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Chapter 11 of story S4 june 24/06

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 24, 2006 12:38 am    Post subject: Chapter 11 of story S4 june 24/06 Reply with quote

Chapter 11: It’s A Rainy Day In Georgia.

Kathren sat and sipped her hot chocolate, it was good though, she hadn’t had it in a long time and it was a welcome change. Seems that Sandy spoke too soon about having any tea. She reflected on her friend's new look, Sandy had certainly changed a lot since she had seen her; she was ...well, hot. She had curves that her sister would envy; it was an incredible change that had not been expected. Then again from Sandy’s point of view she had changed as well, in a very different direction.

“Well thanks again for having us over Sandy its wonderful to see you again.”

Sandy smiled at her big friend, “Well your Mom is always talking about you when I see her, which seems to be quite often.” She grinned, “I dunno Blue your mom seems to be everywhere I seem to be.”

“Well I haven’t known mom to slow down a lot.”

“You’re telling me.” Sandy looked over at Margrette, “So Margrette when are you due?” She was a little curious and she didn’t think it would hurt to ask.

“Soon, not too long now. A couple of months or sooner the doctor says.” She paused as she rubbed her bulging abdomen, “It’s funny, the doctor here said she hadn’t seen such a fit skunk.” She smiled, “I was a bit of a shock overall to her.”

“Around here too, just curious were you into fitness before you met Blue here?”

“Well, sorta...” She smiled over at Kathren, “I wanted to get in shape, my only exercise at the time was putting Cheetos to my muzzle. Well my husband ah... well were into it; running, going to the gym. His constant coaxing finally clicked with me. As we progressed I became more and more into it; enough to look for a personal trainer.”

“Blue here?”

“Yeah and well things changed with my husband as I discovered something else about myself; something that, well, didn’t quite go down too well.”

“Ah...I see.” Sandy nodded, she wasn’t going to pry anymore into Margrette’s life, she didn’t want to come off as rude. “Well it’s nice to meet you. What do you do for a living?” She changed the subject trying to make Margrette feel at home and not alienated.

“Well I really haven’t done a lot, more of a housewife than anything, I’ve raised two girls. Their names are Sabrina and Tabitha. Tabitha is living with my husband at the moment. We felt that this situation was a bit much for her to deal with, she is only 6 years old. Sabrina well she’s a lot older and living on her own, she’s working at a computer shop.”

“I can understand the situation with your daughter Tabitha.” Sandy said and took a sip of hot coco. “A six year old is a bundle of energy to raise and with your lifestyle it could be difficult.”

“Tell me about it.” Margrette grinned. “Although she is going to know about what happened and why, I won’t deny her that.”

Sandy nodded. “So does she take after you, I mean in colouring?”

“Oh so you noticed huh?” Margrette laughed.

“Well...” She shrugged, she didn’t think it would hurt to ask about it; she was the most different looking skunk she had ever seen.

Margrette could see that Sandy now was a bit uncomfortable, “It's OK, I get it all the time and no Tabitha and Sabrina look like regular skunks, I’m the odd one it seems.” She giggled, “My best friend calls me...” She found it hard to say for at the moment she sort of had the giggles. “She calls me Oreo.”

Sandy laughed out loud, “Oreo...oh that’s good.” She giggled, “Your friend has a good sense of humor.”

Both Margrette and Kathren smiled, it was a good nickname. “She does.” Margrette said.

“So what is it you do Sandy?”

“Well I run a small sports store downtown, it keeps me busy. I don’t do a lot of business but I stay afloat. Oh and just recently I’ve done a few bits of modeling.”

Kathren was surprised, “Really Sandy, for what?”

“Ski Jackets.” She grinned. “One of the sales reps came in the other day looking for a parka and mentioned that they were looking for a model. He suggested I send in my photo, gave me the web address and well the next thing I know I have a professional photographer in the store.”

“Wow.” Kathren and Margrette said as one.

“Well I was flattered and really nervous.”

“Oh.” Kathren said.

“Well...ahem I had to wear a skimpy swimsuit under my ski jacket. You know like they do all the time around here.” She said with sarcasm.

