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needing a little help

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2013 5:20 pm    Post subject: needing a little help Reply with quote

i have an idea for a comic but i cant draw and am broke so cant commission it, so here is my plan im going to post the first seven pages(11 more to it) and see if anyone wants to take up the drawing of it if so let me know, all characters are the intellectual rights of there respective owners and i have been given persmission to use them and will pass this permmission onto whoever is willing to draw this. Smile yay comic

oky day first comic in a nutshell. first page is a gritty black and white flashback, you see a female in a hasmat suit back to you setting down what appears to be a barrel; of waste your view is through the eyes of something k9 watching her. second pannel her lighting a cigerette and a side view of the k9(you now see is a furry dog in nothing but pants) he is almost on top of her and looks menecing a bulge in his pants. next panel him pinning her down to the barrel bulge against her butt her screaming. third pannel (your chioce) either her getting rapped or black pannel(or her face scared and crying) her screaming stop. next page is her with a very deformed baby(half human half furry) and her crying and wondering how this happened(genetics dont work). next pannel her being told by the doctor that the radation from the barrel got on her and muted her genes making the child possible. third pannel her leaving the hospitle and getting getting yelled at by the people on the street that her child is an abomonation and a freak. fourth pannel her getting run out of town by a mob throwing things at her.
next page is her and the child slightly grown up living in the gutters. second pannel is her son asking why they live in the gutters and her saying the world thinks he is a freak.third pannel is him asking her if she thinks so too, her answering that he is her son and she loves him even if he is page is modern in all color the child now grown in an abanded building looking out the window at furries passing by and scorning them. next pannel is him somewhere else in the building working on some sort of device muttering about the "furry scum".third pannel is him throwing the wretch and laughing crazy like. fourth pannel him dragging the device up the stairs laughing about killing them all.
next page you see cuddlesmuch(black lab fursona) sitting at a desk working on a book and drinking a soda. next pannel an alarm going of him jumping up out of the chair tossing the book. third pannel him looking at a screen showing a robbery in progress. forth pannel him running down a flight of stairs behind a book case. fifth pannel him changing and jumping into a car. last pannel him driving out a cave through some bushes
sixth page the robbers in a quick shop holding up the teller. next pannel the lights go out with dark outlines of the people in the shop two robbers and the clerk. third pannel a fist hitting one robber and him falling.forth pannel the second robber slammed into the counter and knocked out. fifth pannel lights come up both robbers tied up.

ok now if i remember right i sent you cuddlesmuch/superpup right? ok next six pages are oliva/feather(black and white feathered hen) first page you see oliva in the cockpit of a plane in a fighter jet helmet. next pannel her looking over her shoulder from the front plane with a speech bubble saying"drop in 3 boys" you can also see six soldiers(furry or human dont matter) third pannel is seeing that have already jumped out with there chutes not yet open and a third ready to jump, fourth pannel oliva running to the back of the plane screaming missal(sp the rocket thing that goes boom lol) last pannel is the plane getting hit and going down
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