One as Another
copyright William Morris and Cyberhorn

This story is the result of to many things on a dragons mind
 not enough dreams
and far to many fears


He could hear the laughter, smell the smoke. Feel the heat as it seared his flesh, his head ached fiercely but the pain would have to wait.

Standing quickly, the blood ran away from his head dizzy inside an inferno, which once was his house. He could hear laughter, drunken laughter outside!

He shouted for help, an empty bottle whisked past his ear through the flames for his effort. It was so strange he felt little fear of the flames, but he damn well should be.

Totally cut off from any escape, he watched the flames, which rolled along the ceiling looking all too much like a living thing.

They reached for him tried to sear his body with an embrace, but avoided them just in time.

Looking out through the flames through the bay window of the living room to see the woman he loved drinking laughing with her friends.

Pointing to him in the flames, which pushed him away, from the freedom of the world beyond.

Rage came, bile bubbled in his belly. He quickly sought escape from this death trap.

The stairs up to what were once the bedrooms was a wall of flames; the entrance to the kitchen was dripping burning liquids.

The garage had explosions going off far too regularly for escape that way.

Pure despair claimed him when a voice nearly a whisper in the roar came through

"You must now embrace me"

He looked frantically for the source as the recliner nearest him flared into flames

"You search for what you have already"


"An old friend, to escape this you must embrace me, YOU must reach to Me, or you are lost"

Coughing from the smoke and heat he fell to his knees "but h-how? W-where?" Then from a spot, that was next to his left ear.

"Here my old friend inside you, lost you have been, avoided me you did, forgotten me you have. Tisk best try soon or crispy William"

That feeling was so familiar, like an old friends' embrace. But it was so lose, somehow he knew, if he could get the feeling like a tight warm loving hug he would be saved!

Cracking above him made him look as the ceiling and floor of the second story came down on him like rain.

Pain can dull the senses, as it can also sharpen them.

He found both to be true, as he found a beam now pinning him to the floor, blood slid down his back slowly leaving a cooling path in it's wake.

His lifes blood started to pool under him, He could feel no pain now as he could smell the sickly sweet smell of human flesh burning, he tried to pull out from under it, but the beam had him trapped.

"Now you see my old friend"

He looked up through the tears, which only now came fogging his vision. A form, a ghost of a figure, the flames slipped around and through it.

As it came right up to him he gasped, the flames where the eyes should have been, became sapphire blue and they were immense, big as platters.

"I can help you, my child hood friend, but I can not reach for you. YOU must reach for me; reach inside yourself! I am there waiting for you! We can together escape this, we can have revenge".

"B-but" coughing now the pain came and the ripples in the face of flames he could have swore reflected his pain

"You must reach for me Bill! NOW or you'll die in this inferno and I will die with you!"

He reached out feeling the board tear deeper into the meat of his back, the ghostly form smiled.

He could see the hand reach for his, but it only got so close. Crying out as the flames licked skin he could feel.

He stretched with all he had not only with his hand but mind. For that place inside, willing to give his very soul to reach the image the vision in the flames.

He felt his hand touch the near invisible one, the pathway in his mind ripped asunder to that which was inside that place there, eyes flared like stars


She sneered he hadn't even cried out more than once.

The flames were a roaring inferno tearing through the roof, some of which had already collapsed.

Thinking to herself his insurance will cover the damages and rebuild the house i'm going to be a very happy lady

looking over at her accomplices several of which were men, they knew even if she was on the heavy side she was going to be quite rich.

'Simppering lovesick idiot, I moved in with him to be tended like a queen, not to love him. He lost that great job and I! Had to get a job to help pay for this dump! I had to say I was working over time just to get out a have some fun ' scratching an itch on her leg cursing the fire ants she'd stepped in.

As she looked up noticing the flames, there was something strange about them. She blinked and realized they weren't moving!

"What in the fucking hell?"

They all looked still partying, which quickly went silent in that not even the wind made any sound.

No wood cracking or popping, the smoke had all drifted away; but the frozen flames persisted.


They all moved closer, nearly in unison looking to the others to see if they too were seeing this.

The flames gave off no heat, sound or movement but they were there, as light did come from them they were real.

A whisper came from beyond the wall of reds, yellows near whites in a few places some other cooler colors in the tinier ones.

"Came to see your handy work darlin? Take a good look"

Something plopped to the grass near her, she turned and jerked back from the charred black item.

One of the men pushed at it with his foot, exposing a bloody foot and a leg.

One of the others vomited then another did, One of the women stifled a scream and fell into the arms of the nearest man.

"What's wrong? Murder isn't such an easy thing to face is it now. No-o you burn your victim, you let him sear like a steak over the flames. Well now"

They all paled and stepped back from the bay window, as two huge eyes of bright blue flame came from the background. the eyes were so huge they filled the entire window! Then they tilted slowly to the side looking at her.

A dirt shaking rumble came from behind the flames some fell back on to their asses some stumbled over them still staring at the eyes.

"Must have been pure agony ehh darlin? My faithful devoted love...that was for only one person, you."

Eyes narrowing "was it hard to smash that board against the back of my head? To leave me on the living room floor, as you lit the gasoline?
To watch my life end, to be burned alive, to end because I loved you with all my very soul."