Kathren laughed and rolled her eyes, “Oh yeah can’t miss those folks.”

The University

Mother found that she was being carted towards her lab, she really hadn’t used this facility much as she preferred the one she had back home; well what was her home. Things had certainly changed since she had returned from space, no one really trusted her; save one. Lyja had described what was going on and she had already guessed that was the case here. Although she now knew one piece of information that had not occurred to her until just recently. This other was dying and she wanted the secret of her longevity, which she really no longer had. In a way she did but she wasn’t going to let this thing touch her if she could possibly help it.

The lab was somewhat different than she had laid out, more computer equipment and a lot more failed experiments lay in tubes around it. The lights hurt her eyes, it was far too bright in the room, she couldn’t fathom the reason for it. Eventually her eyes grew adjusted to its brilliance, although it still bothered her some. Her host hadn’t arrived yet, it seemed the things in the tubes hung over her floating in eerie silence. Were they alive? It was how you termed being alive, if you meant they processed air, then yes they were. If you meant they were sentient, then possibly no; their thought processes would be primitive depending on how far the cloning process had gone. In the end they were still failures and would never amount to anything, she herself had never let things go this far; this was an utter waste of resources. She would have destroyed these things at once and moved on.

The monitors around her flashed on and off with readings that Mother glanced at but didn’t pay too much attention to; her side hurt more and it was foremost in her mind right now. She sighed, she wondered what this thing was going to do now, she had no magical solution for her; no special instructions to help her prolong the inevitable. She would find out soon enough, she only hoped she could stay awake.

Her wait wasn’t long as this other appeared again and sat down in a chair near her. She didn’t look well, her eyes lacked luster and she noticed that her right hand trembled slightly. Still she was far from helpless and about three times her size. To the other's advantage she could hardly move herself, her side hurt so, something was broken that was for sure; or at least heavily bruised.

“Well, seems your companion has escaped my guards, at least for the moment.”

This was good news, at least Lyja had a chance, her ability to disappear seems to have saved her for the moment anyway. If only Cassandra could find her first, then things could turn around. She didn’t think it was worth commenting on, “What is it you want?”

“You know what I want, this secret of yours; the secret of immortality. These memories are yours, they span time long past but you were there. Now I want that ability but as you can see,” she made a gesture with her arm pointing to the specimens in the jars around her, “I have yet to be successful.” She stopped talking waiting for her to reply.

“You cannot succeed, it's beyond our understanding.”

“You did it.”

“No I didn’t!” This one was stubborn, just like herself. “I told you how you and I were created and how it was that I lived so long.”

“Lies, you really think I’m going to believe aliens did all this?” She stared at Mother and snarled, exposing her very sharp teeth. “You will tell me how you did this, eventually. First I want to show you some thing.” She got up and got behind mother and began to push her.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” After an elevator ride and a long trip through many a corridor they finally stopped in a small room. In front of them was a glass window running down to the floor. She looked out and down and there she saw something frightening. It was a massive creature, twice the size of the taurs and all muscle. It was another of the skunks but this one's size went beyond horribly wrong. “What the hell is that?”

“This is what you get when things go correctly, well sort of, meet the hulk; a simpler term. It is basically that, nothing but muscle.”

“'s impossible.” Mothers jaw was agape.

“Oh but it is.” The other creature sneered. “I read into your creations notes, shaking my head at all the mistakes you made and well, made a lot of improvements. As you can see, this creature doesn’t actually do what you intended but its massive form is formidable. Let me zoom in on something with the camera.” She fiddled with something on the wall then wheeled Mother over to a monitor. It showed a close up of the steel wall, it was deformed, warped.

“My God it’s... dented.”

“Yes it is and the walls are a foot of solid steel.” This other boasted.

“A foot.” She gulped, she feared her next question. “Is it intelligent?”

“Unfortunately no, actually a paper bag has more sense, this set back makes it extremely dangerous to have around. It's already killed two of my men, it has a very limited intellect which is why we keep it sedated most of the time. But can you imagine an army of these things, they would clear area after area of ground troops in no time and they are almost bullet proof; the muscle structure protects the internal organs like armor. Adding more protection on these things would be make them almost invincible.”

