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Chapter 13 of S4

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2007 2:24 am    Post subject: Chapter 13 of S4 Reply with quote


Chapter 13: Snakes on the plane!!!!

Endora awoke from her sleep with a strange feeling inside, one she recalled; one that required some action immediately. She reached over and shook her sleeping husband. “Warren wake up, it's time!!”

“Huh,” he said awaking slowly, “time for what?”

“Time to go to the hospital, the twins want out and this time they are getting their wish.”

That pushed Warren to a more alert stage, “OK, that got my attention.” He began to rise and arrange his thoughts. “How are you doing?”

“I’m OK but I think it's time, no more false alarms.”

“Don’t worry about that, we all know that’s what comes with carrying a child; in this case two of them.” He stumbled getting up and turned on the light. “OK, the suitcase is downstairs all we have to do is get dressed, you want me to call for an ambulance?”

She sat there for a moment trying to address her condition; she didn’t feel too bad just uncomfortable but when she went to stand that's when things got terribly worse. “Warren, I think you better call an ambulance.”

He was quick to her side only dressed in his underwear; he didn’t quite get his pants on in time. “Are you all right?” He said as he helped her back down onto the bed.

“I think so but walking seems to be out of the question for me it seems.” As she sat and got comfortable her condition stabilized. “Ah...that feels better.”

“OK you sit still I’ll call for one.” He gave her a light kiss on the cheek and then went to the phone. It was on the other night table, he picked it up and dialed 911. The operator dispatched the ambulance and transferred his call to another agent who began to ask questions and kept him on the line trying to ascertain the situation. The operator had him take Endora’s pulse and report back to her. It was a bit elevated but not so much under the circumstances.

It was then Swallow and Zirkon walked in, “Mom what’s going on?”

Endora smiled, both of them looked so tired and so unkempt it was hard to look at them without laughing. “It's OK, it’s just that it's time for your sisters to make their grand entrance into the world.”

Swallow looked at her with surprise, “Now?” Then she looked over at Zirkon.

“Yup, your father has called for an Ambulance, seems walking for me is out of the question. I think you two better get Afain and Tolare up, then get dressed. Ready Autumn for travel, you’ll be going with your father to the hospital, I don’t like the idea of you all being here alone.” The two nodded and took off.

It wasn’t long before Warren heard the door bell; he thanked the operator as he hung up. Then he went downstairs to get the door.

Two large furs were there with a gurney ready, Warren lead them to the bedroom. They were very gentle in lifting Endora. Soon they had her all secured and ready to go. The hospital wasn’t far and he promised he wouldn’t be too far behind.

“Warren, call Sabrina, she’ll probably want to be there too.” Endora reminded him as she was pushed into the ambulance.

“OK.” In a moment they were away, he took a breath then went to the kitchen and dialed the phone. The kids with Autumn and the aliens were all ready to go; standing in wait.

Sabrina’s ringing phone echoed throughout the small apartment, she opened one eye trying to get her bearings. Her movements lead to the delicate imbalance that she found herself in, she was hanging off the edge of her mattress and her slight movement had now shifted her weight. The corresponding thud was an indication that gravity still existed, although it had done one thing; she was now awake. She rose and got to her kitchen and her pestering, ringing phone.

“Hello.” She said as she picked up the receiver, if this was a telemarketer then it was not going to be a pleasant conversation, that she knew.

“Sabrina, oh good you’re home.”


“Yes, your mother and I are off to the hospital; it's time.”

“Really...not another false alarm?” She said sarcastically.

“No, I don’t think so, she wanted an ambulance this time.”

Sabrina just stood there in shock. “OK...that sounds more like the real thing. I’ll get there as soon as I can. Mercy General right?”

“Yes, I will see you soon.”

“Thanks Dad, love you.”

“Love you too sweet heart.” The phone went dead as Sabrina just stood there in a daze for a few seconds; then she hung up the receiver. “I’m going to have two more sisters.” She said aloud as the reality sunk in. She got dressed quickly and made one phone call, to Amy.