The voice got louder, deeper now. Rattling their very bones for its power.

"Now you shall know why I told you, only the one who I love is safe from the DRAGONS RAGE!"

They all turned to run and were immediately tossed back as there trucks and cars exploded into fireballs.

Then flames spouted from the ground, encircling them all with only one way of escape, Through the house.

"Now then murderers, would you like to try and fight me fairly. Tisk I'm sorry but that offer just expired but we have a nice painful death for you instead"

A deep growl rolled through them "you the one who decided to enjoy my woman. My mate yet he could not satisfy you as I could, did he darlin? You get to be first!"

He looked to her his face filled with fear, she took a single step towards him then as quick as a blink, he was stripped of all his meat.

Only bloody bone, eyes and the heart still pumping dangling from the artery and major vein to the brain remained. The eyes still filled with life and fear fell to the grass with the bones.

She screamed, as did others, one man picked up a chunk of metal blown off the vehicles preparing to weld it like a club.

"Ahh good idea get closer to me try to use it. See what a dragons claws can do to you, well come on big man, COME HIT ME AND I'LL EVEN LET YA GET THREE FOR ONE!"

He looked at the weapon, and it fell from limp fingers

"A coward, as I thought" growling deeply

Suddenly he was gone, screaming from behind the wall of flames the scream went muffled.

An audible sound of a deep belch and the screams were gone completely, but when no other sounds came they could hear him screaming from what sounded like behind a thick wall. A soft crunch and even that stopped.

"My god what are you? YOU FUCKING ATE HIM?"

"As a mater of fact yes, though he's still kicking in there trying to climb back out with broken legs" Another crunch came from behind the flames. "Now broken arms too" burping.

They all backed away far as possible from the house; one woman turned and ran for the wall of flames. Leaping through she screamed and kept screaming for a moment then only silence as her clothes crackled and popped.

The sweet smell of burning human came drifting over them

"Mmm! Though when it was my flesh being cooked, it didn't smell half as good as that does".


Several of them decided to make a mad rush through the house, which the flames flared as they did.

None got the chance to scream, the remaining could hear chewing. 

"Hmm could use some salt I think"

Then the flames died, leaving darkness inside the gutted house.

"So hard to decide what to do with the last of you. Oh darlin you're last to go by the way. I wanted you to enjoy all that you deserve so richly for your actions"

Suddenly one of the men started to walk towards the house they all called out to him

"I-I cant, I can't STOP!"

"Come here to me little man, see what your treacherous nature has fated to your end."

He walked on past her as she tried to hold him from going in, just dragging her feet on the walkway. She finally fell hard onto the sidewalk and could just see a hand reach out to grip him.

The eyes gleamed with their deep blue, she caught the white gleam of long teeth. They screamed together, but hers went on for a moment longer.

Ripping with a crunch came in the silence and hollow thonk as something flew out onto the drive.

They all screamed as his head rolled a few times then stopped the jaw still moving

"Yuck! Hair gel"

Gout of flame shot past and the head ignited sizzling softly, slurping and sucking sounds came from inside. Then the body flopped out on the lawn shriveled and gaunt.

"Yum nothing like fresh blood hmm? Darlin, still want all I have? Well now you will get it all!" Snarling

The windows exploded out, killing one instantly. He walked out scales gleaming in the bluish light cast from the street light above.

Smiling as he looked down at her, crushing one of the wounded, grinding him slowly into the lawn, his screams stopped suddenly in the clenching of immense talons.

Turning slowly he smashed the last to the dirt with lightning speed, talons forming a cage, the tips slowly sinking into the grass.

"You can save her darlin, give me what I need and she will live to see tomorrow"

Turning his head to fix her in the glow from his eyes, She froze like a bird looking at a cobra.

"She's dying darlin, do something"

She screamed and looked to her friend who was frozen in the light.

"Do something!" Pushing on the palm of his hand.

He turned to the one under him and pressed a little more feeling her breasts pushing into his palm

"What do you want? Do you want me to say I'm sorry!"

He snapped around to fix her instantly

"No darlin because I know you, no apologies I WANT WHAT YOU GOT FROM ME, SOMETHING A LOVER GIVES ONLY ONCE IN A LIFE. I want my virginity back from you because I gave it to someone who is colder than any monster at heart"

Her lip trembled, hands quivered as he came even closer finally his dripping wet nose touched hers.

The intense warmth shocked her into backing away a little feeling like she had touched a hot frying pan; she blinked at the shock to her system.

"So darlin you return that one thing and she will live in exchange. The last of your friends, your conspirators."

She lowered her head and murmured something 

"speak up darlin, let her know her! Life is worth something to you! Where mine wasn't"

"I cant, it's impossible you know that"

His face changed "then lady you will never see tomorrow"

Crushing her without even looking away from the woman he once called love, sweetheart and finally his darlin.

She sobbed and turned away, now that the last was dead. He let the flames fall, The metal of the vehicles popped and pinged as it rapidly cooled.

Circling around her, laying his head on the top of the long tail, which twitched and swished wings held tight to his body.

"You are a monster!"

Turning to hit him, he let her smash her fists into his scales repeatedly. The blows he had always feared now were but taps, He gained strength from this he knew now she couldn't hurt him anymore.