Mother shook, a shiver went down her spine, one that felt like someone literally walking on her grave. What she said was the truth, although controlling these things would be extremely difficult, control wasn’t really that necessary. They were disposable soldiers, do as much damage as possible, confuse the enemy then send in the real troops. This was a nightmare, “How much does it actually understand?”

“Not much, food and the command stop. We shocked it enough for its primitive brain to absorb that word.”

“Will it work in the field?” Mother asked.

“I doubt it.” The other paused and let Mother look more at the slumbering giant.

“How do you contain it, I’m sure if it pounded enough to dent the doors it could eventually smash its way out.” She looked up at her trying to figure her out.

“You are right, we electrified the walls, as you can see it sits in the middle of its cell and that’s for a reason.” She huffed, “Well enough of this thing, it's nothing to what I have to show you next.”

Her brain raced with questions as this was something she didn’t expect, as they moved along the halls she spoke, “Ti was extremely flawed, she needed corrective surgery due to the sudden growth, what about that thing?”

The other continued to push her down a brightly lit hall, “Yes I read about that, this one grew slowly, well what would be considered slowly in lab terms. Her organs developed naturally with the body, she has no health concerns; in fact she is very healthy.”

The room they entered into was very much like the one they were in before, although the glass was covered. The other turned on a small monitor then pushed a few buttons, then the shielding on the window began to move aside. “This one prefers her privacy.”

Mother watched as the shields retracted and she gasped at what she saw. In front of her was what could be considered a tree, except this one was made of metal, it had many limbs or poles jutting out from a huge trunk. Around this monstrosity were huge coils of black and white fur, many many coils leading down to the floor and above. She strained her neck to see up, from there she could barely see something moving about. “What the hell?”

The other turned on a larger monitor and Mother could see plainly now what was moving about. It was one of the skunks well at least a torso of one. This one had a broad chest, small breasts and large arms; still though looking in proportion. Realization came to her that thing was all connected, her eyes went wide.

“Ah...impressed I see.”

“Amazed is more like it, this is all one creature.”

“Anna, is her name, it's hard to tell right now but she’s working on her computer. Yes and what you can see belongs to her. She is over 70ft long and still growing.”

Mother gulped, the largest snake ever recorded was just a little over 30ft, this thing doubled that, “Anna, you called her?”

“Yes, a little play on words, she is the result of several cross breeds of snake; she is amazing in many ways.” The other zoomed in on her and Mother could see now that she was typing on a keyboard. “She is fantastically intelligent, even more than I or many others I suspect on this planet. We have to monitor exactly what she does with that computer of hers, she can almost do anything from there.”

“Can she speak?”

“Oh yes, and in many languages as well. I’d introduce you to her but she has really no people skills, she is very brunt in speaking to others; most would say she is rude. So there really is no point, she wouldn’t care and her attention span would waver away from us very quickly.”

“She’s massive.”

“Oh yes, that is why we built the tree, it lets her stretch; letting her outside would be a mistake beyond measure. She is very fast even though she is massive and her underlying skin is bullet proof.”

“What?” Mother said surprised.

“Her muscles are almost metallic in quality but not quite, standard bullets actually bounce off her.”

“And you know this how?” Mother said in question.

“We tried it once while she was sedated. You should see the staff and machinery I need to move her.”

“I don’t think I can imagine.” Mother looked at the monitor, this thing looked just like the skunks she experimented on, just larger, more like Ti in a way. This thing could eat an army, “What do you feed it?”

“Cows mostly, although she has had a horse a couple of times.”

“And how many of this one are there?” She had forgotten to ask about the other creature, perhaps it was best she didn’t know.

“Two, but they are infants, still smart but small.”

“So three in total.” Mother wanted to be sure.

“Yes, my army seems to be coming together.”

“It does seem that way.”

The other closed down the screens, “Hmm I think I will arrange a meeting with you and Anna, she might find you interesting enough to keep her attention for awhile, we’ll see. Now you see why I need your secret, so our dreams will be realized. As you can see within a few years I will have the means to do as we had planned, total domination of this planet. We can rule this world.”

