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New Chapter 14

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 17, 2007 9:58 pm    Post subject: New Chapter 14 Reply with quote

Note: To all readers, this is the second to last chapter in the Clone Saga...its now a
I really never thought it would be but the stories kept on coming, so you guys got a whole lot more than was ever expected. Wink

Now aren't you glad that i have such a vivid and active imagination...ROFL.

Any way enjoy chapter 14 it has lots of fun and the occasional twist for good measure.


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PostPosted: Sat Feb 17, 2007 9:59 pm    Post subject: Chapter 14 Reply with quote

Chapter 14: Into The Valley Of Death Rode The Six Hundred.

Endora’s home.

“I am going and that is that!” Endora shouted this time at Warren, it was unusual that she would ever do this but she was definite about what was going to happen.

“Dora you’ve only been two days out of the hospital, you need your rest.” Warren said calmly not trying to provoke his wife anymore than she was.

“I’ve rested, now I’m going.” She turned to her family who were all staring. “Swallow you are staying here with your father and help him with the kits. “All others we are going now.”

This was one argument that Warren was not going to win so he gave his wife a hug. “Come back safe.”

She hugged him back, “Don’t worry.”

The aliens boarded Endora’s transport platform and set it for maximum speed. The first stop they had was a little lab in Edmonton. While they were on route Zirkon had a chance to briefly speak to Mother and was a bit disturbed at what she had to tell her. She did not like speaking untruths to her adopted Mother and this was one that would later come back to haunt her. At the moment though it seemed very necessary in doing so as not to complicate matters.

As they landed Zirkon spoke, “Mother Endora I think it is best you stay here for this.”

“Why?” Endora wanted to know.

“Mother explained to me there are many machines in there and the space is on the small side. As she has basically left this place mostly for storage. She believes that you would have a hard time getting around safely. I do not want to see you get hurt.” It was a lie but a feasible one.

Endora was not happy that Mother was using Zirkon to do her work. In the time that they had spent together Zir had opened up a bit explaining of some of the things that her masters had made her do. What she described was not pretty and she swore to her that she would not be used ever again, but here she was doing just that and that did not please her. “All right but you be careful in there.” She embraced Zirkon, over the time she had been with them she had really grown attached to her.

“Tolare will accompany me, Afain will stay behind with you.” Zirkon said. “Do not worry about me I will keep in contact with you.” She smiled and ran off towards the structure.

The link with Mother had grown stronger as they approached their location. Enough that Zirkon knew exactly how to gain access to the lab. It took them a couple of tries to get it exactly right but finally they were in. Their timing was impeccable, seems one of the experiments was about to make its debut into the world according to Mother.

As they entered into the main lab with the huge window they gasped, they now knew why they needed the cargo vessels.

It didn’t take long for Tolare and Zirkon to find Prime One. Again she looked very much like Endora save for the greying fur. Tolare looked at the read outs that the monitors were providing. Much like Lyja, Tolare had mastered the English language and could easily read what was transpiring.

“The specimen can be released at any time now, we are actually a couple of days early before the timer would release her.” Tolare said as she studied the read outs.

“Mother said that this one wouldn’t know very much about anything, if released. She suggested resetting the timer till they could return for her.” Zirkon said aloud.

Tolare did just that, it was easily done, now all they had to do is keep this a secret; at least for the time being. This was too big of a revelation to go unnoticed; Endora would know something was not quite right. Zirkon explained to Tolare about the situation and she said she would not reveal what they had seen. They then ran back to the platform where Endora and Afain.

“Endora we must go, I sense that things are not going well with Lyja.” Zirkon said softly, she knew how hurt Endora would feel once she found out about this place. Though for now they had to make good time to be in time to help their friends.

Airfield Toronto.

The sun was just coming up as they looked out onto the large field in front of them. Sabrina and Max held hands as the ship was about to take flight. Sabrina hardly felt the ship moving, the only indication of it was the ground was getting farther away.

“We’re off the ground.” Max said excitedly.

“Yeah finally. Funny I don’t feel any different.” Sabrina said in surprise.

“You probably won’t for the entire trip, unless we hit some turbulence and even that this ship is so large it doesn’t move that violently.”

Shortly they heard what they thought could be an engine and before long they knew it had to have been that for the landscape below them began to move; they were going to Germany.


“Now don’t you get angry.” Margrette looked into the eyes of her partner.

“I won’t.” Kathren said softly.

Again Margrette looked into her eyes, “I know you wouldn’t on purpose, this is a touchy subject with you so please remain calm with them. You know they will bring up ‘the subject’, so answer them as respectfully as you can.”

Kathren sighed, “I’m sure when they get to that part they will feel a bit uneasy themselves considering my size.” She grinned.

“Yeah I’m sure they are looking forward to this but remember they wanted it.”

Kathren smiled and kissed her lover. “I know, you love me so much don’t you.”

“I don’t want to see you hurt and yes I love you.” She kissed back and was rewarded with a kick in the stomach.