Amy listened to Sabrina talk a million miles an hour but got the gist of what she was blabbering about. She told her to pick her up, she would need someone to talk with. She went back to Thomas and woke him up and explained the situation and that she wouldn’t be back for awhile. Now that he was awake he had to take care of a couple of things, he kissed her; checked on Timothy and then headed to the bathroom.

Amy yawned as Sabrina drove, remarkably she wasn’t speeding. They all knew this day would come; Endora was, to coin a phrase, as big as a house. So this really wasn’t unexpected.


Lyja watched from the corner of the room as the guard got up from his monitoring station to get a cup of coffee from another room down the hall. He passed within inches of her body for the room was very small. She was sure that she could do what mother planned. To prepare she had been here before, a couple of days in fact. She had studied the primitive devices and symbols that made up these alien's language. It would be as simple as putting in a line of code into the computer and she had what she needed; supplied by Mother herself. It was obvious that there was no way that she was going to be able to do it, so the task fell to Lyja. Getting that code had been a task but she had it, now all she had to do was implement it.

Before coming to the University she had a crash course on what she referred to as the primitive computers of this time. Her mind easily absorbed the knowledge on how they functioned and even learned several of the languages the machines were programmed in; in what Mother thought was an incredibly short time. So putting this code line wasn’t going to take long.

She followed Mother’s instructions and soon was in the core of the system, the line of code was placed and she got out quickly. Erasing her trail of the entry was easy and soon she was back in the corner of the room. The guard sat back down not noticing anything was different. It would be awhile before he would leave the room again, for now she was stuck. A few moments of watching his behavior she knew she had completed her mission without incident, so it was one for the good guys.


Sabrina and Amy found everyone in the waiting room and that included the aliens. Sabrina knew they had arrived but to see them here in the hospital was a bit strange. Then again she thought they didn’t look all that different, sure they were blue but there were blue furs and even some stranger colours. They sort of blended in, she guessed that was all right as long as no one really started talking to them. She couldn’t see her dad but she knew he was somewhere. Swallow was the first to spy her and came up to give her a hug.

“Hey sis nice to see you.” Sabrina said as she felt the wind being taken from her lungs.

Swallow smiled back, “Hi Amy.” She said.

“Hi.” Amy smiled back.

“Where’s Dad?” Sabrina asked.

“He went to fill in some paper work, Mom's OK they said, her doctor is on his way in.”

“That’s good to hear.” Sabrina said with some relief. This really was not an ordinary birth, well it sort of was. They all knew it was going to be twins so there was no surprise there but child birth is very traumatic on the body, anything could go wrong. Sabrina couldn’t help but be nervous.

Warren came out and gave everyone an update, he was going to stay with Endora as this was not anything new to him; he had been there for her when she had Sabrina and the twins. So far everything was going as well as could be expected, the twins were coming and fast. He gave his daughters a kiss and then headed back.

They all sat trying to make idle conversation. Sabrina found it interesting what Tolare and Afain thought of the society here. It seems now they were addicted to soap operas. Sabrina rolled her eyes, she found this extremely funny in many aspects.

Sabrina looked at Zir and could definitely see something was wrong. “Zir what is wrong?”

Zir looked at her and spoke, “Then you feel it too?” Zir said to Sabrina.

“, what is it you feel?”

“Pain on a level that undermines what I thought could be tolerated.”

Sabrina was shocked, “Are you getting this from Mom?”

“ this is farther away, above us actually.”

It occurred to Sabrina that this was probably not a great place for a telepath to be, a lot of the furs in this place are either sick or hurt to some degree and now she was picking them up; somehow. “This might not be a good place for you Zir. This is a place of healing but it is also a place where people come when they are ill. You obviously are picking some of that up.”

“You are correct but I shouldn’t be, this world has been a haven for me. No stray thoughts to intrude upon me to cause me concern but this is different.”