“We?” Mother said in a strange tone.

“Well upon thinking I thought if I offered something that you desired as much as I then you might be more forthcoming with my solution.” The other pushed mother out of the room and down the hall again.

“You really think I have that information?” Mother said quietly, this was worse than she thought, this other did have the means to annihilate and take over the world. Albeit not right at this instant but soon.

“Yes I do, your story is a fantastic tale of nonsense, I really didn’t think I or we could be that imaginative. Aliens from another planet,” the other laughed, “I’m going to let you think about things now, recover some then you can give me your answer.” She stopped the wheel chair and moved in front of her and kneeled. “But if you think you are getting away from here you are dreaming. Whether you give me the information willingly or not; I will have what I want.” She paused then continued, “If you have to suffer in agony while we extract that information, it won’t bother me one bit and that you know is the truth.” She rose and from there on it was a quiet ride.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 24, 2006 12:39 am    Post subject: part 2 Reply with quote

Sandy’s Home

It hadn’t been brought up but Kathren knew that Sandy was wondering for sure why she had returned. “I bet you are just squirming to ask why I’m back Sandy.”

Sandy cleared her throat, “Well I didn’t want to be rude Blue but yeah I’m wondering.”

“Well the council sent me a letter.”

“Oh, that letter...” Sandy sighed, “that letter has this whole town in an uproar.”

“Oh?” Kathren murmured.

“Did everyone get it?” Margrette inquired.

“Oh yes, every eligible female got one, even those who the council vowed not to ever contact again.” The minute Sandy said it she saw Kathren’s reaction. “Oh...sorry Blue... I mean...”

“I know you meant no harm Sandy, go on.”

“Well months ago the council freaked at the numbers left of our species and fell into full panic mode. Sending out those letters to everyone on their list; even the undesirables. Promising almost anything to most of them, which has angered a lot of people here. It's one thing to ask but to promise things that they may not be able to make good on. Then there’s the ramification of the children produced to females that don’t care to be mothers, all they wanted was the cash!!! It’s a disaster waiting to happen, there was no thought in this, not like the taur’s program.”

“Oh? The taurs have one?” Margrette said.

“Oh yeah it’s a good one, there’s screening and surrogates have to have parents lined up before they will even consider giving out a payment of any sort. It’s a good gig if you like being pregnant, the taurs have it bad though, they do not reproduce well and most pregnancies end prematurely. But it's regulated and that’s what we need. I know our numbers are weak but so are the taurs and they've got a good plan in place, it's what we need; not panic.” She looked at her friend, “So you’re here because of them?”

“Yeah, not so much for the money but for other reasons.”

Sandy looked at her friend, “I can understand Blue but don’t let them pressure you into something you don’t want to do just for the sake of our species. If our maker says that our time is up well then that’s what it will be.”

“I just want to hear what they have to say, not all of coming here was their doing. There were other factors too.”

“Well I’m glad you came back.” She could see that her cup was empty, “More coco Blue?”

“Yes please, Sandy... ahem have you seen them?”

“Yeah I did, told them I didn’t want any part in this right now. Perhaps a few years from now but not now; I’ve just got my business in the black and I’d like to focus on it right now.” She took Kathren's cup and put her other hand on her shoulder, “They are a frightened bunch, the numbers they quote are real and it’s hard to look at them and not feel something. Just don’t do something for them and not yourself Blue; please.”

She covered Sandy’s hand with hers, “I won’t, I had to think a lot about this and coming here.”

“That’s good. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” She left leaving Kathren and Margrette alone.

“How are you doing?” Kathren said as she looked Margrette’s way.

“Good, I feel really relaxed here; I’m glad we came.” She smiled back.

“I am too, I was a bit worried but now I feel much better.”

“Talking about the council?”

“No meeting Sandy, I really haven’t kept up with folks here, not everyone here disliked me; Sandy for example. In my mind I just thought so.”

“Well you don’t have to be nervous anymore; Sandy is a great person.”

