes more than life to me ...has been for a long time sent in becouse im not a normal person" he nodded gently looking into her eye then brushing her
hair back " that world was always one of my favorites some of the most incredible ladies .." he spoke with such age experience that bill knew it was the legindary merlin..or he who was known as merlin " so sir  how do i keep her safe alive to return to my home?" " you are home, bill okay?"
" fine no sir the earth isnt my home now that world is " he nodded " well your being a paying customer and not being violent has helped quite a lot "
" i can bet been told what i told the other agent ?" " yes " " vagrin is insane " " his father was quite a good king but something about the boy..i knew he'd turn wrong...gathering an army to invade the earth hmm" "sir..he will and has been colecting mages of every class to fight ..the earth knows nothing of battle magics " " not true ..but our responce forces to such an invasion would be in there efectiveness" " i have a duty to see the lady back to  king ursatll's castle vagrin wants to see me before he attacks the gods city if i dont show he'll destroy the castle " the silver haired man sat down on a chair and clasped his hands " fox king?" " yes white as snow..she is his lady" " his lady you say...bringing his new laws and information to the peoples on a circut around his kingdom" " yes " " you know she has ..interesting parentage then dont you" " i just found out before coming here "

he sighed seeing so much of avarellis in the lady and yet so little " she is his slave to do with as he pleases bill..i know this kingdom ..his father searched for years to finaly find a lady who bore him a son ..he i gather has even less luck "  bill nodded still stairing at her face a tear fell the man was quick as light and cought it in a small vial " whats that for ?" he smiled " a tear of love longing and serveatude is incredibly from a dragon is priceless " bill snaped his fingers and had it in his claws the man clearly stunned " tee'a tought you...well now " bill pocketed it "if you would like it and more merlin ... then ask me ..not nice to just take " he nodded and felt wieght in his pocket knowing it was the vial " shes doing incredible bill from what the medical records detail ...will you stop him there? " bill looked up at him from the lady "alone? well i defeated his general and saw to it his servent lost to the fox in a sword battle ..he pulled the shadow routeene disapearing before i could wring his striped neck" " on a scale of one to ten bill where would you rank his powers?" " you n me 9 and 10 him...from what i felt of it...a 12 " " you underrate me friend " " have i ?" bill opened up the gates  and let all his potental flow to the surface then drew on that which was dragon only magic the man blinked as bills eyes turned into blue stars glowing like searchlights
" by the anchent atlantian gods..." " tee'a said it is becouse my soul has wandered between the earth and there so much ..i have lifetimes of magic experience" " of course and why avarellis is interested in you " he looked back to the lady as his eyes faded back to there normal glow " shes told me my souls wanderings end in this life she sees nothing of me beyond this ...the lady is what my soul needs ..something about her something she can do " " and the reason you now brood over her ..a dragon guarding his greatest treasure " bill nodded smileing

they talked more of the world merlin had called tarrva asking questions of it till he grew tired and left bill clicked off the lights watching the dozens of agents out side looking in on him he closed the blinds he leaned over and gently touched his nose to her cheek stealing a soft kiss he felt something he sat up feeling the change then nothing ' powerful magic ..someone opened a gateway mr merlin ..done went somewhere id guess'
she took a deep breath and yawned he felt his heart leap in joy eyes opened and she smiled " will i always find you there when i need help?" " always my lady forever and a do you feel ? " beter.. where ?" " a place i spoke to you of..a city i once called home " she tryed to sit but he held her to the bed " rest ..there will be time to look around later " she smiled with a warmpth he'd missed so much " i missed you my dragon "  he bowed his head " i thought the dragoness had won you away " " no my lady..but i do love her for all the things shes done for me... as she said to you hold my heart and always shall " she smiled and reached up to touch his cheek seeing the tubes " let them be they are part of why your getting better " " as you wish my dragon you know this place and it's ways far better than i ..but i do now know some of what you felt when you first came into my world that evening " he just smiled " was it the feaver..or were you ..diferent ?" " a reward my lady for destroying the plauges..from bruvallis and the others "
" show me please " he gently covered her eyes and she giggled gently pushing his hand away he was human she held the hand looking at him ..and the hand " not quite what i am as a dragon " " your wrong .. i see the dragon and william even more so.." he changed back she lost her smile a little " a limited gift my lady ..i have eightteen days and some spans or hours left before the gift is gone " with that she regained her smile " thus you shall use it wisely i would hope my dragon" " been told that will save my life when i need saveing most "

they talked of tee'a and the ladies he'd helped till her body pulled her back to sleep he smiled needing to hear her voice had kept him awake now with his head layed on the other bed and a tripwire alarm spell on the door he fell asleep..he awoke to the smell of food sitting up she smiled eating her breakfast several nurses talking to her in whispers giggleing his alarm wasent going off and seeing merlin just outside he knew why " you were very tired my dragon" he nodded and opened one of the warm bottles of soda gulping it down it rumbled in his belly for a moment the nurses were all rock still stairing " his bellly does that all the time dears ..he is a dragon " they laughed and got back to there busness he yawned under cover of his wing then smiled at her cleaned plates " how was the food my lady?" " delicous..i was very hungry" "i would hope so.." he wanted so bad to hug her close kiss her and let her know how much he loved her ..he leaned in close to look deep into her eyes "my lady.. i ..missed you so much" she reached up and touched his cheek " there is always more that you need to say but is becouse of my beeing the kings lady isnt it" the door opened saving him the wizard came in with a basket all nicely wraped she smiled brightly as he came in with out the hazard suit as had the nurses " well lady i wanted to be the one who told you that your oficaly cured ..a few days of bed rest and your right as rain" seting the basket between her legs she was looking it over "i took the liberties of leting the nurses and doctors in with out waking you bill" " i see that" "you needed the rest ...the doctors are quite surprised as to how quickly the sickness responded to the medicines seems bill bringing you here was the best posible option" she smiled and looked up at bill and saw what he had been showing her all this time for the first time, she saw the love for her

merlin moved him aside and she smiled watching " bill did you gate back lastnight? " bill turned quickly to the wizard "that wasent you?" holding his voice low the lady snifed an apple and took a bite she smiled and took a biger one " i thought it was you...must be vagrin sending scouts " "no..he knows im here "bill gestured at the basket of fruit chese and wine "dont trust me?" "you i trust's everyone else"
it was safe he sighed "avarelis told you she was gona die here" bill nodded " foolish kitsuni ... bill the moment i became your friend that future timeline changed..i too see the future..had you atacked me as that future had been started..she would have died in the fight protecting you from me" he smiled and let his eyes turn to the lady who was snifing at a chunk of chese "bill" he looked back at the man and smiled even more " to your unasked question..yes she does love you she has for quite awhile "  bill took a deep breath and sighed smiling " shes seen how you feel for her now too ..finaly, i was starting to wonder if someone was gona have to hit her in the head with it " bill snickered " so wizard what can I do about this striped nut case" he smiled and brought out a folded map "was hoping you would ask"

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