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Story : JF

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Jaymee Fox
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Site Owner

Joined: 02 Jun 2003
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 4:11 pm    Post subject: Story : JF Reply with quote

My stories are not all put together yet. but when I get chapters in order I will have them posted on my website so this is one of the chapters I'm working on. Remember please don't post anything on here but please post feedbacks, thoughts, feelings, anything to Feedback Here Name "JLS"

Thank you.

2nd Post will contain the first part of one chapter and it will go with the title so you know what is what.

EVERYTHING HERE IS COPYRIGHTED BY ME , Characters are copyright to me and the actual characters. Furcadia is copyright to Please don't abuse the copyrights. If you want to use my character or other characters ask me first. Thank you



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Jaymee Fox
Site Owner
Site Owner

Joined: 02 Jun 2003
Posts: 582
Location: USA

PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 4:13 pm    Post subject: Part 1 Reply with quote

*March 31 2004*

Sun hid slighly behind some white puffy clouds giving little or no sunbeams upon the ground of Ygrene right outside of Furcadia. Jaymee's tail was busy swaying back and forth as she is walking beside a handsome whiteish brown wolf mixed up with a German Shepard traits. Loran looks over at Jaymee grinning at one of her remark about a deer that saw them and got startled then skips through the woods going out of their sights. They laughed at the departed deer and continues to walk on. Not watching where she was going, Jaymee trips over a large root that is hidden and fell down hitting her right side of the head on a rock and lost conscious. Loran's eyes widen and yelps as Jaymee laid there limp, he picks her up, ran while carrying her toward a wood cabin by Lost Lake. As he arrives to the cabin he leans backward slightly kicking open the cabin door, walks over to the couch to put her down, then began to tend her head wound. As he finishs dressing the wound with a bandage and medicine included, he took his bag to the side and opens it. Digging in looking for a certain bottle, he pulls it out after finding it, opens the bottle, and sway it under Jaymee's nose to wake her up after she has been out for a quite good hour. She groans and winkles her nose up in digust as she smelt a bad foul smell of salt. Her eyes opens slightly and looks up at a brown canine and yelp. Loran jumps backward and tilts his head wondering why she yelped. Jaymee sat up looking around not knowing where she is and groans while grabbing her head to stop the room from spinning. In no time, Jaymee finally pass the headache stage, was leaning against the wall eyeing the male canine and inchs over to the window. Loran frowns at Jaymee's behavior while picking up his cell phone to call someone.

"Hello? This is Loran Drake, something happened to Jaymee and right now she is awake and not knowing where she is, please hurry! Bye" Loran hangs up after leaving a message on the machine of someone's cell phone and puts the phone away.

In no flash, a young, well built with muscular toned all over his body, white sibertain tiger arrives to the cabin with extreme worry look in his blue eyes. He walks in then looks around and found Jaymee by the window staring at them.

"Honey, it is me, your husband Xander." He walks toward Jaymee.

Jaymee snarls at him with her claws extends out as her, once was smooth, tail fizzes out. Loran grabs Xander's arm and pulls him back. Xander yank his own arm back and growls at Loran.

"What the hell happened Loran?" He asks.

"Jaymee tripped on something and hit her head and lost conscious. I tended to her wound and she is okay," Loran pauses for a second then continues, " I think."

Xander sighs while rubbing his forehead watching Jaymee. Jaymee glances at them and wonders to herself who they are or who she even is. Jaymee turns her head for a few seconds to look outside while Xander walks over one again to her and put his paw on her left shoulder. Jaymee looks to her left at the feline's paw then at the stranger with a utter growling noise that sounds like an "Um?"

Loran looks over at them and comments to his own thought, "I think Jaymee lost her memory, she does not know who you are or me for that matter." He pauses frowning, " I never seen something like this before."

Xander frowns then digs into his pocket and pulled out a wallet opening it up and took out their family photos with the kids and gives it to Jaymee.

"She was not out long enough to indicate a stroke or brain damage." Loran explains.

"Remember the kids hun?" Xander puts the pictures in Jaymee's paws for her to look at.

Jaymee looks down at the photos and saw a bunch of unfamiliar kids and two adults. Returning her glance to the white feline then at the brown canine and saw a mirror on the wall by the canine. She walks slowly toward the mirror wanting to know what she looks like.

Loran looks at Xander after watching Jaymee walking past him, "We got to figure out how to get her memory back somehow." He rubbed his chin. "It is wiped clean."

Jaymee put her paws over to her muzzle and touchs the soft smooth white fur and felt her muzzle bones while staring in the mirror. Xander walks over to the table along the wall and leans against it while watching Jaymee staring at her blue eyes in the reflection.

"It took me a year to even get some of my memory back," Xander sighs. So he continued, “You’d sit there wondering if this life is really yours, people sit there and tell you what you were and how you lived.

Loran pulls out his bio scanner and walks toward Jaymee doing a scan of her mind and finds that there are no apparent damages. “This is mind boggling Xander,” he remarks.