“Then I suppose we should go and investigate, if you feel up to it.”

“Yes I would like that.”

Sabrina rose and then something occurred to her, “Tolare and Afain can come too.”

The four of them took off in search of the mysterious feeling that Zir was feeling. Sabrina noticed that Tolare had a bag with her. “What’s in the bag?”

“A medical kit.” She smiled.

“And you have that because?” Sabrina said raising one eyebrow.

Tolare looked up at the tall black and white skunk, “In case things went wrong! Zirkon and I had a plan to make sure that we could do something if we had to. My medical knowledge would obviously play a vital role if something did occur.”

Sabrina now was a bit worried, in that bag was technology that could revolutionize medicine on this planet. “OK, not much I can do about your plan now but you are not to let go of that bag; you understand that.” She didn’t raise her voice but her voice was a bit stressed.

Tolare knew the look Sabrina was giving her, “I know what you are getting at, it will not leave my person.”

Sabrina sighed and took a deep breath, one problem solved.

Zir placed her paw to the door as the elevator passed each floor, as the fifth floor approached she said to stop. The doors opened and Zir took a step back, Sabrina stepped in behind her and steadied her.

“You OK?” Sabrina said in question.

“It is strongest here, it's not just one person it's many.”

Sabrina looked at the sign that stared back at all of them, “Burn Ward.” now she knew the cause. As she pressed the button to close the door, Zir spoke out.

“Are we not going on?” The door closed and Sabrina looked down at the black alien.

“This is the Burn Ward Zir where our kind come when they have been exposed to fire or chemicals. I can see why you would get the feeling from this floor. Burns are extremely painful and with our fur are more common than what we would like.” In response she rubbed the top of her left paw, for she had scalding water fall on her when she was young; it had healed up but it was so sore for weeks after.” This is not the place for you to be Zirkon, “We’re going back down.”

Zirkon spoke up, “No... I can help and so can Tolare.”

Sabrina just stood there, now she was in trouble. She shook her head, “We cannot help them.” She said almost choking on the words.

Tolare beside her spoke up, “I think we can.”

Sabrina knew this wasn’t right, “We can’t just go in there and heal everyone. This action will be on every newspaper in the country! No, we cannot do this.” Sabrina reached over to push the button down but Tolare stopped her.

“We can do this without it looking like a miracle has happened here, they will heal a little faster that is all.” Tolare informed her.

“Sabrina, I can feel their suffering, this is not right.” Zirkon pleaded.

Sabrina turned to both of them, “Look, I know these people are in pain but do you really think you can do anything to help all of them?” She was pretty sure that would stop them.

The two aliens looked at each other then back to Sabrina, “Yes.” They said in unison.

Sabrina shook her head.


Mother wanted that opportunity to talk to the large snake like clone and to do that she had to ask permission. It took time, for her other had gone away. Eventually though she got approval and she was wheeled down to her cage. The door to her huge cage was opened and mother was pushed in.

The guard put his paw on her shoulder, “If she attacks you we cannot guarantee your safety.”

“I can understand that.” Mother said.

The guard yelled up at Anna and from what Mother could see she acknowledged him. The guard asked about how long she needed, Mother suggested an hour and he nodded and said he’d be back then to see if she needed more time. The door closed and she was alone, well almost, a few minutes passed by, then the female creature named Anna began to descend. It took her a short time to get down and only then her torso part came down to meet her, the rest of her long body stayed firmly wrapped around the metallic tree. She was huge, Ti size, but not as muscular although she did have muscles that was for sure. She looked Mother up and down and then spoke.

“You wanted to talk?” Anna said, not really seeming that interested at all in having this conversation.

“Yes, I have answers for you.”

“Why do you think I need answers?” Anna questioned as curiosity was getting the better of her and now was wondering more about this creature.

“Because you are much like me, questioning things is your nature and my arrival has you very curious.”

