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Chapter 7 of S4 Posted Aug 12th

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 9:39 pm    Post subject: Chapter 7 of S4 Posted Aug 12th Reply with quote

Hi folks here is the long awaited Chapter 7. YAY

There are a few surprises in this one, Kathren gets to meet the family and others.....Smile

I hope you will enjoy this latest installment of the clone saga

Comments are always welcome.....Smile


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Joined: 21 Feb 2002
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 9:41 pm    Post subject: Chapter 7 Reply with quote


Chapter 7: Last Train To Terra.

The day had finally caught up with her as her eyelids closed for what she thought would only be a few moments. Day break came as Mother’s ears heard the rustling of someone in her room, she sat up quickly to spy a small blue creature sitting peacefully in a chair opposite her bed. “Afain!” She cried.

Afain’s eyebrows went up, “Interesting, you seem to know me but I have no idea who you are.”

Now she was confused, “Huh?”

The small blue alien stood up, “You seem to be in possession of Zargozian technology but I do not recognize you or your species.” Although she did remind her a bit of someone but that was quite improbable.

Mother rubbed her head, this was perplexing but then noticed something, “You’re pregnant again?”

Afain tilted her head in confusion, “I do not understand, what do you mean again? I have not birthed my hatchling yet!”

A ray of light dawned on Mother as she now understood what was going on and who this was. “I understand now,” she said aloud.

Afain looked up at the alien, “That is all well and good, could you enlighten me as well.”

Mother smiled as she got out of bed and put on her robe. “You are Afain of my past. I’m whom they called Mother but I am from ‘your’ future.” She emphasized ‘your’ to put the point across

Afain stood there stunned, a future version of that small creature, “That creature is nothing like you.” She paused, “Well, she does share some of your characteristics but it is hard to believe you are the same creature.”

“Believe me, I am her. It would also answer your question as to why I have Zargozian technology.”

“It would, still I am puzzled. Why are you here? We did not receive a message from you but from Lyja.”

Mother stopped as she remembered, “Yes...yes that would be right!!” she nodded.

“Now I’m confused again.” Afain said.

“I can understand your point of view.” Mother responded softly.

“My point of view?” Afain said in question.

Mother moved into her kitchen as Afain followed, “Well to you this is the present. It actually isn’t, because I know your future and my other self’s as well.”

“So you know of future events that will happen when I go to see Lyja and I guess the other you.”

“Correct, but I guess you understand that from this meeting you cannot tell my other self you met me.”

Afain sat down again on a chair in the small kitchen, “I figured as much. Can I ask why you are here?”

“I cannot tell you, sorry. I can tell you that it was necessary.”

“Understood, you would know more than I.”

“I must ask something of you though.”

“Go ahead,” Afain said.

Mother put some juice in front of Afain, “I must ask that you hide your ship, perhaps even removing it from this solar system.”

“Why?” She took a sip of the juice; it was very good, she liked its sweet taste.

“I will soon be calling for my ride, I don’t want to run the risk of you perhaps meeting yourselves from the future.”

“Did we?”

“You’re asking not that I remember.” She tried to think, “For me this isn’t the past, although to me seeing you like you are it tells me that it is. I don’t like to think too much on this time travel thing it gives me a headache.”

“Then we will move the ship out of range of sensors just to be safe.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s not a big thing to ask. Since you are calling for your ride, I surmise what you wanted to do here is complete?”

“Yes, my mission here is finished.”

“Then it seems I must be on my way.” She thought about something that Lyja had asked, “Again I must ask is there anything you can tell me about what is going on? We were asked to bring many shuttles with us for a reason I cannot fathom.” Afain said again taking a sip of her juice.

She thought about it and said, “I can tell you that you will be taking on some passengers.” That shouldn’t affect anything she thought but as her mind pondered it she understood that everything happening now had already happened. She didn’t think she could alter Afain’s past; or could she.”

Afain raised an eyebrow, “Interesting, we will do our best to stay out of your way then.”

“That would be a good thing.” She nodded in agreement.