Xander barely was listening to Loran continuing in his own thoughts, “you wanted to believe them but can’t say that you remember on your own..”

Jaymee growls at the guy scanning her.

“..she could of just locked it away in the back of her mind.” Xander exclaimed. With a frown, he looks at jaymee, “Easy Jaymee, it is okay, Loran’s just trying to help.

Jaymee stepped back away while her tail sways violently suddenly.

Xander steps toward Jaymee with paws out in front of him, “Easy hun, it’s okay.”

Her tail smacks Xander hard in the side sending him flying across the room as she stared in disbelief getting confused not understand what just happened because the tail did it all on its own. She stepped backward as Xander grunts as he impacts the wall then slids down onto the floor.

Xander sat up rubbing his head, “Ow….”

“It’s possible,” while Loran puts the scanner away. “We need a more in depth scan of her memories may be vaulted meaning locked in a room in the back of her head.”

As Xander slowly stands up dusting himself off, looks at Loran and nods softly, “Just back away from her right now and try not to upset her. Also just because her memory is lost doesn’t mean her tail doesn’t know what it’s doing.”

Loran looks over at Xander after the incident, “Yeah, tell me about it.”

Walking slowly over to Jaymee holding his hands up showing her that he is holding nothing and won’t hurt her, “Jaymee, can we try something?” Xander asked.

Jaymee has backed up as her back touches the wall and began to pant like a frighten fox caught by hunting dogs.

“Yeah, we need to think this out and at the same time keep an eye on her.” Loran whispers to Xander.

Xander’s eyes are fixated on Jaymee, “Shhhh, it is okay Jaymee.” He still has his hand out to her, “You want to remember who you are right?”

Loran steps back and watches while waiting.

Xander continued, “You want to remember who we are?”

Jaymee’s ears are perked up high but remain confused.

“I am here to help love, do you want to remember us?” He asked again.

Whimpering, Jaymee does not want to answer anything. Suddenly she began to groan softly wincing in pain.

Xander continues with his hand out, “Just take my hand hun and we will find out why you can’t remember us.”

Jaymee cries out in extreme pain as her back sudden sprung out the gorgeous wings soaring sideways as she is gasping in confusion looking at her three layered triwings.

Sighing a bit shaking his head, Xander exclaimed, “This is going to be harder than I thought, Jaymee, please take my hand.”

Loran walks toward Xander slowly watching Jaymee then whisper something in his ear, “This just hit me, she might be stuck in her feral mode but in her original form.”

Her wings begin to flap furiously causing wind brewing up creating a small whirlwind blowing both the guys to the other side of the room.

Loran slides back few feet and hits the wall with a thud then falls down onto his knee in shock, “Owww! That hurts! Yeah it is going to be harder than we thought.” He rubs his back while he is on all his fours.

Xander hits the wall for the second time and almost twisted his ankle. He sighed softly thinking to himself, (If she was in her feral mood, she would still know me.”

Jaymee’s ears flattens back as the ear tips touches each other.

Loran shook his head, “Not entirely sure about her feral form because her memory could be void.”

Xander sits up on his elbows looking at her.

Jaymee sees the couch against the wall and climbs on it then stands there against the wall eyeing the guys. Ears twitching, she turns her head toward a new furson walking in. Snarling at him, her wings flapping a bit while her tail twitched to the sides.

A tall, muscular red fox walks in and stop dead in his track seeing Jaymee snarling at him, “What is going on?” He asked.

Xander has gotten up dusting himself again and tries again, “Jaymee, come here please?”

Jaymee finally spoke, “I am not Jaymee!”

Loran slides slowly toward the guy saying, “Fuzzy, Jaymee has lost her memory, don’t ask me how.” He gives some room for Xander to get through Jaymee.

With his paw still out, Xander thought to himself, (if I could grab onto any part of Jaymee, I could tap into her mind to see what is going on.)

Xander gives a nod, “Yes you are Jaymee.”

Growling, Jaymee snarls, “No I’m not!”

“Come on hun, you are my wife and we have eight kids together.”

Loran gives a small nod to Xander, “Be careful man, she has knocked me across the room already.”

“She has already knocked me back twice,” He looks at Loran then looks at Jaymee, “Jaymee, listen to me.”

Looking out of the window on her right she snarls again with her ears twitching, perked up high, “Don’t come closer to me.”

Xander saw an opportunity as Jaymee looks out of the window, he jumps toward her grabbing hold of her hand as he taps into her mind. As he is a Hyperion, he can read minds and see what is going on by just touching any part of their bodies.

Jaymee went into a wild attack as Xander touched her hand, her tail swaying back and forth wildly. Growling as her body sends electricity trying to shock Xander off. Xander hung on to her hand tightly and does not give a care if her tail goes into a beating attack.

Loran looks at them and saw a potential problem, “Xander! Be careful with her tail man!!”

Jaymee growls at Xander shaking him off or trying to as he hits the wall beside her, “Let go!” She snarls, “I said don’t come closer!”

