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introduction interview

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 3:26 am    Post subject: introduction interview Reply with quote

1. What is your character's name?

cyberhorn the dragon
cyber walks in and looks over humans shoulder "umm capitalize the cyberhorn please"
cyber "oh fine Cyberhorn the dragon at your service"

2. What kind of character is it (furry, anime, etc) and any particular race?

umm DRAGON hello, sigh rolls eyes
cyber "heh well not everyone knows these pretty scales"

3. What is the first thing your character would think of when he/she first wakes up?

oh no morning came, sigh caffine must rev the engine
cyber "hmmm yep that'd work" hides furry nude ladies pictures

4. Your character's favorite outfit would be?

armor, big sword, gun on hip and a 72 fleetwood broham caddie hood as a sheild (reinforeced of course)
cyber "actualy a nice pair of jeans they dont makethem for dragons tails though"

5. When your character looks into a mirror, what's the first thing they would notice?

damn another scale fell off oh look eyes gleam nicely though
cyber "teeth sharp yep, good time to go bite the human"

6. Does your character have the same tastes in food as you?

huh? oddly asked question of course i have tastes in food YUM sushi, ooh mac n cheese (ha MLD cant get me on this one 8-P)
cyber "i do belive they are asking ol'boy if i have simalar tastes in food as you which is yes, at least im making a good impression on him"

7. How is your character similar to you?

we both try to be good people, though in many ways he can express his anger and it gets attention both love to eat and collect treasures
cyber "ahh yes well im a bit more literate you see when it comes to my ability to express anger"
yeah flames stomps and roars at it
cyber "exactly" grin!

8. How is he/she different?

10ft tall vs 5,10, wings no wings, tail no tail, scales no scales, dragon err something, courageous not so much
cyber "yes something indeed, still must find where you fit in the speices tree lad"

9. If your character could speak, would they have the same voice as you?

no, deeper louder
cyber "more educated"
8-P pbthth
cyber "eh speak up lad your snake spit is garbled sounded like you asked for a stomping?"

10. If you were to suddenly become your character, what do you think would be the first thing you would do as them?

wonder which of my books id just fell into, then go fly and see the sky Very Happy
cyber "heh least hes got his priorites some what straight"

11. Is there something about your character that you don't like how others think of them?

that just becouse hes a dragon he isnt warm blooded though he can be rather cold blooded when needed
cyber "aww good lad" gives human a treat

12. What advantages does your character have over you?

umm hello DRAGON? sheesh
cyber "its extensive to say the least , hmm yes im a dragon does work quite well indeeed i see writing has helped you a bit lad"

13. What disadvantages?

err heh dragon umm most people would run and shoot before finding out isa good guy
cyber "sigh again his inteligance astounds me i really must begin to monitor his book reading"

14. Do you have any secrets relating to your character that only you know?

hmm dificult to see ask again later
cyber "ohh nice one, the classic 8 ball aproach?"

15. Do you have any secret drawings only you know about?

yep well me and a couple others ahh harem dreams oops
cyber "that was! a secret sigh!"

16. Do you have any plans for your character or are you working on something big relating to him/her?

nothing major he stars in a lot of my writings already
cyber "yes and im proud to be the hero" polishes claws on humans shirt

17. What misconception(s), if any, do people have about your character?

the cold blooded dragon thing, several seem to think hes bi NO cyber is not bi
cyber nodds emphaticly "not bi nope no no sir"

also that hes a nice innocent dragon HA HAHAHAHAHA
cyber looks down and thumps human "shush"

18. If you could have just ONE characteristic from your character, what would it be?

cyber "ha okay my turn hello dragon? thank you"

19. Have you made any characters that go along with yours, based on real-life people, that have the same relationship with your character as you with the real-life person?

yes chris foxx
cyber "ahh ol flame tail"

20. Have you written any stories about your character?

falls over laughing
cyber falls over laughing
hee ohh just a couple buahahahahaha
cyber falls over again laughing

21. How has your character changed since his/her first creation?

more sarcastic
cyber "really,.. well" turns away
and spoiled
cyber "now that is uncalled for!"
and abusive
cyber raises hand to smack human and stops "bad lad not fair, low even"
but protective as well im glad for that
cyber "well, i sigh"
biger stronger more bipedal larger wings generaly more dragon but refined

22. Give us a one-liner from him/her.

hey lad what is this youve got me doin again?
cyber "i do not say doin i do tend to ask why me? when this writer puts me into a life or death spot i usualy dont come out uninjured"
and thats when after the 5th rewrite you ask me again what am i doin again (brings out small casette player clicks play
"okay now for the last time what is this youve got me doin again?? im sopposed to leap infront of the blast? ow! cant i like reflect it away or som" clicks tape off

cyber looks at human then interviewer "err, yes well!, i guess it is thank you so very much for this oportunity but we must be going do check out the father drake excelent book" patting humans head and sliding chair out of the room....
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