“So you finally give birth?” Afain said inquiring.

“Eventually.” She smiled hoping Afain would not press any further.

Kathren’s Parents Home:

Kathren looked around her old homestead, things had not changed a lot; some different furniture, new wall hangings, aside from that it was like she had never left. Bad memories began to flow back into her head, she pushed them aside for now she needed to concentrate on what she was doing.

“Mom, where did you set us up?” Kathren called out.

“In the dining room, we put a bed there for you and Margrette.” Her mother’s voice echoed from the kitchen.

“The dining room, that’s different,” Kathren thought. She pulled the bags into the dining room, sure enough there was a large bed made up for two. Appellation had already dumped what bags she had been carrying and quickly disappeared. Kathren sighed, already it was starting; it seems things hadn’t changed at all.

As she put the bags in order, her stomach growled; she had passed on the plane’s abysmal in-flight meal and was starving. It was time to find a snack. At least she didn’t have to worry about junk food in this house; she’d be surprised if she could find any at all. She found her mother in the kitchen.

“It’s good to have you home dear.” Kathy’s mother said as she passed by.

“Thanks Mom.” Kathren sighed.

“I’m sorry Margrette isn’t here, Kathy. I know you’re disappointed but she’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, she told me, I’m not worried about her; it just feels very strange to be here again after so long.” And it did, this was and wasn’t the home she remembered. The main fact though was that she really didn’t have too many pleasant memories of home and this weighed heavily on her.

“I know but I’m glad you came, it was brave of both of you.”

Kathren was quiet, “I wanted to come but I have to tell you the timing stinks. I didn’t want Margrette to fly but she insisted that she come along.” She gulped, “I love her so much Mom.”

“I know you do, I can see it.” She reached out and hugged her daughter.

Kathren relaxed in her mother’s arms, she alone really understood and supported her; although something really nagged at her. “Mom, what’s wrong with Dad?”

Milias Otex pushed back on her daughter breaking their embrace, “What do you mean?”

“Well you know Dad and how he was about me, even when I left, he know didn’t talk much. Today he said more things than I’ve ever heard from him, he even hugged me which he hasn’t done for years.”

Milias smiled, “Well, it seems your father’s eyes have been opened so to speak, have a seat and I’ll explain.”

Kathren sat down as her mother got something from the fridge, “You want some iced tea?”

“Yes please.” Kathren said as she was parched and still wanted that snack.

Milias sat down with two glasses of tea. She had hoped to have this conversation a little later but it seems her daughter was more astute than she thought. “Well, you see, your father has had sort of a lesson taught to him. Someone very close to him confessed not too long ago that he”

“Oh.” Kathren said in shock, “Bet that went over well; knowing dad.” She rolled her eyes.

“Well, there’s where you are wrong. He came home that night and sat on the couch in silence; it took him a long time to come out and tell me what had exactly gone on. That was one very long night.”


“Kathy dear, this fur meant a lot to your father and he really had to re-think his position on things; to him this was an almost impossible situation in his mind.”

“I can understand that, he never really understood me.”

Milias smiled, “You are right, he never did understand but he did love you.”

“He had a strange way of showing it.”

“When you left, things changed in him, I could see it. Although he will never admit it, he missed you. Well he might now, I don’t know. What I do know is that he wants to talk with you some time. He’s expressed that to me a couple of times since you said you were coming home.”

“He wants to talk with me?” Kathren said in surprise, “Mom, when I left you know what he said.”

“Yes I know exactly what he said but all this just happened to him recently; he’s changed and it seems you’ve noticed.”

Kathren watched as her mother finished off her tea, “Yes in some ways, I’m not sure what to expect. Mom, I’ve never been close to Dad.”

“I know you haven’t, I guess it’s time to get a little closer; we won’t always be here you know.” She stood and took Kathren’s now empty glass.

“That’s true, I’ll talk with him, I can see he’s different; it won’t hurt to hear what he has to say.” She paused, “His friend?”

“Ask him about that, it will give you something to chat about.”