Finally she collapsed exhausted, unable to strike out even one more time he moved in close to her so his eye was looking into her soul. " I never once long as you loved me looked at another woman, I never even thought of any other as anything more than a friend what did I get for my faithfulness? Well you have a choice, something I didn't give the others a chance to live" he uncurled from her leaving so quickly she shivered from the loss of his body warmth

Sitting down he rose to his full size wings held up stretching them she looked and was wide-eyed 

"you are my female darlin you have a choice embrace me become mine forever. Or run, run forever or until I wish you to stop by killing you if you have any children by that time they too will die for your folly. I will tell the man who you took, that he was playing with a wandering piece of property and I reclaimed it" he sighed and tilted his head "knowing you, you best get to running then before I change my mind" she just stood there stunned

He turned and started to walk away his tail sweeping past her nose the wind from its passing blowing her over
"YOU Y-you dam fucker!"

He spun and she found his teeth pinching her ribs one had sunk into the palm of her hand he didn't move she peed over herself as he exhaled slowly his breath hot as an oven and stunk of blood

He slowly let go his fang slipping from her palm. He suddenly clamped down on the hand she screamed pushing and shoving on his nose he let it go which he did standing up. " Its healed with a scar darlin seared shut so you remember me always "

she looked at the round jagged scar then up at his receding rump tail swishing over a fence he disappeared into the trees

The sheriff and fire department finally showed up to find no one there the bloody rampage and evidence was by far kept very-very secret the media did get a picture of him and claimed he was a murderer on a rampage. Watching from his vantage point as they searched the area for him the dogs came up to him and moved off wisely smarter than there handlers he saw her in a patrol car that drove up late in the afternoon clearly in shock he grinned and waved

She shrieked and pointed in terror, he just smiled and winked an eye "mine forever darlin. They don't see me because I do not wish it. Sleep well"

That night as he enjoyed fat range fed cow he felt a pull an old feeling

he needed something.

To be somewhere,

standing the voice inside said. Home, go home he could now recognize this feeling it was the call that had more than once in his life made him sad and wistful but could never understand why.
But now, now he had what he needed roaring at the top of his lungs his heart rushed blood out to the wings, and he leaped into the air. Leaving the world behind spiraling upwards like a rocket he laughed. Roaring out in joy he burst through a cloud into open air he turned and glided the pull leading him to a place he hoped of peace


It was several days later he landed on the edge of a valley that spanned far to the north but was relatively quite narrow
three roads came into the valley it had a large lake at its center and a river leading out he smiled this was a nice place.
Gliding along as he scanned the valley, he saw houses and farms. A town at the crossroads, then on a large hill nearly the center of the valley was a manor house. Feelings of dejavou came as he circled it a smell came old, faint his nose turned him a little north and there was a clearing over grown but open. Landing his claws dug in and he got fresh scents. "Well well a dragon latrine area old but long used." he turned and added his own to it something moved in the brush. he spun snatching a deer from its hiding place with a casual flip of the wrist he ate it whole that's when he saw the path through the woods laid in stone..

It led him through a copse of trees thickly planted and clearly well tended to form a limb covered pathway right to a blank wall bricks set into the hillside granite looking up at the top it had words in Latin but he did recognize the word dragon in it. Smiling as he sat down this place for some reason was very familiar

In a moments thought he made a decision reaching out his claws sunk into the brick and with a heave he pulled the wall out collapsing it out onto the walkway stale air assaulted his nose but it too smelled of dragon. Walking in his eyes adjusted to the darkness it was a short upward leaning ramp of polished stone which opened on to a huge chamber the smell of water, dragon and earth came then something more.


He walked over to a spot in the darkness a large satin pillow was there it smelled of birth, his birth.

He laid there for several hours inhaling the smell it was like balm for the hurts in his life, soothing yet offering strength his nose pressed into the material inhaling deeply now he knew just how lost he truly had been.
A creek of shoe leather made him turn and snarl clutching the pillow to his chest ready to fight or run. A man stood there
not even a whiff of fear came but he was clearly surprised,

Bills eyes cast their glow on him and he adverted his gaze down " please. I am of no threat to you; there is no need to do that to me. " Bill snarled.

"Then you know what looking into the eyes of a dragon can do then" he looked up as the glow faded from Bill's eyes
"yes I do sir. May I ask sir, is your name perhaps William?" Bill moved shifting closer to the passageway " sir. Your real mother gave birth to you on that pillow under the watchful eyes of your father' moving from the doorway out onto the floor towards him' I with many of those here in this valley awaited your birth with joy and hope. Are you William?"

