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Winter, part seven

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:59 pm    Post subject: Winter, part seven Reply with quote

When winter awoke, she could smell the fresh sheet on the bed. How he did that, she had no idea. She tested the air and could not smell Dave in the apartment. Not that he smelled bad, or stronger than he should- he still bathed every day, but the Naakaanee could smell a human anywhere. It's just the way it was. And in fact, most Naakaanee never registered smells as “bad”. That was purely a human invention. Fresh blankets were draped over her body, and a large steak was waiting for her on the floor by her bed. It was seasoned with sea salt- just the way she liked it. “How did you know...” Winter started to ask, feeling more comfortable here in Dave's filthy apartment than she had ever felt anywhere else in her life.

Winter sighed as she realized he was not here... She had slept, and slept deeply. How long, she did not know. Dave's apartment was a little cleaner, it looked as if he had made a half assed effort to tidy up for her benefit. That made her smile.

Winter pushed her good arm out across the bed, feeling the freshly laundered sheet, smooth against the pads of her hand and fingers. Winter closed her eyes and inhaled the smell of the covers as well, rolling over in them, ignoring the pain in her back.

Winter could almost still feel Dave in the bed there, next to her, his slightly cooler human body almost dwarfed in overall mass next to hers. Winter sighed as a tear fell from her eye, her hand grabbing the sheet tightly as she buried her face in the mattress.

Winter began to sob again, the bittersweet misery that was letting the pent- up agony out sweeping over her soul as she wept. Winter's heart ached for a mate. She was told her government was her mate. And she was expected to provide for it... And she had. She always had gotten better results than they expected. Always.

Naakaanee males were so cold, uncaring. Unfeeling. Humans had heart... They had what males of her kind didn't, or so she told herself. Not that she had a soft spot for humans. It was often the humans she had to kill. To break their necks, to put bullets in their hearts and heads. To drown them. To torture them. To tear pieces out of them with her mouth. Winter closed her eyes as a wave of hopelessness shook her, and her entire body froze up. Painful thoughts of Dave never being able to love her swept through her.

Winter could have been strong and just walked out. She could have disappeared, and Dave never would have seen her again. But... She felt she selfishly waited for him to return. Selfish... Because it would be better for him never to have known her. But she wanted to be around him- even if he thought of her as a sentient, talking animal, and never touched her like she so desperately wanted him to, then it would still be worth it for her to be around him.

Winter closed her eyes and sobbed. She cried because of her cowardice, because of her breaking the cardinal rule of allowing Dave to penetrate that layer in her mind she had been trained to keep up at all costs. Dave had broken through it. Winter knew she had to leave. And just as she resolved to get out of that bed and walk out of the door, the rumble of Dave's motorcycle swept into her ears as they were pinned against her head, a wave of cold terror washing over her, when she realized what would happen to Dave if they found out. If her government found out. Her mate.

Dave opened the door and found her laying in her bed, staring blankly up at the ceiling. “Hey... You're awake. I got something for you.” Dave said, stepping through the dark, creaky door, and shutting it, deadbolting it.

Winter turned her head to look at him, all the warmth gone from out of her cold, yellow eyes. Dave sighed. “What do you want me to do?” Dave asked, pleading with Winter. “Nothing, Dave- you have done enough for me. I owe you one. I am forever in your debt, okay?” Winter said, trying to get out of the bed. “You slept for two days, Winter.” Dave said, setting the big brown paper sack down.

Winter froze up. Her eyes went even colder than they were, which made the hair stand up on the back of Dave's neck. “I didn't mean to piss you off, but you needed the rest.” “Dave, you have no idea what you've done.” Winter said, getting up as she whined just a little in her throat, her eyes closing as she forced herself up. “No... I guess I don't...” Dave said, more than a little hurt as Winter grabbed her tank top, putting it on over her bra. Winter pointed to a jacket and Dave nodded, Winter putting it on, covering the bullet hole and bloodstain.

“I wanted you to rest, Winter. Please...” Dave said as Winter walked up to him. “You're a big girl...” Dave said, seeing the muscles ripple in her arms and her legs. Winter pressed her body into his, and with her good arm embraced him with such a strength, such a passion Dave almost began to cry- because he knew he would never see her again.

“Winter... Stay... Please...” Dave said, as she released him, Dave pleading with her as she cast him a look he would never forget as long as he lived. It sent chills up his spine as she held her hand out, letting it caress his face gently, then she pressed it to her cheek, mingling his scent with her fur. “Why'd you do that?” Dave asked, confused. “Scent rub. Look it up.” Winter said, smiled, then turned, unlocking the door and opening it.

Winter could not bear to look at Dave again. Instead, she wrapped her fingers around the threshold of the door, squeezing it so tightly the wood made a cracking noise. And then she was gone. Her hand flicked out of the doorway, her silhouette appearing like an apparition past Dave's dirty windows, Dave knowing it would do him no good to try and follow her.

With a despair Dave had not known for some time, he pushed the paper bag over, spilling out several large T-Bone steaks, and a golden necklace with a howling wolf on it he had bought for her, so she would remember him. Partly as a joke, partly because he didn't know what else to get her. Little did he know- she would never forget.
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