“OK.” Seems things had changed in the house, maybe for the better; she could only hope.

She decided to change the subject and make a sandwich. She got up and started to talk again, “I see sis hasn’t changed either, does she have a boyfriend?”

“A boyfriend? Kathy I gave up counting a long time ago; they come and go. So if you mean a steady one, the answer is no.”

Kathren sighed, “I thought she would have settled down a bit, geesh...she’s only two years older than I am.”

“She’ll find someone, although I cannot speculate as to who; I’ll be totally surprised by that one.” Her mother grinned.

“Is the pool full? You said something about having some work done on it.” Kathren said hopefully, she really needed a swim.

“Yes, it was fixed soon after we spoke but I think your sister is swimming now; I think I heard her mumble something about it.”

“I think she’ll survive sharing the pool with me; if you hear arguing...”

“I know the drill.” Her mother said as she rolled her eyes.

Heather’s Computer Emporium

Sabrina turned the OPEN sign around to read CLOSED and let it go gently back to its place of rest. Her day was finally over; she was glad, there had been a lot to do. She was still reeling from all the big surprises along the way. The fact that Heather had invited her to live in her home was one, that’s if she wanted to; it had taken her by surprise. To not take advantage of the offer would be foolish, now she only had to survive in that closet for a few more months. Now she thought, what was she going to do with all that space. Then Max asking her to go away with him. She sighed, she wasn’t sure if she liked the idea of taking off to Germany. She didn’t know anyone there and she hadn’t even met this friend of Max’s; she felt like she was intruding.

She walked back through the store to look for her purse, in it was her bus pass, another long trip on the rolling mobile home. She found it, then went to grab her coat. Max was standing by the closet.

“Want a ride home?”

She was sort of shocked, “Max my apartment isn’t anywhere near yours! I can’t make you drive that far out of your way.”

“Well I thought we could stop off for some dinner and...”

Sabrina thought about the bus ride and her stomach growled softly, “OK,” she interrupted him, “Only if I buy.” She smiled.

“You got yourself a ride.” Max said as his stomach growled loudly and Sabrina giggled.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 9:42 pm    Post subject: Part 2 Reply with quote

The Farm

The limo drove slowly down the lanes of asphalt and rows upon rows of trees. Care had been taken to leave parts of the natural landscape stay intact; so as to preserve the peacefulness it portrayed. It made for a very curvaceous driveway but in the end the right choice. As they drew closer to the main building furs of all sorts began to show up walking around the campus. A lot seemed to be of equine descent, probably due to the fact that they could deal with both aggressive and non-aggressive species.

There were more here than Mother could remember there being; seemed that the school was doing well in her absence. The main building was a massive structure, towering into the sky. The entrance had two giant figures on either side of the steps leading into the building, one was a lion, the other a fabled unicorn, they were both outstanding works of craftsmanship. She couldn’t remember ordering them but she did remember something important about them; they were very expensive.

The main hall was mostly vast open space leading to many adjoining hallways. To her left was reception and as with most things it was far too high for her to see over. She approached and cleared her throat as she stood looking up at the high counter above.

A head poked over, one of a white equine, “Oh hello, sorry I didn’t see you down there.” She said in a pleasant voice. “I only saw your companion.”

“It’s OK, I get that a lot. Being small does have its disadvantages.”

She smiled, “What can I do for you Miss...?”

“Miss Zersuss, I’ve come to see the Head Mistress.”

“Oh...” She said as her head disappeared and papers began rustling. “Do you have an appointment?” Mother heard her say from behind the desk.

“No but I am expected, I was to talk to her about Epsilon.” The paper rustling stopped, “Epsilon?”


“Oh!! We were told to expect someone, she didn’t say as to who. All we knew was a fur would ask about Epsilon; seems you’re our fur!” She said cheerfully as she came around the desk. She put out her paw as she bent down to shake mother’s extended appendage. She also shook Lyja’s as she escorted them to the Head Mistress’ chambers. As they walked the secretary took out her cell phone and made a phone call, it was short and to the point; the guests had arrived. “The mistress is in one of the far labs and should be here as quickly as she can; which I figure is approximately 20 minutes or so.”