"I am, who are you?" growling with distrust he could see the older man smile with true joy. "T-then you have finally returned, home" he walked over with out fear and gently placed his hand on Bills side "we all have been so worried that. You would never return" Bill looked at his hand and shifted away still clutching the pillow to his chest "here sir let me turn the lights on. So you can relax"


Bill sat there curled partly around the pillow that had brought comfort to his soul watching. As the man walked over to a wall plate next to where he had entered the chamber. He smiled as he put his ring on to the inscriptions they glimmered and the ceiling glimmered at first then light came from the very stone, Bill now could see just how huge this place was. he sat up straight seeing the massive pile of pillows a small lake which steamed from its surface to huge tunnels going off into other rooms and one lone fixture that was dragon sized a book on a pedestal

"Your fathers book now yours sir. His magic still fuels this place gives it the life." Bill was seeing something of the past as he spoke, the book open a claw writing like a quill a voice came into the dream " this will be yours my son. Come home. When you finally become all you really are...come home..." he found himself saying it as a whisper reaching slowly for the book at his touch it opened the pages glowed " he has come home my lord. William has come home"
Bill looked at the man as he too glowed. The pages of the book turned then stopped on a note addressed to him

"William my son. You have traveled far and found your way back home as you have realized, you're a dragon.
You're of the bloodline Drakakn we once called the northern reaches of Scotland home. But the world changes
we have not, neither have our friends you should have one there with you now his name is Richard he and his family have served us for generations as house servants. They and others in this valley have been followers of dragons now for generations they believe when their dragon is prosperous and happy so will they, they will live longer for a gift you alone can make for them. And it is your source of power over them as you can give them life and take it back several of them in the valley are well over 100 years old. A rare few are even older, like Richard there. He watched me be born son and watched you too. He's the most loyal of them trust him as you would yourself. He will explain to you what the lord of the manor does and what troubles have happened since my death. I was quite old the day you were born but I felt as if I was in my prime as you cried the first time. Letting those of the valley know .a new lord would come home to keep them safe from harm. You were my last child and my only dragon son. Richard will help you my son he is very-very wise. I love you my son. It is with this I leave you all that was mine the knowledge of generations of dragons who have been lord of the lands kings and princes have tithed to us for our help. Be a good lord of the lands my son. And they will lay their lives and homes at risk in defense of you. Your father "

He looked to the man who couldn't have been that old "I am exactly two hundred and ten years old I was given a gift by your great grandfather long ago. He gave me a medallion that gives me eternal life most others have to do with dragon wine which only lasts for a few dozen years then there years catch up with them " Bill relaxed some as Richard looked up into his eyes "she meant the world to you. It's normal William. Dragons tend to make deep bonds to there females" Bill for the first time let the tears flow they welled up and came he had no barriers no strength to hold them back any longer. Richard moved aside as they fell like rain, the quiet sobs that racked the dragon causing his body to quiver. The man stepped in and pulled his head to his chest hugging him tightly more than Bill had expected from any man the tears finally stopped, after many long hours as he fell into sleep.


Richard changed shirts and pants as he was sopping wet with the dragon's tears the council would have to be notified that William had returned. Richard picked up the phone and dialed Jim the local sheriff  " your 35 cents " "Jim its Richard" "hey rich we still on for the poker game next Friday?" "Far as I know yes. Jim, William has returned " it was dead silent for a moment " Jim?" " He's come home? It's our William!?" "Yes Jim. Very hurt very tired I went into the cave and he was clutching the pillow inhaling deeply the birth scent on it " " the very thing that from what you've told me leads them home " " it should have years ago. He's heart broken Jim some woman has betrayed him. Made him become a dragon by pain and sorrow the pillow was calming to him. The book opened for him so it is our William, he's come home"
"thank the gods listen you get him some food I'll let the others know" "all right I was going to call them. But I can do more by helping him thanks Jim" "not a problem. You think. He'll have access to the wine soon?" " I will ask him if he could for the council so don't worry"

William awoke to a well-lit cave, the smell of blood, which set his stomach to protesting, and the sounds of people.
He eased up seeing several hundred people in gallery's and around the room looking on from various balconies. They all were smiling a few took pictures which was instantly admonished by older folk, Richard walked out from the gathering he bowed to Bill " we brought you something to eat William I'm sure your likely to be quite hungry"  Bill blinked "yes I am. Who are these people?" " People of the valley William. Many have not seen a dragon. And some wanted to meet you as they wish to welcome you home "

Nodding to that he laid back down Richard noted how much he had cried even after he'd fallen asleep from the pools of tears around on the floor. They all were waiting for something; finally he looked to Richard "what's wrong?" "I think they would like it if you would say something to them. You are the lord of the manor and the lands.' he leaned closer to Bill ' a thank you for coming I think would be appropriate" he nodded siting up he rose up to his full height wings stretched out they oohed and more pictures were taken

He scanned the chamber with a smile " thank you for coming to welcome me. I'm still very tired I will be much more my self in a few days. I do apologize for being rude" many immediately started murmuring Richard turned to them " he is indeed his fathers son we understand William. Finding out that your a dragon and flying to a strange place surrounded by people who you don't know who all think of you as the greatest thing to enter their lives for quite awhile. We did rather rush into see you it is us who should apologize to the lord of the manor" they all cheered in agreement and as one all bowed in silence to him

"I will schedule appointments for those of you who need to see William in a few days please call the manor number, will council please stay " Bill relaxed and sighed his heart was heavy but hunger was getting the better of his intelligence drool started to drip from his jaw. Richard saw that and gestured to a couple men off in a side passage they backed in a dump truck Bill had to smile it was filled with meat and blood the driver stopped looking up at him " is that all right sir? " "That's fine " drooling a river he hooked a chunk with a claw and plopped it in his mouth it was fresh and still somewhat warm