Anna crossed her large arms, Mother found it strange just seeing her hanging there with no lower body, well sort of. “Well your friend seems to have caused quite a commotion; the whole University is talking about the said explosion in one of the rooms.”

“Yes it seems my companion and I are hardly welcome here.”

“So...why are the triplet’s after your vani...” She stopped there and tried to back up on her sentence but it didn’t work, it was already out.

“You mean my companion that can vanish,” she raised an eyebrow and continued, “I suspected you would find out about that but before we go any further can I have you do something for me.” She motioned for her to come closer and then she whispered something in her ear. After that brief conversation Anna took off, up to her computer. She was there quite awhile but finally came back down.

“Well?” Mother said as she looked at her.

She looked perplexed, “Your command worked, I now can control the complex from here. I’ve turned the camera video off focus and audio off for awhile. We can now talk in complete confidence. I’d like to know how you did that?”

“Well it’s easy when you designed the system.”

Anna looked suspiciously at this small pregnant creature, “You designed this place?”

“Not all of it but I had a big part in the complex’s network and how it operated. So of course I would have a way to enter commands into the system.”

Anna was confused, “But why give me control of this place? I mean I’m sure you know now what I’m capable of.”

Mother smiled, “That’s exactly why; I need an ally here. I have one in one of the triplets I believe; the one called Cassandra.”

“An ally, hmmm... why is my creator so interested in you and your companion?”

Mother grinned, “Oh, this is where it gets very interesting...” Mother then began to tell Anna all about herself and her mistress hoping that she could turn her towards her side. If she could, their chances of surviving would be greatly increased.

Anna sat mesmerized by this creature's tales of clones, aliens and her true mother. Anna couldn’t believe that this creature knew her true mother, the one she was molded after and the fact that she still lived. She so wanted to leave right there and seek her out, but that wasn’t going to happen any time soon it seemed.

“Woah...OK stop for a minute.” Anna said.

Mother stopped, it was just as well, her mouth was getting dry. “OK, I can understand this is a lot to absorb.”

The giant snake like creature stared at her with a strange look, “That’s an understatement. Now you claim that my creator has lied to me all this time and that we are prototypes for future soldiers.”

“Yes, there is a lab far away from here full of clones growing as we speak, thousands of them.”

Anna just sat there saying nothing for what seemed a very long time, “And you need my help?”

“Yes, my companion can only do so much. Her ability to disappear is fantastic but she is not indestructible. We need to destroy this complex or at least take control of it; from there we can free you and the others.” She wasn’t sure if she was getting through to her, she was hard to read.

Anna sat there for a moment, “Under two conditions I will help you.”

Mother awaited Anna’s demand. “And that would be?”

“That I get to meet my real mother, this Endora you spoke of and that I will be free of this place.”

That was it she thought, that she was pretty sure she could arrange. “Deal.” She shook Anna’s large hand, now all she had to do was come up with a plan.

Airport Toronto

Sabrina sat at one of the windows of the great ship, the view she had was of a major portion of the airfield. She could even see some of the giant airplanes taking off. The ship's departure was supposed to be a little later tonight but an announcement not too long ago said they might be delayed. They all were awaiting an update. Max too sat beside her looking out onto the airfield as well, there was no mistaking that he was extremely happy.

“So do you think we’ll take off tonight?” Sabrina asked trying to make casual conversation.

“I’m thinking no.” Max said quietly.

“Oh?” Sabrina said disappointed.

“They take storms very seriously, it's one thing to have to deal with one if it comes up but to fly into one; no they won't risk it.”

“Ah...I see.” Sabrina said agreeing.

“Well I don’t see myself staying round here too much longer,” He yawned, “I’m bushed. I really need a rest.”