“Hey now!” Kathren said as she had felt that as well. She looked at Margrette who was trying to keep a straight face. “Are you OK?”

“I think I’d better sit.”

“I felt that one.” Maybe I should stay here today.

“No, you go.”


“But nothing! I’ve been kicked before,” Albeit not this hard she thought, “I’ll be fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes now go, or you’ll miss your appointment.”

Kathren wasn’t too sure about this. “OK, if you are sure.”

“Scoot or I’ll be the one to kick you.” Margrette threatened.

“OK.” Kathren kissed her again then was off.

After she was gone Margrette doubled over as she was hit by another painful kick, this wasn’t good she thought. “Millas help!!” She cried out.

Ottawa Canada

Hector looked at his watch, they were late, he then hoped everything was all right. It hadn’t been that long since Donna had gotten out of the hospital. Then he saw their van, he sighed and put all the bad thoughts away; this was to be a happy time.

Donna and her husband exited the van along with some gentle help from Hector. “Today’s the big day Donna.”

“Yeah, I can’t wait.” She smiled at him, she knew the truth about him as Heather had explained.

“Nice to see you again Carlos.” Hector said putting out his hand in greeting.

“Same here.” They shook.

“You’re doing pretty good Donna, it hasn’t been that long really.” Hector smiled.

“No not really but I’ve got like six doctors checking on me daily. The heart problem is nothing compared to me being pregnant; that’s got everyone on edge.

“Well you seem to be doing OK.”

“For now.” She smirked.

“Well let’s go see your new home.” Hector said as he handed her the keys.

There were four units built into the home, each independent of the other. He wanted it to be that way, one thing that was interesting was that the two units could be joined up if they wanted. The walls separating the units were not load supporting so could be easily removed if necessary. The tour was short , not a lot to see; the bathroom was of great importance and so was the kitchen. To the two taurs Hector could see that this was heaven. They loved the fact that they could move around the place with ease.

They stopped in the kitchen, “Now I’m not sure that Heather has talked to you about this but she and I have discussed it thoroughly. Since you, Donna, have been instrumental in getting the other units filled -saving me a whole lot of work- we won’t accept any payment for three months from when you sign.” He smiled as the couple’s jaw dropped. He coughed then said, “That won’t mean there won’t be any expenditures since cable, heat, and electricity are your responsibility.”

“Hector that is very nice on your part.” Donna spoke up.

“Yeah Hector are you sure about this?” Carlos said.

“We discussed it, it's cool by us, the units need to be rented and having them sit with no one in them will not get us out of debt. You have helped us in so many ways Donna. The folks you recommended are very nice; seems this will turn into a taur neighborhood quite soon. Save for Heather's sister Sabrina and her boyfriend Max.” He laughed.

Donna gripped her husbands hand and smiled this was going to be a nice place to raise a child; and they were going to have the nicest neighbors.

In the Air

Sabrina and Max watched the city below pass slowly by, it was actually peaceful as if you were flying by yourself. No harsh noise intruded on this moment of tranquility, it was indeed a joy to behold. This was indeed a spectacular pleasure, Max was right this was the only way to fly.

The University.

Zirkon searched again for the mind of Mother, she had keyed into before now it was simple to do so. As they grew closer, the link grew stronger and stronger. “We have left your experiments and have done what you have asked. Prime One will not awaken until we return. Endora did not see the clones, that issue you will have to handle yourself later. Do not think that this will go unnoticed, she will need to know.”

“Understood, I will deal with her when the time comes. Just be sure to intervene if things get too far out of hand.”

“I will do what I can.” Zirkon acknowledged. “Is there something we should be aware of coming to you?”

“Yes, I need for you to contact another being here, one called Anna she will...” Mother explained her plan to Zirkon all hoping that this would go off without a snag.

It began with a mental command to Anna, who in turn shut down the entire University. It caused the whole structure to be evacuated and alarm bells sounded throughout almost every building. It was perfect plan save for two things, one they had no idea where ‘the other’ was; the next would present itself later.

Anna moved down her tree to her door, with the electronic locks off the door slid aside; not without great effort though. Freedom was at last hers, now if this small one told the truth she would also meet her true mother. With that thought, she moved down the hall and to a stairway; it would be a pain to climb but this was the only way she was getting out of there. For a moment, she thought she heard something but then she pushed it aside noting it as the natural things going on in the building. Again she sighed, it was going to be a long climb.

“Anna did it.” Mother said to Alison.

“Yes she has indeed, I cannot see a thing.” Alison remarked.

It was true for mother as well, her inside sight was showing complete darkness, “There’s a flash light on the table I think, grab it.” Mother said mentally to Alison. A moment later Mother could see faintly the outline of the room. Now they had to act like this wasn’t all planned.

Alison opened the door to find only one guard at stance, “What’s going on?” She asked sounding somewhat concerned.

“I’m not sure, I’m getting conflicting information.” The fur had a flashlight like hers and was shining it down into her face. “I think you should return to your room.”