The council walked over to Richard smiling as William fed. The newest three that had heard of yet never seen a lord were staring mouth's agape. "Stop staring and get your wits about ya" the sheriff quietly reminding them they did blinking "if William were to take offense at your staring which most dragons do, not much would keep him from eating you" "Jim. 'Richard took a deep breath' he is very hurt, I will see if I can find out who the lady was. We may have to bring her here for him to sate his anger and anguish on her or he will pine himself into problems"

Richard looked to the town doctor who was already making notes on the lord "Doug?" "He's had injuries as a man. I can see some scars on his belly appendix most likely. Which now he's drake will mean he will need to eat a balanced diet, losing his second stomach will mean he will eat more often to keep his caloric intake up." "Think you can see a physical?" the once bright blond hared Scotsman smiled "if he will let me. And I can get some wine this age isn't kind on a mans joints" "or his hairline huh Doug!" several laughed as Jim brushed his hand over the others hair, his own red now thin and faded with time

A deep ground shivering belch made them all look, Bill shrunk and smiled "excuse me" they smiled "don't you worry about it William your father could be heard half way down the valley when he was feeding" he smiled the sheriff's gun caught his eye. Bill blinked it flew up and right into his hand the blood running slowly down his fingers they all reflexively shifted with the sudden move. Except for Richard

Bill smiled as he examined the gun chambering a round he sighted down the barrel at a far wall one eye closed the other narrowed he wanted to see if he could do what he had an idea about. Calmly he fired it and the bullet stopped, spinning in mid air. He gestured and it fell into his hand he held both out to the sheriff who walked over just a little stunned. "Thank you sir I wanted to see if I really could do all the things I thought I did when, I became a dragon". He smiled and took his gun and the bullet "that's quite all right William any time " " very nice action on that one she's a little dirty though might want to give it a good strip cleaning. It might jam on you when you least expect it and need it " he smiled and nodded stepping back to the others Bill went back to his eating

Jim looked to Richard who smiled in a low voice "dam rich his father" "his father was gifted with skill at flight Jim. It seems our William is gifted of the mind powers his eye glow will be virtually undeniable and you saw his telekinetic strength " one of the ladies of council moved closer to rich " so is he going to be a good one. Or bad Richard? " He turned and glanced at the dragon who was slurping blood down from inside the dump bed "I've seen far worse lords" nodding to them "even if he turned bad. He is still our lord and we are loyal to him we have suffered for not having him here for 32 years I for one welcome our William home with no reservations "


Bill could catch most of what was being said and smiled from the truck bed licking his chops as he savored the rich iron flavor he took a deep breath and shifted his rump so to get comfortable. Richard and the council walked over; he smiled and took a moment to tidy his hands. Washing them off in the water to his side the truck driver looked back to see if he was done. " I'm done, thank you " he smiled and happily waved driving out the council all smiled not quite looking into his eyes.

He had to smile more at that they were no fools " thank you council the meal was excellent and ' burping softly ' quite satisfying " they nodded to that. Richard smiled taking a step forward. "The council is here to welcome you and pledge loyalty to you William." "And yet they are worried I am an evil sort, and are concerned I may be very much a classic dragon. Going about eating young virgins who are held out as sacrifice." they all blinked but Richard was not surprised.
"They are wise to worry Richard, they do not know what has happened to me in my life. I may well be some kind of raving lunatic dragon" he tilted his head to one side lolled his tongue out crossed his eyes and flapping his ears

They all finally recovered enough to talk as he relaxed onto the pillows setting one out for each of them to sit on Bill laid his head down and relaxed letting his belly digest his dinner. The sheriff coughed a few more times, several wiping tears from laughing so hard. Richard sat down and cleared his throat "well that you caught me unawares with William, never has any dragon ever done that" several giggled and snickered again "good I'm glad, I was about to think I could do nothing someone else hadn't already done with you Richard." "Was it that obvious?" Bill nodded " so council, what can I do for you?" they smiled and looked to each other " actually William its we who would like to know what we can do for you?" he shrugged "nothing at the moment" they shifted a little "Richard what am I supposed to do? People keep looking as if they want to tell me I'm being a freaking idiot cause I don't know what the lord is supposed to do"

They all blinked Richard stood up and walked over to him his hand gently touched the dragon's cheek " it is because. We have desperately needed you for some time William the valley has been slowly declining because of the loss of your father. I'm afraid some were hoping you would be just like your father in every way." " Its why I asked, how can I help Richard. I'm afraid all I have of my father is a faint memory of him writing the note to me inside the book telling me when the time came, to come home". He sighed looking at them sadly "I am not much of a leader but a strong worker if you have need of a dragons abilities then I'm willing to help. But what else can I do?"

