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Adventure Kay and the Claw of Karnak
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 4:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dr. Kay and the Claw of Karnak


34. The Clock is Running and There's No Time Left

"So how do we get out of here?" asked Kay.

"I wanna try something here, boss," said Socco. "Give the table over there a little kick."

Kay did, but nothing happened.

"Umm. I meant with the foot that has ME on it!"

This time the kick sent the table crashing into the wall on the far side of the room.

"Whoa! How'd you do that? I hardly kicked it at all!"

"Energy multiplier, I think," replied Socco. "It's a plug-in they added to the boot after they first 'booted it up'. DON'T laugh. Where do you think that term came from in the first place? Anyway, there's an ethereal command-line thingie in here that roughly translates to 'Boot to the [Enter object] with [Energy Type] times [Enter number value]'. Jeez. I hate command line stuff. I'm a point and press kinda guy."

"So I gotta wait every time you need to enter something in?"

"Hey! I ain't doing so badly here. You try entering commands in a programming language that's a thousand years old! I got the equivalent of 'hot keys' set up now for most of the basic stuff. It's the add-ons that are giving me a headache."

"Foot ache"


"Okay. Let's go plug those 'Plug-ins' into somebody's rear-end."

Kayngi walked up to the thick, locked doors. "Ready, Professor? We don't know what's on the other side."

Cirrel crouched and nodded.

A single frontal kick from the Boot of Karnak tore the doors off their hinges and flattened the two rats beyond who must have been posted as guards.

"Hey, hey! This I like!" yelled Kay. Then she frowned as she looked out into the deserted hall. "I wonder if the Kolonel's Boot is capable of the same thing?"

"Probably," answered Socco, "but I'm betting he hasn't consciously tried to use his boot that way. And unless the controlling entity in his boot is the overly gregarious type, it probably hasn't even told him it's there. Probably doesn't think it has to. There are neural pathway hookups in here I haven't figured out yet, but I'll bet they hook the boot directly into the wearer's psyche so the boot automatically knows what the wearer wants. I'll bet that's how the Claw works too. Slap it on, and your wish is its command - unless it's got other ideas."

'Sweet," grumbled Kay. "Let's just hope CW doesn't find out about his hyped-up Hush Puppy. I get the feeling his more experienced Boot could wipe the dance floor with my Boot."

"I won't slip if you don't."

"This way!" yelled Cirrel. He was pointing to massed tracks that lead to another set of doors. These were open and Kay could see the staircase beyond that led up and out of sight.

In a flash, they were off after the Kolonel and the Claw of Karnak.


Mapper's squad, Tigermark, and the Hawk crept onto the Ball Room balcony. Below, Cheese Louise was gyrating as bad as Elvis and doing a smoking number that had most of the audience around her either swimming in drool or trying to put out the fires in their pants. Others were still out on the dance floor shaking whatever body parts they had left.

Tigermark pointed to the opposite balcony and Mapper nodded. It seemed Squad A and D had already arrived.

"Where's B squad?" asked Tigermark.

Mapper punched in a call code on his communicator only to hear the harsh hiss of static. "Out of range." He hit another call code. 'Squads. Report."

"Squad A. Nothing from our sector other than the locals seem more reluctant to tangle with us."

"Squad D. No Kolonel or rat patrols. Tangled with a few lawyers, but put a 300 pound test 'delaying action' on them. They should be tied up for weeks - literally. How about you?"

Mapper grunted. "No Kolonel but we did take away Jacob Marley's key."

"His Key?"

"He's a skate, remember? We also stuck him in his executive bathroom for the foreseeable future."

"Then our only hostiles are the Kolonel's boys?"

"Looks like it. Watch his elite wolf guard. They're tough. The rats aren't so bad but their sheer numbers will be a problem. Keep your eyes peeled for them and Squad C. Out."


While following the rats, they'd come to another great hall - deserted now like the others - and while crossing it, Socco had suggested gymnastics practice - enhanced by the Boot of Karnak.

"You're a feline, right?" said Socco. "You always land on your feet, right? So this should be easy!"

"It's not your butt that gets bruised when this doesn't work!" growled Kayngi.

"But you have to admit, without your weapons or your whip, you need to find another way of outrunning and outgunning your opponents. Just remember - let me do most of the work. Let's try it again."

