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Winter, part seventeen

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 4:14 pm    Post subject: Winter, part seventeen Reply with quote

Winter walked over to her kitchen window and felt the warm rays of the sun saturate the fur on her face as the warmth spread down to her skin, making it stand on end as her arms broke out in invisible goosebumps. Winter rubbed her arm slowly as she looked down at the people, first through a crack between the thick ground wire impregnated curtains. (To deter some listening devices, a sort of RF shielding) After she was done rubbing her arm, and putting the fur back the right way, she opened the curtains gently, slowly, her light yellow eyes intently focused on the people she below her apartment. Winter leaned on the sill, chewing on a claw, looking at people of different colors, heights, different color hair, different color eyes, all beautiful in one way or another, she thought to herself.

She had a smile on her face as she watched them, which was different than her usual numb face or characteristic grimace. Perhaps Dave was affecting her. She didn't know. She did feel a little lighter though as she walked, turning back to her kitchen table and sitting down.

Winter's stomach began to rumble as she hadn't eaten in a few days. Sometimes she did that... Letting her life consume her to the point of even ignoring her hunger. She would walk by restaurants and finally submit to the desires of her lupine nose, it carrying her inside when she eyed people's plates, the people staring at her nervously and pulling their food just slightly closer to themselves, as they glanced at each other nervously at their tables. Winter would apologize, then run out and find the nearest market, ordering an entire ham, or turkey, and eating it like a wild animal in the first deserted alley she could find, tearing into it, ripping it to shreds as she allowed a part of herself to take over, just for a few minutes.

Winter sat up, opening her fridge as she struggled to contain the already thickening saliva in her mouth, not allowing herself to drool, even though nobody was looking... Winter pulled four of the twelve four pound steaks out, and slapped them onto her kitchen counter. She grabbed two sticks of butter, and four frying pans, crushing the cold sticks of butter in her fingers as she succumbed to the hunger pangs, finally allowing herself to feel again, when she scrubbed the butter down onto the bottom of each pan.

Tearing the slabs of meat out of each Styrofoam bottomed container, she slapped each steak down into each pan and turned each burner on under each pan. Winter had cored out the orifices for the smaller simmer burners, giving them a large flame that cooked each steak evenly, keeping up with the larger “Power burners” so that she could cook four steaks at a time during these feast and famine days. Smelling the smoke, Winter's eyes closed as she felt a long string of thick saliva begin to collect on the side of her muzzle, as gravity grabbed it, and pulled it out of her mouth, it carrying with it more and more until she slapped it aside, it flinging off to the floor. Winter gabbed a large sea salt canister and poured a substantive amount in her hand while hurriedly throwing a few shakes on each piece of meat, then rubbing it in, her sucking in another string of drool as she mingled the grease with the fur on her fingers, while rubbing the salt into the meat.

“Dammit.” Winter said, sighing, flipping each steak once, until she smelled that aroma again, turning all the burners off. Sometimes she was in the mood for her meat cooked blue. Sometimes... Not at all.

Winter stacked them on a plate and sat at her kitchen table, eating each slab of meat like it was a piece of bread. Tearing out muzzle- sized chunks at a time and chewing it thoroughly in just a few seconds, she made full use of her long, thick lupine tongue, shoving the partially masticated meat into the precision meat grinders that were her razor sharp back teeth, swallowing the bite and ripping another from the unfortunate slab of meat.

“Mmmm... Mmm....Mmmmmmmm...” Winter said, chewing, moving her muzzle around, to the left, to the right, up in the air, feeling almost guilty for enjoying the marginally seared slabs of bloody meat as she breathed in long, deep breaths through her nose as she chewed.

When Winter was finished, she sat there, panting, her fingers stained with grease and blood, her mouth burning from the salt. Slowly, she closed her eyes and grabbed the slightly longer fur on the top of her head, pulling it, hating what she was. Those people were right. All the ones who scoffed at her. Who laughed at her, her nails, a portion deep inside of her actually liking the shade, wishing they would at least let her have that.

But their words were true. She was an animal. Little else... To be told what to do like a dog and to do it... Like a dog. Winters eyes closed, she felt like a weakling as the tears flowed down her face, feeling embarrassed Dave had had an animal in his house.

Check out my new series Winter:
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