Richard smiled and nodded " then we will teach you, it has been a long time since a new lord came who knew nothing of it. But I think we can fix that. Doug is our town doctor and treated your father and mother I think a medical checkup  would be prudent yes?" Bill nodded. "And to seal the loyalty if you could retrieve the dragon wine I'm sure several here could use some". Richard walked over to the side of the pillows and pushed one aside Bill leaned to see it had a dragons hand print and holes where the claws would go " a lock only a dragon can open William"

He reached over and set his claws in the holes "now turn" he did and it clicked " now lift" pulling up it slid out of the floor and locked. A lone rack of ten gilded decanters all with wax seals on them "the remaining stock of your fathers dragon wine" he took one and smiled as Bill let the case slide back down. Locking it back in place "there is enough for quite a few people William but you will need to make more, I'll let your fathers book tell you how." "All right" he watched as he took a shot glass from his pocket. Holding the bottle out to him "you have to break the seal or the wine will be toxic" "dang Richard what is that stuff then?" he smiled as did the others "use your claw." William reached out and deftly poked the seal it popped open with a spark


Richard turned with a smile to council " with this dragon wine you reaffirm your contract with the lord of the land whose title now belongs to his son William if you serve loyally this is your reward. Fail the lord or betray him or his interests and you break the agreement. All gifts will be due payable to the lord at his discretion's to what he believes is appropriate punishment" pouring the clear liquid into the glass. Richard walked over to the sheriff; Bill sat up so to get a clear view it did not go unnoticed as Richard stopped in front of Jim

He glanced back and smiled as he looked to Jim whose hands were trembled "the lord of the manor of the lands which we tend in his name who for you have signed a blood contract to. Do you agree to continue your service to him to do so even at the cost of your life if the lord so deems it necessary? " " I do swear my life is the lords if he so needs it if I betray him I expect no mercy unless it is by the lords judgment" "then accept his gift"

Bill watched intently as the sheriff took the glass and gently drank it down licking the edge he took out a knife and knicked his finger. Bowing his head to Bill, a glow formed over his body. Jim held the hand up a tiny drop of blood flew from his finger, which healed instantly the book was glowing. The pages flipping then stopping the glowing fleck of light smacked hard, on the page with an audible plip

Jim smiled as it did that inhaling deeply. His hair deepened in color thickening. His face smoothed and his eyes took on a glow of youth "damn its been a long time" Bill smiled as Jim shifted nervously "sorry about that William" "its quite all right I'm sure id had several choice things to say if it had been me " they all smiled. Bill was more than happy to watch clearly a youth serum at work but it seemed to be more than just a serum when it was over he'd have questions for Richard

It was ten people later when the last of it was sipped down daintily by the town treasurer. Who turned out to be a gorgeous raven hared beauty that was quite tall after her spine straightened. She curtsied to him "my gratitude to my lord William" Richard gestured for her to rise. "I really doubt William is swayed by your grace sue" "no but she has quite lovely hair." she giggled and blushed "ahem well my lord, all have reaffirmed their loyalties to you. The council of drake haven is at your service milord" Richard bowed to him Bill nodded his head once

"Thank you Richard, everyone. Um." Jim bowed his head "William you only have to dismiss us and we will go, if you want us to leave" "well I guess that's a good idea since I haven't the foggiest as to what else needs to be done."
Richard sighed smiling Jim snickered so did a few others "so is there a regular council meeting weekly or monthly?"
Richard smiled with pride turning looking at him "indeed there is a weekly council meeting my lord " " well good I hope I'm a little better informed by that time so I can give a little to this council instead of being a accessory in the room"

Richard came back after seeing them out Bill was stretching out to sleep on his pillows "you did incredibly well William you erased their fears of you totally. Your father would have been proud" Bill smiled then it faded "what was he like Richard?" "Look to his book William the lords library holds many centuries of knowledge in a special way" Bill nodded Richard sighed "she hurt you deeply" "she tried to murder me" the man shook his head in disgust "why?" "Money, to be free of me" tears came again but his eyes started to glow too "she lied to me. She slept with another man" Richard saw trouble brewing as William started to rise his heat levels flared and so did the caverns as the dragon rose up

"She called me into the living room to help her with the couch and smashed a board into my head!" he snarled and roared leaping over the man Bill was breathing hard his eyes brightly lit "GOD DAM HER!!! SHE LEFT ME TO BURN ALIVE!!" roaring his body trembled and he slid to his belly on the floor sobbing "she said she would always love me." Richard stayed back as he was far to hot to touch right now "what was her name. We can find her and bring her to you" Bill snapped around fixing him in his eye glow Richard froze never had any of the lords been so quick
"NO! She's mine to hunt and toy with, to take when I wish" with that Bill turned and walked away out side.


Richard shook off the fear his body froze with, sighing he looked to the book. "Your son lord is much to much like you" he walked outside, seeing William siting out on the grass at the far end of the copse. The dragon's body steaming from the internal heat generated from his anger. He walked along and finally reached the grass, Bill had not moved an inch just sat there looking up at the stars "go inside Richard let me be for awhile" "William."

The dragon sighed visibly "its Bill to my friends" Richard had suspected as much he walked out standing beside the dragon "hear me out for a moment please. If she hurt you and you apparently let her know what you became. Why did you leave her alive?" "Revenge. But I don't want revenge" his head lowered "I want my darlin the woman I fell in love with who loved me. Hell I enjoyed being able to send her to undrempt heights of orgasm. Putting her asleep before I even got to enjoy myself, shed apologize when she woke. But it didn't matter to me I just enjoyed the fact I was providing her such bliss and ecstasy her body would be sensitive to my lightest touch for hours or shed fall off totally drained unable to have even one more orgasm".