“That’s not too long to wait.” Mother replied.

“I can bring you something to drink if you’d like.”

“Tea would be good.” Mother answered.

“And for you?” Her voice was a bit shaky, seems she was a bit taken aback by Lyja, she had not seen anything like her before.

“Tea will be fine.” Lyja replied, in fact it was one of only a few drinks she seemed to be able to tolerate on this planet.

They came to two large doors that led into a huge room, with two very large windows to their immediate left. They looked out onto the grounds, a very vast landscape of rolling fields and trees. In the distance they could see several large buildings. The room’s walls were all wood right to the ceiling, which had to be at least 20ft high. Two massive chandeliers hung low into the room. The furniture was more on the antique look, what stood out was the massive desk that stood in front of them. It was the loveliest shade of red, it had to be mahogany for sure, a beautiful piece to finish off what was a room suited for a queen.

“Please take a seat and I will return shortly with your tea.”

“Thank you for your assistance.” Mother replied.

“You are most welcome.” The equine closed the huge doors, the sound of them latching echoed throughout the room.

Alison commented about the room’s vastness, Mother did not answer her for she knew they were being watched. Although she could not see the camera’s she knew they were there. Lyja just sat and waited quietly, she wasn’t thrilled with this situation. The fact that they were all in danger being here wasn’t one of the greatest ideas in the world. She could think of many places she could be other than here. The equine returned quickly with tea and biscuits.

Mother poured herself a cup and then sat back and tried to relax, they were on this other’s turf now and that was a very dangerous place to be. Twenty minutes went by, then an hour, finally their host arrived.

The doors swung open widely; swinging wildly on their hinges as they sped to their imminent collision with the walls behind them. They made a loud bang as they hit then bounced back and surprisingly latched.

“Welcome welcome!!” Their host said in greeting, a giant white weasel with not a hint of clothing as she stood before them.

Mother stood and stared at her, it was a body she knew well , she had occupied one just like it years ago. The way the body moved, flowed, carried itself, it was herself exactly and she trembled in fear for the first time. The creature turned and bent down to examine her small guest.

“’re me, or a version of me, or something like that and very pregnant I see.” Her paw extended and rubbed mother’s extended tummy. She also glanced across at Lyja and was amazed, so intrigued that she forgot Mother altogether and walked over to Lyja. “This is amazing.” She looked Lyja up and down and even poked her once or twice. The creature turned to look at mother, “Your work I take it?”

“Yes.” She lied.

“What in the world were you doing?” The other said still intrigued.


“Oh...I see, to blend into the background, how ingenious! Did it work? Can she?” The other said with excitement in her voice.

“No it didn’t, he” she emphasized, “is completely hairless, his skin reflects light but he cannot blend or change colour to match his surroundings.”

“ said he?”


The creature grinned as she looked at Mothers extended abdomen, “Ah... I see, your mate then?”

Mother hadn’t really thought of that but answered, “Yes.”

“Hmmm, wonder what traits your kit will have.” She moved back and bent down again putting her face right up to Mothers. “Hard to believe that we are the same.”

“More than you think.” Mother said coldly staring back at a face she knew too well.

“Ah... well that’s why you’re here, curiosity for the most part; same thoughts are in here as well.” As she pointed her finger to her head.

“I also assume I’m still alive for that reason as well.” Mother said not flinching in the presence of the other, trying to sound cool and calm.

“Ooh we are paranoid aren’t we?” She grinned, “You really posed no threat to me and I’ve had a tail on you for awhile. So of course I’ve been aware of what you have been doing.”

“I figured that.”

“Though I really didn’t think you’d be this small and you don’t even look like me.”

“Believe me I’m you, up here.” Mother pointed to her temple.

“Oh I’m in no doubt of that, how we got to that is the sixty four thousand dollar question isn’t it?”

