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Winter's introduction (And some wolf pics)

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:34 pm    Post subject: Winter's introduction (And some wolf pics) Reply with quote

Since 2001 I have been visiting, and even living at a wolf sanctuary in the high desert. During my many visits there, I have endured the gamut of what it is to know a wolf. To see their world through their eyes. The more they trust you, the more they will show you their world, if you are willing to learn. Some people are not. It takes years to hone the ability to look one in the eyes and know what it is thinking, and what it is feeling- and it's not just a privilege- it is also a matter of survival while you are locked in a pen with a lightning fast Apex Predator.

I have gotten to know many of them, one in particular bonding with me. He was isolated due to his Alpha nature- tearing apart other male wolves. Only a few were allowed in his pen, because of his willingness to treat people, well, like other wolves. He was rowdy, rambunctious, and even proud.

He was also my best friend. My life was turbulent when I knew him. He was my comfort, distracting me from my depression by wrestling with me, so ferociously people would gasp, thinking he was hurting me. But he wasn't. Unless I swung my hand and hit him in the teeth, (Which happened, and yeah, it hurt) I was never truly injured- with the exception of my torn and ruined clothes. (I still have some shredded shirts)

We both would feel better after those wrestling sessions. When I would approach his pen during the weekends I would drive the two hundred and twenty mile round trip, he would literally jump four feet in the air when he saw me. When I entered his pen it was all about the wide- eyed wolf sniffing me, taking in every single new scent. He would walk around me, his nose tickling me wherever there was an interesting scent, lingering long enough to make me ticklish as he moved on, walking around me. And as strange as it sounds, he never allowed me to be submissive to him. Ever. He would lower his head lower than mine no matter what. I considered it an honor.

He was a big boy, too, weighing almost two hundred forty pounds (I forget exactly). I am six foot one inch tall, and when he'd stand on his hind legs and put his front paws on my shoulders, we would be standing eye to eye. Yeah, he was that big. His eyes... They were as big as mine. It's a strange thing to look into the expressive eyes of a wolf and see them so large. And... After reading my story, if you are wondering if their eyes glow- yes in fact they do. In relation to how happy they are. It's an excitement that can only be described as “Lupine joy”. Unfortunately it was something difficult to capture with a camera, and could be described less as a glow, but light filtering through their magnificent golden retinas, colored by the gossamer strands that made their yellow eyes, the light saturated in the unique color of each of their eyes. As night drew nigh, and the light outside faded, so did the glow in their eyes, if they were content enough.

I learned so much from him... About how loyal they can be. Viciously protective, and utterly intelligent. He hated to be squirted with water, or to be around water that was being squirted. HATED it. But when a foolish woman was bent on trying to squirt me when I was locked in his pen, he literally lunged at her, putting his paws up and moving his body between me and her as she inadvertently hit him with the stream of water. She was outside of his pen or she would have regretted trying to squirt me more than she actually did. But he did that. For me. He was my protector... If only he had been there when I was a child. But he was there for me during a difficult part of my life, and I know I will see him in Heaven.

I learned how much their hearts can ache when they love someone. How many tears they can literally cry from their eyes when I did not see him for an extended time. And yes, I mean tears, just like we cry. Wolves can indeed cry real tears. And how angry he can get when I did not see him frequently enough. Nothing like feeling the ground shake under the weighty voice of a wolf's snarl as he's less than a foot from your face. Yeah, it was like that. The only excuse for an extended absence was that I was dead. So it was to him.

I have been writing about an anthropomorphic lupine species for a little less than a year, now. I have approximately over two thousand pages written if formatted novel- size, fifteen hundred pages pages if you only count the novel trilogy.

I incorporate the mannerisms of the wolves, their thoughts, their ways, their kindnesses, and their roughness into my characters. But be warned- there is only so much that can be cross- translated. A wolf is a wolf and a person is a person. Some things are just plain made- up of course Smile

I was the product of a pretty violent (Abusive) childhood, and suffered many things for many years, growing up at the hands of two legged animals. I was betrayed by many people, and ended up having more four legged friends than two. It pushed me into a world of darkness... A place where the only ones who would have me were as broken as I was, who were operated unlawfully. In the underworld of society that nobody wants to think about. So, when I found these wolves to be so loyal, kind, and decent, I wondered what it would be like if there was a species that existed that was part wolf and part human.

There being no such species, I decided to write about what I thought they would be like, if they stayed somewhat true to their lupine behaviors and yet took on our characteristics as well.

I call this species the Naakaanee. The novels I have written cover the discovery of their planet using technology borrowed heavily from Nikola Tesla. Then, the enslavement of their species by a rogue American military element, and the coverup of it, as well as the eventual exposure of the plot to harvest precious minerals and resources from their planet. The final novel is about the underground crime syndicate the Naakaanee start in a city that is given them after they begin migrating to Earth in search of our technology.

The story of Winter lies halfway between the second and final novels.

Winter is a calendar Naakaanee. Meaning, if you took a picture of just hear head, she could be put on any number of wolf calendars and never be mistaken for an anthropomorphic lupine. She is more akin to an arctic wolf, as her fur is all white. Her hands are like our own, except covered in fur, save for the pads on the inside of her fingers and palms, which are smooth. Her claws extend out from her fingertips. Her legs are digitigrade, long and strong. She was the typical lupine tail, bushy- although not overly so. Her feet have four long, thick toes, very much like a wolf's paw, the two center toes extend out further than the outer toes, and all are rounded.

Her canines extend three inches down past her gumline, and her teeth are not unlike a wolf's. Razor sharp and meshing perfectly, viciously. The claws on her fingers are 3/8” in diameter, and on her toes they are almost 3/4” in rough diameter for traction. Her claws are oval- shaped, typical of a wolf or dog.

Though her claws are capable of being sharpened, she does not, to maintain her civilian look, though she is a spy. I have a very beautiful friend in Belarus, so I decided to make Winter originate from there. She is an exceptional artist, and nobody draws paws like her. That is also the country she spies for. Winter is living (For now) in New York. She has had a rough childhood. And it affects her in ways she has not yet discovered. But don't be fooled. She is a cold blooded killer. Even killers can feel...

Though I am writing about a walking, talking wolf like species, I also strive for realism. Having lived around wolves, I owe them that, I feel. So... You can imagine that most people uneasily accept them at best, though most of the Naakaanee species doesn't have anything against humanity, and would prefer to integrate with them, most people resist that notion.

So... That's about it. I am enjoying writing about her a great deal. And, I even wrote myself into the story. It helps me to stay interested that way, sometimes.

So, I hope you enjoy the story.

Here are some pictures of the wolf and I.

Here we are discussing modern philosophy.

Here he is resetting a broken finger for me.

Here he is inspecting my coat after having flopped on me.

Here he is choking me because I forgot his order of fries when I went to McDonald's.

Here's a pic of his eye. Their eyes are really much bigger than a dogs'. Any dogs' eye.

And a beautiful wolf's smile. It's amazing how they can duplicate our emotions. I have one of him crying a tear during surgery, but it's not very clear. He soaked up half of a towel once with tears during a surgery.

Of course, the man and wolf pose.

A wolf nip. Their nips are extraordinarily painful and can weeks to heal. Exposed skin? It gets a nip. Every time.

And finally, a heated discussion about the merits of Japanese imports versus domestic vehicles and their effect on the economy, overall, but limited to the last decade only. If anyone is wondering, he drives a Toyota. I ride a Yamaha, so what could I say to him? Not much, as you can see. Smile

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