This time, a series of astonishing jumps finally got Kay to the target balcony.

"By George, I think she's got it!"

Kay grinned.


The final group of Badgers poured out onto the floor of the Ball Room.

"Mapper! This is squad C leader! Get ready! We just got here in front of the biggest mob of rats you've ever seen! I think the Kolonel is with them but it was hard to tell. I don't know if there's much we can do simply because of the numbers!"

"Take up a position on the back balcony Squad C!" shouted Mapper into his comm. "All other squads, consolidate your positions and assess options! Then report to me! Squad C, are the Professor and the Doctor with you?"

"Negative! We were separated."

"All squads! Keep an eye out for Cirrel and Kayngi. If you spot them with the rats, report to me!"

The Badgers dug in just as thousands of rats rumbled onto the Ball room floor. But they weren't attacking anything. They just seemed to be massing. Regardless of what they were doing, they had a distinct dampening effect on the party in progress. The music died, and the revelers were pushed back.

"Where's the Kolonel?" growled Cateagle, who had just joined Mapper's squad along with Mike and Maxx. "If he's done anything with Dr. Kayngi, I'll give him something he'll regret!" His weapon was out and roving across the mob of rats.

"Hold your fire!" snapped Mapper. "If he has the Doctor in custody, we may have to do a deal instead of deal out death! Watch and wait!"

Sure enough, amongst the rats flooding into the hall, there came a group of wolves surrounding what could only be Kolonel Crazed Wolf. The wolves stopped at the back of the hall and waited as the rats formed an open corridor leading up to the stage. Then, as the rat took up a thundering chant of 'All hail the Wolf Revolution!', the wolves lead by the Kolonel marched up to the stage.

The Colonel grabbed the microphone and seemed about to speak when he was interrupted.

"Where is Doctor Kayngi!" yelled Maxx and Cateagle together.

The Kolonel looked up to them.

"Ah, I'm glad you and the Badger Brigade are all here. I thought you might be. As to the good Doctor, she is safe and so is Professor Cirrel... for the moment. I'm sure you can see the necessity of my keeping them in reserve as insurance of your good behavior."

Maxx growled, but Mapper held up his paw. The Kolonel continued.

"But let's not discuss these minor differences,now. I'm here to announce the cessation of hostilities! This should be a glad occasion!"

"What's he talking about?" growled Cateagle. "Cease hostilities? I'd trust him as far as I could kick him!"

"It is time for a new order to begin!" continued the Kolonel. "And I will be its leader!"

The Kolonel pulled something from a bag one of the other wolves had been carrying. He held it up.

"NO! He's got the Claw of Karnak!"

Cateagle pointed his .45, but before he could fire, the most earsplitting shriek thundered through the hall.

"Wait!" Tigermark yelled, knocking Cateagle's weapon aside before he could fire. He'd recognized that yell even if the others could not.

It was a Sholan Battle Cry.

Rats froze. No one else, including the Kolonel, moved either. Suddenly, a feline figure shot from the end of the hall opposite the stage. Running at an impossible speed, it reached the middle of the hall, and with one bounce, leapt high into the air. Everyone stared as the figure traced a huge somersault across the remainder of the hall. Then, with a resounding crash, it landed on the stage and plowed right into the stunned Kolonel, carrying them both through the backstage curtain.

"It's Dr. Kayngi!" yelled Tigermark.

"THAT was KAY?" sputtered Maxx and Cateagle.

"Don't ask questions!" yelled Mapper. "Now it's time for some Rodent control!"


The Kolonel looked dazed, but not out.

"THIS is for threatening my friend, scum!"

A swift right cross put the Kolonel completely under. Kayngi then grabbed the Claw of Karnak and opening her belt, hung it in on and secured it. Just then the sounds of a heated firefight reached her.

"Time to exit, stage left," yelled Socco. Rats and several of the wolves had appeared to her right.

She turned that way, but more rats appeared from that direction.

"Back the way we came!" yelled Kay, and she took off through the curtain back onto the stage.

The sight that met her eyes was pure pandemonium. Rats were everywhere.

"Dammit!" she cried. "There's too MANY of them! They're covering every square inch of the floor!" Kay looked up to the balconies. "It's time to hit the heights!"