As with yawns they are highly contagious as Sabrina did the same, they both agreed that they were tired and headed for their cabins. Max thought he would have a quick shower before heading to sleep. The bathroom was spacious, nothing like a cramped aircraft's. He turned on the taps to get the water started but nothing happened. He tried again but no water, he tried the sink but still nothing. This was kinda strange but then he thought that perhaps the water was turned off for a reason. He thought about it and that really didn’t make any sense; so he thought he would give the chief steward a call. As thought, the water should have been working; a maintenance worker was dispatched.

It didn’t take long for the crew member to get there, he checked things out but found no problem there in the cabin, he said he’d have to look elsewhere. Max said his thanks and let the crew member out. It seemed it wasn’t going to be fixed right away so he decided it was best if he just headed to bed.

A couple of hours later Max heard a knocking on his cabin door. Half awake he strode to the door, grabbing his robe on the way before opening it. At his door was Captain Ahab, which was a big surprise.

“Captain, it’s nice to see you again.” Max said trying to regain his composure.

The Captain could see that he had disturbed the black rabbit, “I’m very sorry to have troubled you.”

“Not a problem Captain, please come in.” Max watched as the Captain removed his hat and entered into the cabin. “So what brings you to this neck of the woods, so to speak.”

“Well it seems your plumbing problem has caused a great embarrassment on our part.”

“Oh?” Max said in surprise.

“Yes and well it seems we are going to have to make some amendments for you and your companion.” Max wasn’t sure where this was leading. “The problem you see Mr. Blackrabbit cannot be repaired here, so this cabin will have no running water for the journey and that to us is unacceptable. We would have instantly moved you to another cabin but that is impossible for all the cabins for this flight are booked. So I’ve come to ask if you wouldn’t mind using one of the crews facilities for this leg of the journey. For this inconvenience we will of course pay your full fares round trip.”

Max couldn’t believe what the Captain just said, “You’re going to pay our fares?”

“Of course Mr. Blackrabbit, we have a reputation to uphold and...” He rolled his eyes, “a slight plumbing problem is not going to tarnish it. So,” he pulled out a piece of paper and held it out for Max to take, “that is the crew member's cabin number that you can use the facilities in when you have need. He’s a really nice chap, I’m sure you’ll hit it off.”

Max took the paper but he was sure he wasn’t going to need it, “I think my companion will allow me to use hers but I will keep this in mind.”

The Captain smiled, “Then what I offered is acceptable to you?”

Max didn’t hesitate, “Oh yes, it is very acceptable.”

“Good, then we’ll consider this matter closed, oh I will be holding a private dining at 9pm. You and your companion are welcome to join us.”

A private dining Max thought, that’s fantastic, then his thoughts turned to Sabrina, maybe she wouldn’t want to go. “I’ll have to get back to you on that.”

“Understood. You can reach my voice mail by dialing 9185 on the phone. I do hope you will be able to attend.”

“I’m pretty sure we will but I have to be sure my companion does too.”

“Good to hear, I will talk to you later Mr. Blackrabbit.” The Captain opened the door and left after Max had said good-bye, his keen hearing could hear a loud cheer as he walked away. He grinned knowing he had done a good job at patching a horrible blunder.


Swallow saw Sabrina and the two aliens coming down the hall, she had been looking all over for them. “There you are, where have you been?”

Sabrina looked at her sister wearily, “Trust me you don’t really want to know.” Sabrina rolled her eyes.

“Well it doesn’t matter Moms had the twins!”

Sabrina was shocked, “So soon?”

“Sis you’ve been gone over an hour!”

Sabrina looked at her watch, she had to look at it twice for Swallow was right! She couldn’t believe that much time had gone by. “Sorry Swallow we got involved in...well you might see it on the news later.” Sabrina put on a fake grin.

Swallow didn’t know what to make of that, “Ah...OK but mom wants you to come in and see the twins.” She took her sisters arm and began to drag her. “Let's go.”

The aliens followed Sabrina and her sister towards Endora’s room, it wasn’t too far away. Her mother was the only patient in the room, her father was sitting in a chair beside her. He looked a lot less stressed. Amy was in the corner with Autumn. In her mother’s arms were the twins, Mary and Donna. They had the names picked out a long time ago.