“Yeah she has done well for herself.” Kathren was happy, at least one person she knew had a good life.

Hectors Apartment.

Hector poured the last of nutrient drink into his glass. Living as a taur had its advantages and disadvantages. Appetite and energy consumption seemed always at an all time high in this body; in fact he had to get a book on diet and recipes for meals. It took a lot out of him after a day of moving furniture. He looked at the clock, nine ten and still no call; he sighed. He thought that she was going to call when she got close, so that probably meant she’s not. He put his mind to rest, it wasn’t worth panicking until tomorrow. He decided to make more of the nutrient drink for tomorrow, making sure that he made enough for two then he headed to bed. His last thoughts were about how good the bed felt.

Heather put the key in the lock and turned it slowly, trying to be as quiet as she could. She was late, very late and well she was sure that Hector had long since hit the hay. She felt bad but her meetings had run long and well it was too late for her to call anyway. In the dimly lit room she found the couch, although far from being as comfy as her bed, it would do. She was not disturbing her husband tonight, he deserved his rest.

In the morning she was awakened by the smell of percolating coffee. Her eyes squinted as she looked about the room, a moment later she felt her muscles tighten and cramp. “Ow!!” She cried out, her sudden out burst produced the head of her husband in the doorway looking in on her.

“You OK?” He asked concerned seeing her sprawled out body reminded him just how similar they looked. In fact with only a quick look you’d almost say that was him over there, they didn’t differ all that much in muscular structure. It was strange but he had gotten used to it now.

“Oh just a cramp.” Heather said.

“Well you should have come to join me in our bed.”

“No I shouldn’t have, you needed your rest.” She got up and stretched, Heather couldn’t see a clock so she did the next best thing. “What time is it?” She called out.


“Ow!!” She rubbed her head, only three hours of rest, that would not do, she was going to need some serious down time later. She poked her torso into the kitchen for there was not room for both of them in there. “You OK?”

“I’m fine slept like a log. You got in late though.” He said.

She could hear a slight inflection in his voice, she sighed internally, he was put out. She would be too she thought, it really wasn’t fair and he was being so patient. “Traffic was backed up, major pileup, I was rerouted.”

“You should have called.”

“I know, sorry.” She had forgotten and by the time she remembered she was so close to home it really would have been pointless.

He could see in her face she was really sorry, “It's all right, I wasn’t too worried; now if you hadn’t shown up by now I’d be a little more frantic.” He laughed trying to down play this as much as possible.

She knew this was a bit of a show, for she knew that he didn’t want to turn it into an argument. She smiled back and let it drop, she knew she was going to have to be more diligent in calling; a mental note was made. Right now wasn’t really the time for her to bring up the next conversation piece that might wind up in the argument stage. “Any nutrition drink in the fridge?”

“Funny you should ask.” He grinned, “I made some last night, peach, your favorite.”

Her heart fluttered, the drink was a heavenly pleasure. “Gimme!!”

After they had both settled into the living room, which was basically just a room. There was little in the way of furniture, just a table so they could put a few amenities on. The rest was taken up by their huge forms, they desperately needed to move into the house. Which she thought she better bring up. “So, how are things with the great beasts.” She had come to call them that for it seemed they were; with all the battles they had with their construction.

Hector grinned, “Let's see where to start.” Hector said in mock, “Well ours is almost complete, the bottom half is done though. Max and Sabrina have both seen their halves.”

“Oh that’s good, you told me about Sabrina’s reaction but what about Max, did he like it?”

“Oh yeah he was flabbergasted at all the space, I had to remind him again that the apartments were built initially for a taur form. We went through everything including the rent for the month, which like Sabrina he balked at. I told him the same thing as I did with Sabrina and he seemed good with that. He wants to move in soon as possible. Sabrina on the other hand is stuck with her lease for a bit and is also a bit strapped for cash. She wants to find a car soon, the bus is driving her nuts.”

“I can well imagine, so you spoke of our side being almost done?” She was hopeful, she knew the stresses that Hector had been through and she’d like these two monstrosities to be done.