With the little space she had left, she took a running jump, landed on a particularly tall and ugly rat and pushed off. A 20 foot sailing arc took her over the railing of the first balcony. She quickly got her balance, but a quick look around told her this was site untenable as well. Mapper's squad and the others were pinned down on the opposite balcony and this one was rapidly filling with rodents.

"Were do the all COME from!" she yelled in frustration.

"From their mothers," said Socco. "Though those gals probably wouldn't admit it!"

A 40 foot gap stood between her and what looked like a formal audience box higher up and to her left. She took off running.

"Boss! I don't know if...."

But it was too late. Kay had already jumped. To her credit, she made it - barely. As it was, she'd caught the bottom of the balcony and had managed to hang on. She heaved herself over the balustrade and checked to see that the Claw was still secured on her belt. To her horror she saw that the sharp edge of the Claw had nearly cut through the leather.

"Dammit! I'll have to watch the fancy maneuvers from now on!"

She dashed through the door at the back of the box seats and out into a narrow hall. Rat chittering to her right told her that way was blocked. She took off to her left and up some narrow stairs that lead out onto a landing - a landing that lead nowhere!

"The floor's collapsed!"

Sure enough. Between her and the rest of the third floor balcony 100 feet away, there was nothing but air and a few twisted pole-like floor supports poking out of the wall.

Without thinking, Kay jumped and grabbed the first support. It creaked but held.

"I wish these were smoother. I could do my swinging 'offset parallel bars' routine."

As it was all she could do was scramble up on the support, take aim, and jump for the next one. All went well, until the second to last support. It creaked and groaned, and started to bend. Kay did a fast pull-up, got her feet under her and pushed off before she was ready. Ironically, instead of her aim for the last support being too low, it was too high, and the support caught her right in the waist. She felt her belt snap and the Claw slip.

"NO!" she screamed as the Claw fell off her severed belt.

But the claw didn't fall down. Instead, it sailed onto the intact portion third balcony just ahead. Socco had given it 'the boot' as it had dropped past him.

"Thanks!" yelled Kay.

She made the final jump to the third balcony just as the Kolonel's rats poured onto the landing she'd left behind. Swiftly she crawled to the Claw and grabbed it. Then she tried to catch her breath and look for another escape. But there seemed no other options. Without any way to secure the Claw to her person, more fancy maneuvers were out of the question.
What could she do now?

"Dammit!" she cried, pounding the floor. "We've got the Claw again but what do we DO with it!" she shot a look down at Socco. "YOUR a control Boot! You MUST know something!"

"NO I DON"T!" yelled Socco. "I'm NOT this Boot's original operator! The only thing I'm getting from this Claw now is that it's operational but dormant! I might know more if it was turned on!"

Kay shook her head violently. "But I can't do that! The only way to turn that thing on would be to attach it to my arm - after I've cut my own arm OFF!"

"Then DESTROY it!"

"Socco! I can't do that either! Not without knowing what that might do! I could destroy the Claw but what about the entity that possesses it? THAT'S who we have to worry about!"

Suddenly sounds from the undamaged end of the third balcony told her the Kolonel's lackeys had made it to the this level. She looked out across the Ball Room to the opposite balconey. Even with Socco's help and a way to hold onto the Claw, there was no way she could jump that gap. She got to her feet, but a sift kick to the back wall of the balcony told her this was solid rock, not a wall she could punch through. She whiled around, desperately looking for some means of escape, but there was nothing! Nothing! As she continued to look, Kay felt the fierce determination inside her whither in the face of uncaring reality. Finally, she sagged to the floor.

There was only one thing left to do.

Tears of frustration leaking from her eyes, Kay took the Claw and placed the scalpel like edge on her left wrist.

"Boss, don't..."

"I've got to! I can't let HIM get it!"

But even as she pressed down, an explosion of pain no blade could have caused tore through her left wrist. The Claw flew from her grasp to skitter toward the drop off of the damaged balcony. She gasped and dived for it. Her right paw closed on it just as it was about to drop.

But then she felt her whole body dragged back from the edge, and a blue Boot came down on the paw holding the Claw.