Loran gives a low whistle while Fuzzy watched very quietly with wide eyes. “That tail is wicked right now.” Loran said.

Xander recovers from an impact, “I AM NOT STUPID!” He yelled while holding tightly as he continues to tap in her mind searching for the memories wincing a bit from being shocked by her electrictifying tail.

Loran walks back over to fuzzy quickly, “Her mind has gone to another personality, we need a mind scan.”

Jaymee’s mind indicates blankness with no sign of Jaymee at all to Xander. Shutting her eyes and her ears perked up high, she pushes a foreign thing going in out of her mind and frees her mind while Loran continues to whisper to Fuzzy. Xander lets go and crumbles onto the floor laying there shutting his eyes trying to stay in her mind and going deeper.

Fuzzy shrugs, “What do you want me to do?”

No one heard his question as Loran tilts his head watching Xander on the floor holding onto Jaymee’s lower leg working on tapping into her mind. “See if you can find a stray area of her mind and see if it is locked away, I would do it myself but I lack that power.” He says.

Fuzzy frowns slightly and asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Struggling, Jaymee’s mind continue to push a foreign thing going inside her out. As she successed that, her mind is finally free.

Loran looks over at Xander sending some comments, “See if you can find a stray area of her mind and see if it is locked away?” Rubbing his chin and continues, “I would do it myself but I lack that power.”

Digging deeper into the dark reaches of Jaymee’s mind, Xander tries to force on as Jaymee’s mind is kicking Xander out of there.

As Jaymee is free from any invanders, she stares at the three furres, her tail swaying back and forth in caution as she places her back against the wall.

Loran has began to explain to Fuzzy about what happened, “She fell and stopped breathing, I resussated her and she has been awol since.” He looks over at the white vixen and began to talk, “Listen Jaymee, it is us loran, xander who is your mate, and fuzzy. It is okay to try to remember, I know you can.”

Xander grumbles as he gets up saying, “It should not be easy to get a hyperion out of your mind once they are in.” Shutting his eyes while holding his head. “Loran, get your nano’s out.”

Loran nods and turns running out to his hover car as Jaymee watches the canine running out. Grabbing the nano med kit out and came back in replying, “Okay here we go!”

“Please shut the windows Fuzzy! We can’t afford for Jaymee to escape,” Xander said.

Fuzzy slides over to the window from where he was standing and shuts the window locking it then remains at the window to guard.

Perking her ears up high while electricity is going across from ear tip to other ear tip, Jaymee began to snarl as her eyes narrowed as the blue became white when Xander approached to Jaymee slowly.

“I was in her mind and I got blocked off by her so the nanos should work,” Xander exclaimed.

Nodding as Loran pulls out and load the nanos transfer vial into the injector gun.

Xander stopped in his spot with a shock in his eyes, “WAIT!! I just remembered that Jaymee nearly died because of the nano the last time.”

“Oh yeah, I remember that!” Loran said with a sigh as he puts the gun away in the bag. “Good idea.”

Jaymee’s claws came out as she clenches to the wall then hops up toward the highest point of the ceiling looking about 10 feet below at the furres looking up at her. Her claws dug deep in the drywall ceiling as crumbles of drywall materials fell onto the furres below.

All furres below turned their heads away covering their heads from the falling material parts Xander sighs and grumbles, “I should go up there and try to get her myself before she can escape.” He extends his wings out and began to fly toward her.

Growling with her white eyes narrowing at Xander, “Can’t you listen to me? I said don’t get close to me!” Jaymee snarls.

“Come here Jaymee, don’t make this hard on any of us, I will stop getting closer to you after we help you.” Xander nods while hoovering, “I promise.”

Soaring her wings out showing 55 span on each across the ceiling, her ears flattening back, and snarling at Xander she process to attack. Xander narrows his own eyes hating to do this, he vanished from sight. Jaymee’s eyes darts several times, began to run across the ceiling.

Loran looks up and shouted, “Listen! He is right, we are here to help you and will continue til we do so go to Xander.” Pointing his finger at Xander and blinks in surprise that Xander is not present.

Jaymee gave a sudden yelp as her wings are folded forcefully and her tail being wrapped around her body, Xander emerged into view holding her tightly as she struggled zapping over 30,000 watts of electricity through his body inferfering with hers. Xander pulls her off the ceiling as they fell to the floor hard. He remain to hold her closely as they struggled some more.

Loran’s eyes went wide and ran to them to help saying, “Boy! You are in for a handful!”

Crying out in pain, Xander nods and continues to hold Jaymee as Loran uses another gun that controls nanos when they are in electrifying stage, he inserts the anti electricity semen in her. Xander bit his bottom lip yelping as another shock of electricity shot through him. “HURRY UP!” he pleaded.

Loran nods, “Okay hope this works!!” He removes the gun away from Jaymee’s body.

~~~~~~~ TO BE CONTINUED ~~~~~~~~


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