“Yes, the special floor in the bathroom has yet to be completed and most of the lighting has to be installed. Probably a week or so at most.”

“That’s great.” She sighed internally, finally he could put those problems behind him.

“Oh one thing you don’t know, Donna thinks she has found a couple to fill the last apartment.” He smiled brightly.

“That means all four units will be occupied!!! That’s going to be a good paycheck!!!”

“Yes, it will help pay off some of the initial extra start up costs.” He sighed.

“Then I’ll owe Donna a dinner.” She smiled back and took a sip of her drink.

“Oh yeah, pamper her good.” He laughed. “Oh, I’ve already began to put some of the furniture in the house.”

“Good idea.” Now was the best time to tell him, she knew he wasn’t going to like what she had to say. “Hector we have to talk about something.”

He looked at her and he knew that face, “I think I know what you’re going to say.”

“Really? Then you tell me it might make this easier.”

“You’re going to say that this venture of yours is going to take longer; am I right?” He said solemnly.

She sighed, it was that obvious! She felt totally horrible, “Yeah.”

He could see that she was obviously feeling guilty about the whole thing, she had been gone a long time but this is what she wanted to do. She wanted so much for this store to take off, her mind was totally on it and there really wasn’t much that was going to change that. “I understand.”

“No, it’s not fair to you.” Heather said in rebuttal.

He knew it was time to nip this in the butt right now, it wasn’t fair as she had said but there would be time for them to be together later; in fact it was kind of a blessing right now that she would be away. “Listen Heather this is what you want to do and I understand that. This other store means the world to you, so you go for it. There will be time for us later that I’m sure of. Besides I’m going to be pretty busy trying to run two places at once for the next month and a half.”

“What?” Heather said in complete shock.

“Don’t tell me you forgot...” He looked at her face; yup she had let it slip. “Max and Sabrina are gone for the next six weeks remember.”

“That’s now?” Heather said in complete surprise.

“Yes dear it is and I had to talk with you about it anyway, I’m going to be closing the store at noon for those days they are away. Felix will still do his work in the back and won’t be disturbed, I’m going to run an ad in the paper all next week to let people know the new store hours, if it's OK with you. I just wanted to run it by you first.”

“I see.”

He saw the look of concern, “It’s either that or have Felix run the place while I’m gone.”

A look of shock came over her face, “Oh no, he is not doing that again!” She remembered it took them forever to apologize to one Mr. Blogger after Felix had insulted him, mistakenly; still his dealings with customers left a lot to be desired. In fact they would be out of business if he ran the place in less than a week. “No, you do what you think is best. Woah time really flew by; I didn’t think they left for awhile yet.”

“Well it’s been awhile dear.” He looked at her sincerely and smiled.

“Oh I’m so sorry, it’s been one thing after another and as I said time has just flown by.”

“It's OK, sounds as if this might be a more than a little time that you’re going to have to spend. Have you thought of an apartment?”

“An apartment?”

“It would probably be cheaper in the long run.”

“I don’t think I’ll be that long...I...”

He looked at her sternly “Heather, you never thought it would take this long and look where we are now.”

She shifted her eyes from side to side and bowed her head, “Uhhh... yeah, I see what you mean.”

“Good, so look into it when you go back up, which is when?”

She looked at him and smiled with a slinky look, “A couple of days.”

“Good, then you can see the house and your folks before you go.”

“Yes, well that too.” She winked, “I want to see mom and dad, it’s been ages since I’ve been there.”

“Just do them a big favor and tell them you are coming this time so they can move things out of the way. You remember last time?”

Heather didn’t want to, it was a complete disaster. “Yes, I will this time.” She smiled.

An Apartment Building Rooftop in Ottawa Canada

Max studied the footage he just shot from the video camera he borrowed, he had practiced enough; much to Sabrina’s annoyance. He snickered knowing he had a whole bunch of wonderful footage to tease her with anytime he wanted. What the camera picked up around him was great, the only thing was that the zoom on the camera was not great. If Freedom One was really far away this little venture would be an utter waste of time. Now on the bright side he did bring another friends telescope for better viewing, now that he had tested it, it really didn’t matter how far away Freedom One was, he could at least see it in some detail. He smiled, for in his heart the coming of the airship was one step closer to his big day. Although if the airship thing hadn’t worked out he was still going to go through with it, Sabrina was worth it.