It was the Boot of Karnak - the one worn by Kolonel Crazed Wolf.

Kay pushed her damaged left paw onto the Claw but her fingers wouldn't close around it. Blood from the bullet hole in her wrist dripped onto the Claw, and she watched as the blood hissed and bubbled. The Claw seemed to glow a brighter silver.

"So valiant an effort Doctor Kayngi, but futile in the end," came the Kolonel's voice from above her. "You weren't seriously thinking of using the Claw yourself now, were you?"

A metal claw came down and pulled the bloodied Claw of Karnak out of her grasp. Strong paws then grabbed her and hauled her to her feet to face her adversary.

She wanted to spit in his face or claw the smug grin of his muzzle, but exhausted, all she could do was growl and stare at the Claw of Karnak grasped tightly by the Kolonel's claw.

Kay finally closed her eyes.

The Kolonel had won.



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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 4:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dr. Kay and the Claw of Karnak


35. Your Wish is My Command... Sort of.

"As your Professor so rightly pointed out," laughed the Kolonel, "everyone should get what they want at least once in life. Today it was my turn."

Kay opened her eyes.

Exactly what he wanted!

A flicker of an answer kindled inside her.

Gods and Goddesses, I hope this works.

Hiding all expression, Kay stared the Kolonel right in the eye.

"And what is it that the Kolonel wants?" she asked.

"Why, to be master of the world, of course!" he cried, his voice rising a bit.

"With the Claw, you will be the master of everyone you survey!" added Kayngi, raising her voice as well.

"Yes!" cried the Kolonel, his eyes gleaming now.

"Furs from all over will come when you call!" cried Kay putting even more vehemence into it.

"Yes! At my beck and call!" shouted the Kolonel.

"Furs will bow down and worship the mighty Kolonel!" Kay shouted back.

"I will be a God to them!" screamed the Kolonel!

"Then put on the Claw and take your rightful place as Master of the All! "

With a gutteral howl, Kolonel Crazed Wolf ripped the Claw from the dessicated arm, tore off his own claw, and replaced it with the Claw of Karnak. Instantly it flashed to brilliance and waves of power seemed to wash over it. The Kolonel was laughing hysterically now and reeling about the balcony.

"Mine! MINE! The world and everyone in it is MINE!"

Kay felt the grip on her arms relax. She looked to the two wolves at her side and saw the vacant, dead look in their eyes. With a shudder she looked away. The Claw was doing exactly what she thought it would.

Exactly what both she and the Kolonel had told it to do!

Except it wasn't doing it to her!

She bent down.

"Socco! What's going on! Can you see what's happening with the Claw now? Socco? SOCCO!"

"Uhhh. Sorry boss, but I got dumb struck there for a second. Holy Cow! You should see what's going on from MY point of view! Dead Dieties! The entitiy in the Claw! That thing's using the Claw to get its own 'claws' into the very fabric of the space-time itself! No wonder it can control everything. It can even reach across the life and death barrier. Ooooo. Not good!"

"Then why aren't we affected?"

"It's these Boots! Now that the Claw is operational, I can see how everything works. The Boot is generating some sort of bubble around us! So is the Kolonel's! It looks like this bubble puts the wearer just a tad out of phase with the rest of the universe. Any fur wearing one of these boots has only a tenuous contact with both real-space and the sub-space ether. The Claw can't affect us because it can't get a lock on us!"

Kay felt her Boot shudder.

"And another thing. It's good that I got the systems in this Boot under control. Without an entity to control it, this boot would have sucked you right out of reality!"

"Beware the Boot of Karnak. I guess the Dragon was right after all."

"Hey boss, you want me to fix your arm? I just saw here that there's a 'Hippocrates' plug-in. It's supposed to mend 'breaks in bones and grievous injuries to the flesh'. They sure talked funny back then."

"Give it a try. It's hard to think with the pain."

A sudden warm glow surrounded her left wrist, and then slowly faded. Kay found the wound gone and her paw functional.

"Now there's something useful. Wonder if I'll ever get a chance to use it again."

"Nope," said Socco. "Got a message here now saying that your health benefits just got used up and to please contact the Hippocrates Healthcare Group in ancient Athens for renewal. So what's the plan now, boss?"