Richard sighed "you are a dragon, you did exactly as your father would have done. He enjoyed the fact that every lady he pleasured left here begging to be allowed to return. It is a dragon trait he did though regularly mate. But only after they were so pleasured he could do, as he wished never mean or rough. They could not believe someone so large could be so delicate with sex" he folded his hands behind his back "I rather admired his abilities to be honest" Bill smirked "when did my father lose his virginity?" "H-m-m, 16 when he became the new lord. His first request was sex he had to have this one girl. It wasn't a. good night" "messy?" "Um yes he was young. New to being a drake, his passions got away from him" " I lost mine at 29 to my darlin" Richard looked up at the down cast face there was no glow there his eyes dark and cold inside "how long did you two stay together?" "Little over a year"

Richard finally got William back inside his cave and got warmed by a fire pouring himself a brandy William had told him all of how he had become a dragon the flames and pain. He had to admit of all the lords he had personally worked with William had the worst beginning. He sighed, took a long sip of the red liquid seeing the flames in it "my lord your son has indeed been hurt 'smiling' but he is your son. He will learn that being a dragon sets him above all those things that limit humans." finishing the brandy he saluted the painting on the mantle Williams father


William waited till Richard had gone to leave the cave again. He took to the wing circling as he climbed high finally leveling off; he now could see how the valley had been laid out for a dragon in mind. All power lines were run down a central corridor, which had tall trees on either side. He spotted several large clearings that had been recently tended to, clearing them of any tall grasses or sapling trees. Even the town streets were just wide enough to allow a dragon to land or take off from them, the power poles behind the buildings. A scream to the south of the manor caught his attention  he dove in and landed in a field. The road ran along the field a car was parked on the side in the shadows. He willed himself unseen and moved closer as she screamed again three young male voices came from near the car and their evil laughter

He watched as one grabbed her breast violently, another ripped her shirt. The third was pulling his jeans down "hold her tight" Bill snarled silently. She suddenly had a burst of strength and ripped free of them scampering through the barbwire fence them yelling and hollering hot on her heals she screamed and yelled for help running right into him she flopped flat.
Bill let his eyes be seen as they glowed at the boys, she started to panic. He looked at her "calm. Your safe now, sleep" he turned to the boys each had come to a stop "out for a little fun ehh boys? Not enough she said a. you just decided to take it any how huh?" they went to turn and his eyes flared to star bright "ohh no you three want some sex do ya, want to rape a girl do you well." he became visible they all went wide eyed.

Bill gently picked her up into the palm of his hand siting up and wrapping his wing around to keep her warm he snarled at the boys. "All three of you undress" they did one immediately peeing himself "now your going to learn what it is to rape someone to lose all control to be helpless". His eyes flared in brightness then faded "arouse each other sensually, take your time I have all night to teach you a lesson". They got into a circle and stared touching and rubbing. One lost his bowels the last also peed all over them. Tears came Bill could feel their shame, "now feel each other up, rub your chests tell each other your gonna do it to um and not take no or stop." the words came. They were all in tears "now walk to the sheriff's office turn your selves in for attempted rape" his eyes flared again. "IF YOU EVER THINK OF RAPE AGAIN you will strip and walk to town nude. Proclaim to all there at the top of your voice why you're there, now go" they walked off naked sobbing. He went over to the car using his claw, he wrote on the hood 'the lords justice this car is now his property'

He walked into the cave to find Richard just walking out of the elevator "William?" "Please get a first aid kit Richard I have need of it" "of course are you hurt?" "No but this young lady has had a nasty night and hit her head" holding her out to Richard he looked her over "I put her to sleep to keep her calm" "Jim just called one of his officers found three boys walking nude. I'll go get the first aid kit" Bill relaxed on his pillows and held her close Richard came up with it Bill using his mind undressed her cleaned and bandaged her wounds then eased the lady back to sleep it off, himself invisible for good reason.


She awoke laying on a pillow with a blanket over her. She sat up still sore holding her head, she looked around quickly, Richard walked over to her with a tray of breakfast "good morning young lady are you feeling better this morning?"
"where am I?" looking under the blanket "where are my clothes!?" "The lord removed them so your wounds could be treated. The barb wire cut you in several places and you hit your head" he set the tray down and brought over a house robe for her draping it over her back "you still haven't told me where I am" "the lords manor house" "the haunted house on the hill?!" "It is quite spooky at night isn't it young lady? Well you eat and relax when your done I will bring you a phone so to call your parents" walking towards the elevator he stopped "oh and those young men last night, there in jail for attempted rape so you needn't worry about them." she blinked and nodded

She looked around as she ate it thinking how warm it was then seeing the pool she smiled feeling very filthy she slipped on the robe and walked over to it noting her very sore ankle touching the water with a toe it was indeed quite warm. She eased down and let her ankle soak. glancing to where the butler had disappeared to, seeing he was gone she slipped the robe off spying the soap bars on a shelf she took one and slipped into the water moaning as the heat soaked in