The other exited Mother’s personal space and moved in behind the massive desk, “So, welcome both of you to the University, I’m sure things haven’t changed all that much since you last left it.”

“Oh some of it has but what has my attention is Epsilon.” Mother said as she crawled back into a chair that was almost twice her size. The leather was slippery and she kept sliding around on the seat.

“Oh that, I thought that would get your attention.”

“It did, I believe you have been exaggerating though.”

“Oh no no you have that all wrong.” The other smiled evilly.

Mother interjected, “I was years, perhaps decades away from making Epsilon work!!!” Mother’s voice began to rise.

“Easy...calm...I see you have my temper. I’ve tried hard to control myself in that area but to finish I might as well show you. The reason I was so late greeting you was because...well I picked up my little projects.” She then began yelling “One, Two, come in!!!”

The doors swung open again and this time two massive creatures walked into the room; side by side. Mother’s jaw dropped as she watched two giant skunktaurs march in. They walked in unison and were massive in size. Their arms and chests were solid muscle as were their rest of their bodies. They were prime specimens of body builders but both were obviously female with huge breasts adorning their chests. They had the identical stripe pattern as the other skunks she had used before in her experiments. Their huge curled up tails fanned out behind them. They were awe inspiring and in a big way terrifying as the reality of what they really were sunk in.

The other smiled, “I’d like you to meet One and Two,” she said slyly.

Mother noticed that neither one of these massive creatures had moved an inch from the time they had come to a stop in the room. They were living statues, project Epsilon had found a new form.

End of Chapter 7

“Who’s that knocking on your door, someone’s ringing a me a favor and open the door an let’em in...oooh yah yah let’em in.”

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2005 3:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good read Cheets, you gotta wonder what Mother plans on doing with the two new skunktaurs. Hire them out to Ziggy maybe Twisted Evil
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2005 8:24 pm    Post subject: Thanks for the comments guys Reply with quote

Glad you guys enjoyed the chapter..Smile
More to come with One and Two... Smile

Check out the new and improved Sabrina to the fourth power Wink
Plus send donations, donations and donations......and donations.
Flames keep to a minimum.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2005 9:08 am    Post subject: One and Two Reply with quote

Nice one Cheets, though at the end there I got this picture of a cat in a hat for some reason...
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2005 1:01 am    Post subject: Mortal Kombat!!!!! Reply with quote

Hey Cheetaur, I really like where the story is going. It seems like you can only guess at what Mother is going to do next. For some reason though, the begining of this chapter reminded me of the middle part of the movie Back to the future 2. Where Doc Brown explains to Marty of both their past selfs being in the 1955 time frame. I was waiting for Mother to tell Afain to take the Delorean back to the future *laughs* just kidding. It seems like Kathren is going to have to handle some family problems, I hope everything goes well for her. But at the end of this chapter, it seems like its going to turn into a mortal kombat fight or a jet li movie *grins* Either way, I cant wait to see what is going to happen. Keep up the great work Cheetaur.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 2:09 am    Post subject: Re: Mortal Kombat!!!!! Reply with quote

foxtaur wrote:
It seems like you can only guess at what Mother is going to do next.

Yeah, but which Mother? Alison/Mother or new Mother?
...Back to the future 2. Where Doc Brown explains to Marty of both their past selfs being in the 1955 time frame.

But keep in mind, Alison/Mother (the Mother personality)and Mother are not the same person through time travel, they are more like neural copies, the latter of the former, albeit incomplete (complete enough to continue their projects).
Since the Alison Mother didn't die when/before the new Mother was activated, we now have two of her, though the former has since been "infected" (if I could use that term) with a concience by the Alison personality.

BTW, I'd like to see someone's ideas of what the original creature in the cave and Alison/Mother look like (ancestor and anthro derivative). I don't recall an actual species mentioned, just partial descriptions sounding exotic. (Maybe I should re-read some of it.)

"Cogito, ergo es. I think, therefore you is." Ray D. Tutto (King of the Moon) to Baron Munschaussen
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