Kay looked to the ranting Kolonel and shook her head. "I was hoping the Kolonel would have realized something important about this whole setup by now, but it looks like he's too wrapped up in his new-found power trip. Do you have any suggestions?"

"Sorry. Self Destruct instructions didn't come with this model."

"But you said the Boots control the entity! Can't you do something to turn it off, or at least dampen it? That Claw looks like it's starting to go crazy."

"Nope. Like I said, there are neural pathway hookups in here I haven't quite figured out, but some of them are definitely the control links to the claw."

"How do you know?"

"They're marked 'PS232 Claw of Karnak Control Port'."


"Anyway, I would have to be on the foot of the one wearing the Claw to have any control. The Boot on the Kolonel is the one in control now, but.... uh oh. Not for long it seems!"

"What? What do you mean, not for long!"

"It's only one Boot! Two are needed for ideal control! From what I'm picking up, it's maxed out. These Boots have only so much power to work with. Sorry boss."

"You might be out of it, but I'm not," cried Kay standing up. "Is there any way I can destroy the Claw?"

"Not while it's active!" yelled Socco, giving another shudder. "If you take it off forcefully, the entity's claws will still be extended into the ether. With the control conduits from the wearer's Boot severed, the Claw will probably go ballistic and rip a universe-sized hole in the space-time continuum! It can only be removed and destroyed when it's inactive! And here's the catch. Only the wearer can deactivate it with the help of his Boot! Dammit! I wish I'd known this before the Claw activated. There was nothing, other than superstition, to stop anyone from destroying the Claw when it was inactive. We could have trashed it at any time!"

"Them's the breaks," Kay said, grinding her teeth. "So, only the Kolonel can decide to turn it off now. Is that it?"

"Yes. And he must want to do it."

Kay shook her head. "Looks like my original plan before he put on the Claw was the right one to begin with. But it's not working a well as I'd hoped." She looked to the Kolonel. "Time to put on my best Worshipful-Priestess impression. Wish me luck, Socco. The future of everything we know of depends on it."

Putting on a mind-numbing smile, she glided up to the swaying Kolonel. "Oh Kolonel! Master! God of the Universe! How does it feel to be all powerful!?"


"Imagine, Master," Kay cried, cranking up the volume. "There is NOTHING YOU CANNOT DO NOW!"



"MY EVERY WHIM!" screamed the Kolonel, spittle flying.



The Kolonel stopped in mid-rant and almost choked.

"Just... like... my... RATS have always done? "

"YES! Just like your Rats," repeated Kay. "Look around you Kolonel. You are everyone's Master now! They will only do exactly what you want! You are in full control! You are truly the Master of the World! Master of a world full of mindless... rats!"

The Kolonel was looking a bit dazed. He stared at the pulsing Claw, and then he looked out once more at his legion of rats. Finally he looked to all the others in the great Ball room. Thousands of adoring, mindless eyes stared back at him.

"Oh, come now, Kolonel," Kay said, finally breaking out of her adoration mode. She waved to the sea of mindless husks. "Haven't you figured it out yet?" She placed herself right front of him, blocking his view, and used a finger to turn his muzzle toward her.

"Conquering the world is just like any other goal in life."

She looked right into the Kolonel's now troubled eyes.

"Getting there isn't just half the fun," she said. "It's the only fun!"

She stepped back and tapped the pulsing Claw of Karnak.

"You've accomplished your goal, Kolonel. You've gotten exactly what you wanted, and that means it's the end of the game! Finito! Done! NO MORE FUN! Think about it."

"But the two of us could...."

Kay shook her head. "The two of us could what? Rule a world of mindless idiots? No Kolonel, the world you propose would have no purpose. I cannot not live life without a purpose."

Then Dr. Kayngi stepped away from the Kolonel, and hoped she wasn't doing something supremely stupid.

She pulled off the Boot of Karnak.


The Kolonel stared at a body that looked like Doctor Kayngi, but wasn't her anymore. Nothing of the mindlessly smiling husk in front of him, moved him. Her spirit and fire were gone. He looked down at the Claw of Karnak, and then around at a world, an entire universe, and a storyline - this one - that had lost all its humor. He was the only one left.

There was only one thing left to say.

"Man, this really sucks!"