Alison stood there for a second before answering as she heard Lyja whisper in her ear that she was there.
“OK.” She said to the guard and forgot on purpose not to close the door. A moment after she was able to slip through the door way with the aid of Lyja’s power of invisibility. Outside the room they watched the guard close the door himself, from his stand point they were in the room but that was far from being right. They hurried to a corridor and from there Alison became visible along with Lyja.

“Are you OK?” Alison asked concerned for Lyja for she didn’t look right.

“No, but I’ll recover.” Cloaking something other than herself was extremely hard and put an enormous strain on her. She was already weakened from keeping cloaked so long during the day. “Alison?”

“Yes, it is me.”

“OK, just wanted to be sure who I was talking with.”

“Understood.” Alison replied. “Are you sure you are all right, we can find a place to rest.”

“No, let's just get out of this place and join the others.”

“Have you heard anymore from them?” Alison questioned.

“Only that they are moving into the University.” Lyja answered quietly. “Where do we go now?”

Alison conversed with mother outlining or explaining where they were, they could easily walk out the front door if Lyja could manage it but that was questionable. “Where is Cassandra?”

“She took one and two on a fake chase, claiming that she had seen me walking through the woods.”

“That’s good. Now all we have to do is avoid...” Alison didn’t get to finish her sentence as her words were swept away with a violent kick to the side of her head.

“Me!” The other screamed as she tried to attack Lyja next. Her kick missed, not by much though, enough to allow her to vanish without a trace. “Damn you!” She screamed. The other looked at the collapsed form of her twin, “You are too predictable little one.” She scanned the hall to see if she could make out anything moving but she saw nothing. The fact that she could disappear so completely was a problem although she was pretty sure this Lyja would not attack; she could see she was far too weak.

Lyja ran, her thoughts a mass of confusion and disorientation they weren’t supposed to meet that horror.

Mother awoke, this time she was in charge of the body; she was being dragged down a hall. She moaned and she felt herself come to a stop. The next thing she saw the upside down face, well make that two of the other looking down at her, that kick had thrown her vision totally off.

“Awake huh, no permanent damage I see, oh well that will come later.”

“What happened?” She said softly.

“I kicked you in the head and your little friend ran off leaving you to me.”

“Unnngh.” Mother tried to move but found it was useless she was far to disorientated to do anything.

It didn’t matter the other began to drag her again, to only she knew where. She closed her eyes for what she could see was making her nauseous.

Alison awoke this time, to what was a dimly lit large room; in the middle of it was a helicopter. In her head she heard Mothers voice. “The hanger.”

“The what?” Alison responded.

“An underground place where I stored an aircraft, I had forgotten about it. She’s going to fly out of here until things settle down. We must stop her.”

Alison tried to move but things were still out of focus and she felt numb all over. “I think she really hurt us.”

“Yeah, we probably have a severe concussion.”

“I cannot move, one side feels numb.” Alison said in fear.

“Damn it seems we're out of luck on this one.”

“I am sorry.” Alison said sympathetically.

“Don’t be, not your fault, I should have been more prepared.” Mother said but as she spoke she felt some thing, the wall vibrated somewhat. “Did you feel that?” Mother questioned.

“What do you mean?” Alison answered, just trying to keep from throwing up.

“A vibration in the wall.”

“No I felt nothing, as I said I’m pretty much numb all over.” Again the wall moved, this time it was stronger. “Uh, I felt that.”

“Something’s coming.” Her brain raced then it came to a conclusion and not a good one. “Oh no!”

Alison felt Mother’s panic inside of her which made her throw up, she coughed and gagged but finally was able to speak. “What?”

Beside them a wall exploded in a cascade of mortar and large bricks, narrowly missing and crushing them. Alison looked up into the dust cloud and saw two angry eyes staring back at her. The form was monstrous. Fear gripped her like a vice, she had seen this creature before, locked away in a cage that she felt would hold it but now it was here and in a rage like no other. It was the giant muscular skunk that had at one time dented solid steel. It stood there and snorted at them, its breath moved the cascading dust in a chaotic fashion in front of it.

“We are so dead.” Mother said inside Alison.

End of Chapter 14

Oh yeah! Kool Aid’s here!!!

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 2:20 am    Post subject: Very Cool! Reply with quote

I'm really getting excited to see what happened next in the story, its like watching the old batman show... "Tune in for the next exciting adventure! Same 'Taur Time! Same 'Taur channel!"
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 3:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Snowfox,

Thanks for stopping by and having a good read..Smile I see you enjoyed it a lot which has me stoked.

I'm really hope you like the next chapter, (I hope everyone likes the next chapter)

I really want to thank you again for commenting its nice to hear that you have enjoyed reading the story...Wink


Check out the new and improved Sabrina to the fourth power Wink
Plus send donations, donations and donations......and donations.
Flames keep to a minimum.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 2:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Being neither an Artist, nor a Author, commenting is the very least I can do.

Speaking of which... Come on guys, I'm not the only one who's read this story. Speak up and let Cheetaur know what you think. Comments are the often times the only reward a skilled writer like him gets for all their had work!
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