“There you are, I was getting worried.” Endora said as they entered.

Sabrina walked up beside her mom and gave her a kiss, “Sorry mom but we got a bit side tracked.” She looked at the small wonders she held. “They are beautiful. I bet this brings back some memories.” She smiled.

Endora looked up at her, “Oh yes but you cried and cried, not like these two.” She smiled and was thankful they hadn’t really done much but sleep.

Sabrina looked down at the twins, amazing the two were, exactly the same as Autumn right down to the stripes. They would grow up and look exactly like her and their mother. They all will be completely stunned when they learn of their origin. “Looks like Mary and Donna have arrived in grand fashion.”

“Yes and in a hurry. It wasn’t long after I got here that they started to come.”

“It would seem so, how you doing mom?”

“I’m good, tired but I’m OK.”

“How you doing dad?” Sabrina looked over at her beaming dad.

“Fine, I'm just relieved that everything has worked out for the best. With everything we have gone through things seem to have finally gone right for a change.”

Everyone smiled and nodded.


Max went to Sabrina’s cabin and knocked on her door. Inside he could hear her voice call out that she’d be there in a second. In a moment Sabrina answered the door, “Hi Max.”

“Can I come in?”


As he walked in he saw she had her bathrobe on, “Have I got some news.” He smiled.

“Oh!” Sabrina said in surprise.

“Yeah, seems our airfare has been paid in full by the airline.”

Sabrina was shocked to say the least, “Huh, did they say why?”

“Yeah, the plumbing in my suite doesn’t work.”

“Oh, that’s not so good.”

“Well they gave me a crew member's cabin that I could use but I thought I could use yours if that’s OK.”

That took her by surprise but it wasn’t like they hadn’t seen each other naked before; it also was the logical solution. “Sure not a problem.”

“It will probably be only for the one way, I’m not sure if it will be this ship on returning.”

“That’s OK it won’t be too much of a problem.”

“Oh and we have been invited to the Captain's table to dine tonight.” Max smiled.

“We have? That’s seems a bit out of the ordinary.”

“Yeah I thought it was a bit odd too. I think it's their way of trying to make up for things that have already gone wrong. So is it OK for us to go?”

“Sure sounds like fun.” Sabrina smiled at him.

“Great I’ll let the Captain know we will be attending. First though I need a shower.”

“Well help yourself, I’ve had mine all ready.”

Max started off to the bathroom, “See you soon.”

“No hurry.” Sabrina sat back down on her bed and then had a change of heart. She rose, undid her robe and went to join him.

The End Of Chapter Thirteen

Rub a dub dub a skunk and a rabbit in a tub.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2007 2:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mike Regan wrote:
Hey good clean fun. Wink

Think of Max and Sabrina's kids. Little baby bunny/skunks, cute little stinkers. Rolling Eyes

Indeed. I think Max is one lucky bunny!
I think he should thank his feet... or perhaps be kissing on those of his girlfriend- that's almost never a bad thing....
Very Happy

And I still love the story, Cheetaur!

-Shirh Khan

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2007 11:20 pm    Post subject: Hey SK Reply with quote

Thanks for stopping by...woooo very nice hearing from yah.

Yup Max is a lucky bunny indeed...Smile

Thanks for hanging in there with the story..really appreciated.

Best wishes


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PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 1:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Its been a while but well worth the wait for this chapter.

I, for one, am interested in seeing the headlines as to what exactly the others were able to do for the burn victims.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2007 1:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Its been a while but well worth the wait for this chapter.

I, for one, am interested in seeing the headlines as to what exactly the others were able to do for the burn victims.

Yeah i know it's been awhile, sorry about that. Sad
Glad you have hung around to see how this all ends though...Smile

As for the headlines, you'll have to use your imagination for that bit...Wink

Again thanks a whole lot for hanging with the story. It is really nice to hear your comments.


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