Dr. Kayngi blinked - and looked into the face of Kolonel Crazed Wolf - a face that was surprisingly sane now. He had put the Boot of Karnak back on her.

"I don't think I'll end the game just yet," he said. "But please allow me two more things for now."

Kay stood up and watched as the Kolonel's eyes roamed over his sea of rats. He glanced at her, tossed her her whip, and winked. Then he shouted "Well? What are all you dumb @sses waiting for? There's the Game to be played!" He shot a finger at Kay. "GET HER!"

The laughter that exploded from Kayngi's throat echoed around the Ball Room.

"You'll find, Kolonel, that I'm never so easily gotten!"

With a practiced flip, she wrapped her whip around a high chandelier. "Cue Pirates of the Caribbean! High-ho!"

Still laughing Doctor Kayngi swung through air, over the rats, and into a high, out-of-reach archway. She turned and saluted.

Kolonel Crazed Wolf brought the Claw of Karnak up and returned the salute. "The adventure will continue, Doctor."

He turned back to his rats, his cohorts, his enemies, and the dead. "Alright!" he shouted. "One more Supreme Order from the Master of the Universe before I dump this no-fun Claw! I declare... I declare...."

A luxuriously evil grin spread across his muzzle.

"I declare this party to be Jumpin'!"

With a burst of laughter and applause, everyone, including Dr. Kayngi shouted "How high?"

Willing it into dormancy, Kolonel Crazed Wolf tore the Claw of Karnak from his arm, and flung it toward the roof of the Ball Room. With a burst of fire from his sidearm, it vanished in an explosion that shook the dust from the rafters.

"That high!" the Kolonel shouted, grinning as he and Kay both kicked off their Boots of Karnak. Then with Elvis and the Stooge-Monkeys ripping into 'A Little Less Conversation', the whole place jumped!

A little less conversationí a little more action please!
All this aggravation ainít satisfactioning me!
A little more bite and a little less bark!
A little less fight and a little more spark!
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me!
Satisfy me baby!


The two Boots of Karnak that had landed in a heap in the corner straightened up and gave a shiver to knock off the dust.

"Well!" said Socco, turning to the other Blue Boot. "Don't go away. I'm just DYING to talk to you, but first I gotta make a quick call."

Socco punched a line through the ether.

"Hello?" came the spectral voice on the other end. "Al Death speaking."

"Sir, I found him. He was hiding in the Claw. I got him on a trans-ether tether now. You have my location?"

"Got it! Maynard's on his way! Good job!. Same compensation as usual?"

"Fine sir. But I do have one request."

"Name it."

"Could you give Melvin here a swift kick in the ass for me? I've had quite a time finding him this past millennium."

"Don't worry. When Ma gets a hold of him, the Really Annoying 'I wanna do it!' Little Brother Reaper will wish he'd never taken the Styx Yacht out for an unauthorized party with his buds. Took a hundred years to get the stink out. St. Pete was NOT pleased."

"Sounds good. Anyway, if you need me again, you know where to find me."

"Later dude."

Socco disconnected and looked to the other Boot of Karnak. "Now that we've dumped the furs and the Claw of Supreme Boredom, what are you doing tonight, beautiful?"

A decidedly female giggle came from the other boot. "Well, we could kick up our heels and join the dancing, OR... I've got a few ideas about what we could do with our big, shiny buckle-tongues, Blue-Boy. Wanna try?"

Socco positively gleamed.

"Like The King said... Satisfy me baby!"


Cirrel watched as the two boots ran off into the darkness before turning to you readers out there and winking.

"Where else, but on PlantFurry, does the sock get the girl? Well, it's been fun, but remember, the Adventure must continue!"

He pointed to the rest of the PF Adventure Kay writing crew.

"Take it away, boys and girls!"

With that, Cirrel cued the closing credits on this story and joined the party.


Closing Credits with lyrics!

Baby close your eyes and listen to the music
Drifting through a summer breeze
Itís a groovy night and I can show you how to use it
Come along with me and put your mind at ease

I would like to thank all of the Planet Furry characters who willingly let me subject them to this crazy nonsense. You furs are great!

A little less conversationí a little more action please
All this aggravation ainít satisfactioning me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
Satisfy me baby!