The news didn’t say anything about what time Freedom One would fly over Ottawa, only giving an estimate. So it was only natural he got to his friends roommates landlord early asking permission to be on the roof, the only stipulation the curator stated was “not to fall off ” and what he planned was to do just that.

He had brought up a lawn chair, a small table and a cooler full of junk. He knew he was going to be here awhile, so he thought he might as well be comfortable. It was late afternoon when his ears picked up a strange sound. He quickly got up and scanned the skies, the brim of his red hat kept the sun at bay. Looking for the origin of the sound, his heart filled with joy when he saw it. It was a dot in the sky but he knew exactly what it was. Freedom One had arrived and it was moving his way, now he only hoped it stayed on course. If it did it looked like it would be fairly close by, not overhead by any length but close enough to get some good shots in. He quickly moved the video camera into place locking the tripod and pressed the record button. He kept the camera at about mid zoom, for the zoom on this camera really only made things fuzzy.

The noise he heard earlier were the sounds of the props pushing the huge ship through the air, in this case it would the electric motors he thought. The solar panel sheath on top of the ship should be pumping enough juice to run the motors. Those alone would be plenty to keep the ship running at a slow but good enough pace across the city. He hoped there were others like him watching the great ship as it passed. Soon it was in plain sight, you could see it easily with the naked eye, a huge white and silver ship. It dwarfed anything around although it was hard to tell that when it was this far away. Over 900 feet in length it was the largest thing flying today.

The rebirth of the airship had its pro’s and cons but these ships drew enormous crowds wherever they went; which was one of the big pluses. Maintaining the fleet was a huge expenditure, although the ships actual cost in flight was minor in the whole of things; the ships were so fuel efficient that it surprised many how much fuel the ship actually carried. In the end overall the owners were making money, lots of money. The tickets for the ships flights when they came available were gobbled up quickly; as he had found out. It was such a successful venture, three airships in total in service with one more on the way.

The camera rolled on taping the huge ship as it passed, as he watched in awe. He thought it would be him and Sabrina soon looking down at the country side. The ship had many windows and a forward promenade deck where people could look out easily. He could see some of the passengers waving so he politely waved back. The only thing that distracted him were the advertisements that covered the ship; almost everywhere you looked there was an ad for something. The tail fins were the most significant as this ship displayed the Coke and Pepsi symbols; one on top and one on the bottom. You really couldn’t miss them, it was a shame but if they weren’t there it was possible that the ships would not have ever been built at all.

In all the excitement he managed to snap a few pics of the ship with his normal camera, these would be for the memory book he hoped to put together. Soon the great ship had passed and the grand moment was over. He wondered if it might fly by again, he watched for a long time as he could see it in the distance. In the end it did circle the city but flew too far away to get any pictures of it. He stayed long enough to see it head in the direction of Toronto where it would land. Then soon they would be heading that way to board and head for Germany; to a trip like no other.

End of Chapter 11

“Up up and away in my beautiful balloon.”

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 24, 2006 2:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Interesting chapter here Cheets I wonder how Mother's other self will react whent she realizes the E.T. connection is not just a story and I'm suprised she didn't call Anna something like Madussa she has the body. I'm suprised Hecter would let Heather out of the house at all, I would think a taur body would make self servicing impossible Wink
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 2:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Another cool chapter, especially the last of the new creations, Anna. I'm also looking forward to seeing where the situation with Kathrine and council ends up going.
Oh, and Styx, it may not be the same with skunktaurs, but both foxtaurs and Chakats seem to have little problem "self servicing". Wink
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 1:25 pm    Post subject: Cool Anna has her first fan Reply with quote

Very Happy Good stuff.
Glad you liked the latest chapter, I really appreciate you commenting on the chapter itself, it really helps motivate me in writing the next one.

Again thanks.


Check out the new and improved Sabrina to the fourth power Wink
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