He watched with narrow eyes as she bathed enjoying the view she relaxed and soaped up her body and hair finally rinsing off by diving under surfacing water drops spraying around glistening off her breasts. He held himself as she came out gloriously wet and refreshed. She smiled picking up one of the many huge towels there to dry off in, finally wrapping up in the robe again relaxing by his head on the pillow. She surveyed the cave again seeing the huge book and the entire pile of pillows "this is a weird place" "not really if your the lord of the manor" he said softly she jumped and spun to see where his voice came from "where are you!? Y-you spying on me?!" "No just letting you relax and enjoy some time alone" "wh-where are you?" " Invisible so you do not panic again did you enjoy the bath?" "You-you some kind of sick'o? " "Actually no if I was I would have taken advantage of you while you slept, tasting coping a feel like those boys last night. Not very honorable and not my way of doing things"

She slipped off the pillow and got very nervous "you remember who saved you last night?" "A-a-a-d-r-dragon" "yes did I hurt you? No. Did I tend your wounds and make sure those three ended up in jail. Yes" she actually calmed a little
"I did give them three a very good scare and if they ever think about raping anyone they will strip naked and walk into town yelling out they were thinking of raping someone. Fair punishment don't you think?" she actually broke a tiny grin for a moment


Richard came in with the cordless phone and some clothes for her she looked to him and gestured to the empty pillows
"I'm hearing things! There's some body over there. Your doing this aren't you! " "No miss I'm not, that is William lord of the lands. Lord of this manor it is by his good graces you are alive to see today. Seems those boys wanted to rape and kill you or so they have confessed to the sheriff" holding the clothes out for her he turned his back to her "so um. I'm crazy" "no miss your not, William if he wishes can not be seen "she turned and looked back at the pillows "you really are there aren't you?" " Yes I am, I'll close my eyes so you can get dressed if it will help" she looked to Richard again then nodding "please. Um" "William is fine" she kept looking at where she thought he was he smiled and watched her get dressed.

Richard smiled as she turned and took the phone from him. "Please call your parents miss and I'm sure the sheriff will corroborate you or the lord will" she dialed and her mother came on in a panic she explained and told her where she was she clicked it off looking at Richard. "She'll be here in a few minutes" "very well miss" leading her over to the elevator, he touched his ring to the panel the lights went dim then off. She blinked from the bright interior light of the lift, looking back at where a pair of glowing blue eyes appeared. "Good bye miss be careful of who you take rides from in the future"

She looked to Richard as the doors closed "he really a dragon?" " Yes miss he is and is very lonely his lady whom he loved very much. Tried to kill him it is how he finally became a dragon. Of course no one will believe you if you go spreading it around the manor house is home to a dragon" "yeah they'll think id got hit in the head or I'm nuts" "exactly so. William did say to me that you were welcome to return to visit if you wished. Alone of course" she nodded.

They walked outside "will you be alright miss? Even attempted rape is not an easy thing to have done to a person" "I think I'll be ok I'm really not sure why though. I feel like I'm better for this though" " perhaps a little wiser?" "Yes. That's it" a car drove up to the gate honking he touched a remote and it opened. The older station wagon slid to a stop on the gravel drive, the mother flying out of it. Her arms wrapping around the daughter, the father walking over to Richard shaking his hands vigorously. "Mister you don't know how grateful we are to you" "not my doing sir, the lord found her under attack of those hooligans. He is the one who you should be thanking" "then where is he I'll shake his hand too!" the daughter looked to Richard then her father. "He, left early this morning daddy. Can we go home please"

Richard smiled waved as they left out the gate a crunch of gravel to his left made him look "my lord?" "She ok with her parents?" "Yes William, though she was quick to tell her eager father, that you were not home at the moment to be thanked." "Please send them a letter advising she is welcome here in the future, include a gift certificate for some nice clothing store so she can replace those she lost" "already done sir. I anticipated your wishes" Bill smiled down at Richard his eyes glimmered as he became visible the smile all to evident then "she finds favor in your eyes lord?" "Yes but too young" "your father preferred them young. As he said more than once. Easier to break them of bad habits they have not had time to learn" Bill laughed and turned walking away.

  He took the day to fly around and check out the various clearings and see what they were for. One clearly was for his eating pleasures as the cows were running lose in it, he had just snatched one up when three men came running he stopped holding the cow gently she mooed in protest.

"My lord please wait" he sighed and set her down "wrong field? I'm sorry" turning "Lord William, it's not that. These are for you but she's to calve soon I told my sons to get her and the others out but they were busy playing around in town". "It's alright sir I was just hungry she looked to be quite tasty" he smiled, and put his hands in his pockets not quite looking at bill he too was an old pro but his sons were staring open mouthed.

"I can gather your sons didn't believe you that a dragon had returned to the valley did they" "No lord they didn't want to come to the gathering to see you" "so should I avoid eating these?" gesturing to the cattle behind him. "Only the ones with blue collars lord they are bred and producing calves, did the meat the other night meet with your approval?" "Oh yes very good excellent flavor rich blooded" he bowed to bill smiling in pride "my sons think they know all the new things on how to raise animals for taste which is more for money than to satisfy a lords tastes".

Bill relaxed and talked with the farmer as his sons finally broke free of the mind lock and hurried the calving cows' to other fields. The farmer had seen bill's father many years ago and told him much more about how the lord's presence effects the valleys' health.