Planet Furry Characters in order of appearance or mention:
Crazed Wolf
Mike Regan - The Old Gray Raccoon
Tygon Panthera
Darke Wolf

All PF characters are copyright 2004 by their respective creators. All other characters are copyright 2004 by Philip J Eggerding.

Come on baby Iím tired of talking
Grab your coat and letís start walking
Come oní come on
Come oní come on
Come oní come on
Donít procrastinateí donít articulate
Girl itís getting lateí gettiní upset waitiní around

Disclaimer: The characters in this story are fictional. Any resemblance between them and real humans, alive or dead, is strictly in the spirit of humorous parody. Offence was never my intent since that don't get no laughs.

A little less conversationí a little more action please
All this aggravation ainít satisfactioning me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
Satisfy me baby!

Now get out there dudes and have some fun!

Or I'll sic Socco, Inter-ether Recovery Service agent, on you!

And you know how nasty those IRS agents can be.





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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 4:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Shocked Whoa! just read 34 moving on to 35. Wow! exciting is an understatment!!Excellent read, And a very serious tone, going to 35 now. Very Happy

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 5:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

:multi: :multi: Bravo!! Bravo!!(Cat whistle)ok(badger whistle)*standing ovation* :multi: :multi:
Awesome story Cirrel most enjoyable. Thanks for having the Badger Brigade as part of it. Excellent ending. Party time!!!


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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! Great Cirrel! That's a tough one to go on after! Brilliant! You made it a lot of fun! I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed that!
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Aramis Dagaz
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 8:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

<applause> All right!!! Wonderful story Cirrel! Great humor, great action, great fun!
Companions the creator seeks, not corpses, not herds and believers. Fellow creators the creator seeks--those who write new values on new tablets.
--Friedrich Nietzsche
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 30, 2004 6:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

*Stands and applauds, tail curling in enjoyment* Fantastic, Cirrel, I'll be grinning for days. Thanks for including me in the fun!

Kayngi, I look forward to more adventures, *Bows* At your service, Milady.
Cateagle, we'll do some formation work as soon as I figure out how to slow Stripes One down enough to match Miss Piggy.
Mike, Thanks for putting me on the bookshelf, and for being Keeper of the Tomes.
Mapper, you and the Brigade are a fun group to run with, considering you're not felines, LOL. let's do it again soon.
CW, you have your writing assignment, I want to hear about how the Kolonel became a Kolonel, and how you lost your paw. Come to think of it, Mapper, maybe you could do one on the origin and first encounter Kay has with the BB.

Lots of potential here folks. When I get a slow moment, I might even tell how I knew about Sholans, LOL.

Tigermark (Really, really fun, Cirrel. I look forward to a sequel when your sillyness muse rests a bit)

Tiger, tiger, burning bright...
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 30, 2004 7:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

yes it was great fun Very Happy Definently have to do it again. Interesting thought on how Kay met the brigade. Mesa haves to give it lots of thought. Very Happy

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 30, 2004 5:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

LOL! Weeeeeeeeeeee Kayverse! I'm famous! I'm working on finishing my next story, I swear! Yes, CW must write how he lost his paw! And Mapper...I can NOT wait to see what you come up with in our first meeting!! LOL!!! THe potential for prequels is sky high!
Doctor Kayngi
Cap'n Kayngi
Sword Sister of Dark Justice
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I got ART
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 30, 2004 11:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tigermark wrote:
Cateagle, we'll do some formation work as soon as I figure out how to slow Stripes One down enough to match Miss Piggy.

*Chuckle* Mayhaps I should pull out one of my "toys" from the shop, a T-38/F-5F/F-20 hybrid with three seats, so we can do some proper high-speed formation work. Gotta keep the paw in on the high-performance side of things, too.

"But the wildest of all the wild animals was the Cateagle. He walked by himself and all places were alike to him."
-- With apologies to Rudyard Kipling
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2004 4:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I Cant find any of the airfames in 3ds format!!!! WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the pointer to this one, Mike!

Cirrel, I really liked this story!
I think I've made a few people start with laughing out loud during the read. That's taking into account I'll be missing some innuendo and puns Smile

If there's anyone 'new' around (say, 2006+) I'd recommend this for a read. Really.
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